Monday, December 15, 2008

My part time jobs

for those who observed with their bitchy eyes, not bitchy la soory ekk, all my readers are saints ahhahaha. i didnt blorg yesterday as i felt that it'll be much more relevant to post it today. so sial la dis com. corrupted kacau my blorg jek. ok back to the main agenda, which is to blorg. b4 i go a bit deeper to ellaborate my latest job, only now i know how crowded lrt station can be. when people wanna go to work. especially wangsa maju station. giler bapak ramai. luckily my dick didnt get touched like what happened in komuter. but the feel of being touched is like,,,, priceless. ahahahahhaha. the title of the blorg is my part time jobs kan sooo i will story on that la. i just trained for a day for my latest job. sooo later la on that.

i just started training for petrosains volunteer prog, which to date will be my 4th job, should be 5th if tutoring crazy anak jirans counted.

my first job was as a waiter in pizza hut, in seri kembangan. worked for a month, learnt a lot but working condition was hell. the supervisors were born in hell, accept two whom behaved professionally. ohhh it was in 2006 and i was 16 at the time, i was legal to work. yeah. at that i was soo teruja for gettin a job. my aim was just for earning money, nak beli ipod nano la new phone laa ahahahahha in the end after workin for 1 month, i earned only 250 hengget. so sial they truly exploited young workers! the managers were yucky and one supervisor sooo pervert. he "observed" my friend's ass. sial. i hate it totally but learnt alot. one customer errupted becoz he's not willing to pay for extra cheese. bodo punya pakistan. tak mampoo jgn order la. sakai. my reflect his anger on me! fcuker i hate u cheapskate vegan!!

in 2007, 2 months before spm, i got job! ahahahahha. i was given a job. i dun need to hunt down for it. thats the true beauty of it. 2 day promoter job in jusco supermarket. promoting this healthy snack of dehydrated veggies. my fren's father actualy head of the marketing and her daughter supposed to do the job. but somehow ape tah she cant do it on that specific week. Ya Allah i stand for 10 hours straight!! aahahhaha no la 1 hour break in between. i made friends with alot of makcik promoters and one bro. nice la. only then i realised the importance of experience instead of money. actually there's a fudcrt for staff, soo cheap the food portion soo huge 3 hengget can guarantee you a fulled tummy. i dunno la, whereever i work, must got a villain. got this one bitch security guard, fucker i hate you to death, dah la budget berkuase and she toyed around with my fatha's name!! fucker bitch you deserves nothing but to be a spinster!

my 3rd job, rite after spm, a customer service representative, aka call operator at domino's. by far its the hardest thing for me to do yeah, having to navigate the com and take order from hellbounded callers. oh my word. once i did a huge error, an order sent to wrong address and went to wrong outlet! i didnt get scolded but the psychology side of it, i lost heart to work already. callers can be somehow stupid, no brain issit? order salah budget betul. everytime i entered the office, its like visiting MIC punye bilik gerakan. not to be prejudice but a lot of them and to get promoted will only happened if you mingle around with the supervisors. yuck. i lied to skip a day off the job sayin i got emergency case in kampung. kno wat, few days later, my uncle passed away. Its one of my biggest regret in my life. its the only funeral that i cried.

my other job, this is the odd one, as a tutor. arrghhhh. i'm kinda of the replacement of my bro after he continued sumthin i guess. entah. ok watever. the kids that i taught, were one of the crazy bunch, i taught 2 houses. one tingkat 1 one tingkat 7. standard 3 ade tuition? i was like wat??? i did it on the intention of doin charity. sooo wtv la. the house kat tingkat 7, the kids said to me, if i didnt rotan, they will not absorb wat i teach. damn freaky weyh. and they are the first one, the first one in my life to be caned by me. ahahahhahaha i kno it hurts. they asked 4 it. gud side of it, i was served wit FOOOOOD after each classes. like 7 meals a day. ahahahhahahah

next post i'll be blorging on my first time watchin porn. ahahahahahahaha

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