Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Implication on being a Smoker

From madame merah's comment i realised that smoking and men's egoism goes along very well. and lately i came accross blogs saying this and that on smoking. to everyone, no matter if u matter to me or not, i will tell you a story, rather menyeramkan on smokers around me. and i'm telling you the truth, sooo if you guys out there who love their men or women ur lives, if they are smokers la, force them, beg them pull them off their ash tray and let them read this post. and it works as advertisement to sell out my blorg. hopefully it works ahahahhaha

now straight to the story. when i was living in uitm college, Ya Allah, soo life threatening as my room, out of all caves and hidings, my room was used as a hub for smokers. i dunno kno how to say this. having to close your nose everytime you wanna sleep, not even sleep. nak pakai seluar dalam pun ade jek yg merokok. i cant accept smoke, and if its smoke, i just cant help it. just imagine like theres a bush fire inside your room. its freakinly smelly, dah la dorang x reti nak cuci baju, buat asap lagi

one pack, the cheapest one if not mistaken i'll be 6 ringget plus plus. oh my word. thats enuff to cover my food expenses for 2 lunches. its not gonna cover the dinner coz i eat like a horse. and loving steak. and by adding 50 cents, i can get chicken chop !!!! ahahhaa. my roommate, wish you can read this coz this will somehow humiliate you, was willing to trade a tub of hair wax which is like 15 ringget for 2 sticks of ciggarets. damn bodoh weyh. its like smoking will drain out ur sanity and make you even lower standard than the wild boar.

history on smokers in me life, my fatha. who used to smoke. smoke and smoke and smoke. arrghhh luckily i was too young to make such nasty judgements. and ugly thing did happen. he got stroke. because of it. just imagine theres an explosion inside ur brain causing some mechanical functions in your body to turn off. trust me he was half paralyse. and to put him back on track is soooo susah. acupuncture, this and that. it cost alot to heal you once you got stroke. and its burdenin to all. arrghh my uncle whom i love soo much is a smoker. arghhh. he suffered the worst migrane. and i hate my migrane. and his son once hospitalised for oversmoking. at that moment he was in matriculation and it took much destruction to his studies. he coughed like in the way ur throat can actually come off. yuck and i dun wanna people that i love to suffer and even u dunna wanna it to happen

these are the summary of majorly smokers will turn into:

  • hot tempered asses
  • low level of judgements
  • desperatel broke
  • smelly ahahahahahhahahaha
  • and everythin thats not rite
i'm providin a free service which in return i'll be gaining fat. ewww. you can beg ur smoker buddy to go to me. i will set the deal. the deal is for him or her to trade his cigarette money to me and by doin that, he'll be smokeless and i'll be feeding myself steak for the rest of the week. eventually he will get fed up and not gonna give me more money and he will quit his addiction and i'll be gratefully sad coz i'll be losing steak. or nasik goreng cine. maybe gado gado ahahahahhahahah

p/s: anyone willin to give it a try, give ur email at the comment ahahahahah

2 pujaans:

ear_fun said...

poor u to have ur room as 'tmpt tidak dilarang merokok"
i was lucky enoguh to have a free-smoker room. huh
and yes, i do hate smoke but i dont really hate smokers as long as he/she doesnt smoke before me.

shu said...

one good way :)

aku pun nak buat mcm tu jugak. HAHA :p