Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Females are just too chatty

yeah. first blorg of the neu year. ahahhahahahahaha. Awal Muharram to all and happi '09 oh shit i'm turnin 19 in 2nd april. ahahahhahahah i am no growin older. had enuff. eewww its like melawan takdir. astaghfirullahalazim. soory ekk Faisal my blorg is more to sumthin relax and unimportant. i dun own da guts to post on the h2o thinggy since i dun get the concrete facts on it. je suis desolee. ahahahhahahaha.

beginning my year dis year which is a neu year which i anticipate the utmost important thing in my life dis year hahahahahhahaha i will begin by postin a post based on wat i've experienced on the 31st dec. ahahahhahahah like usual i woked up early, cooked like mad at the kitchen coz for time being i just couldnt afford lunch at klcc which will be fuckery expensive. like da cheapest shit is 5 hengget n if u insist on nasik campur, prepare to fork out 10 hengget++ mahal ya amat. ok. ready with my fud and off to the bus stop. dis account is real ok. yet edit abit coz i wasnt dat focus.

there was 2 ladies. old ones. ahahhahahaha Lady A n Lady B

Lady A: hey you kno yesterday the results pmr just came out
Lady B: yahh i kno my niece got 7As u kno
Lady A: also like my neighbours daughter also got 7 oso
Lady B: aiyoh u kno wat arr. my boss's youngest son only got 1A u kno. his frens keeps on callin to ask for results even i maloo to answer u kno
Lady A: ya lah usual la the youngest one sooo pampered dats why he's bodoh rite (suke2 jek nk cakap anak org bodo)
Lady B: dats why la everythin he also got. his mom sent him to soo many tuition yet still bad results. shes frustrated la now. ehhh, ur office dun give out 2009 calender issit?
Lady A: no la not after the recession aiyo everythin oso cut off. even calender oso cannot give.
if u got it anywhere from clients or wat arr give me some arr.
Lady B: OK i will. i dunno maybe they give. all those cheap calendar kuda aiyoohh. i like dat one u can put on the table. no wall calendar laa. not nice one
Lady A: ya lohh have to paku the dinding first. ehhh shila is not here issit. go to office by car ar?
Lady B: aiyah i oso dun kno la. u noticed shes gettin fatter rite?
Lady A: yahh i kno aiyo jus stay in office can get fat one mehh
Lady B: i oso got nothin to say la. her belly i tell u ssoo fat. ahahahahah

then the bus arrived. finally its about time. spoiled my mood to read the novel. by the way i read novels now. and nasri thinks i'm a freak to do so. shut up la ahahahhahahah. why why why why? u ladies got brain to figure out wat to do durin free time issit? and simply say bad things on othas. maybe the shila is pregnant ke. im not gonna spoil my neu years mood jus because of this shit piece. by the way the name is not shila. i forgot and the content is straight from wat i heard. luckily my wife is never like them. ahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

drivin to KL after afternoon prayer, hope i dun get lost, again. ahahhahahahhahahaha

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Faisal Admar said...

omg! hate big mouth and gossiper. ewww! *puke*


why were they so kaypoh? malay or chinese? but at the same time, i laugh out loud! :P

what novel do you read?

need another title? "how to explore your brain like einstein?"

Ted Baker said...

U write good stuff.