Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me never can be serious

to help my hard to sleep syndrome, though i felt sleepy as i type now yet i still cant really fell asleep becoz of the weirdness of me, i wanna tell a story. the function of storytelling at this kinda hour is to kill the time. chop chop.

lets go back in time where Ramadhan is, supposed to be was coz history but i'm forever. cut it ok. now, back to the cerita. in english lecture in varsity, one day the miss lecturer finds that everyone is like sooo lifeless and she ended up having a game, the traditionally old poison box. where she somehow involuntarily volunteer to use her pencil bag to put in sheets with dares in it. like usual i act like a monkey. jumping up and down up and down coz its a game. whatever the game started. the catch, should one cant fullfil the dare, he will be punished to stand on table and to sing. and out of nowhere the psychotic adrenalinatic ramadhan of me took over and i cried in joy. plenty were shocked. and like usual i was questioned back on my misbehavings. i replied "it will be the greatest honour of me to be standing on top of the tables to perform". yeah. i did

alteration was done and my punishment was to be in the toilet if i failed the dares. i am the kind of person that will do whatever it takes to be energetic. wrong wrong. i will do watever to lay out my energetic me. some call it attention desperabitch but its natural. i got known by this natural behaviour. i was somehow known by peeps in varsity even those i never met by my zapin performance. arrghhhh. some who can recall on this, feel free to do so. my zapin turned out to be dangdut. more like belly dancing. ahahahhahahahah on stage and i've to perform 3 times due to some bloody mishap with the sound system. meaning triple dose of belly dancing, hip stirring performance. and i dont bother. i make mistake. and i was the joke of the semester. and i'm not serious. i take it as an honour. ahahahhaahhahahah

like during the stupid compulsory marching every wednesday that turned out to be FUN, i accidentally pee-d coz i cant tahan to laugh, to listen to the command of the commander. oh my word, the commander like soo old still can shout like hell. mismatch.

some said its hyperactiveness and i like it. if anyone out there can dare me to do crazy things except consuming those ugly things, please do so. but you need to pay for it. fried rice or i dunno. any dishes that fullfil my belly. pizza will never gonna do the trick. so if you wanna treat me, a plate of nasik goreng is more desirable to my sight. i dun believe all those shit saying eyes eat first. nooooooooooooooooo my mouth does.

stop on the food. i cant be serious. i wonder when i have kids. how will i be??????
i will strip. if you ask me nicely anaahahahahhahahah. and treat me with good hainanese chicken rice. wongga wongga

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