Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Circumcision Experience ahahahah

stoooooooooooooooooooopid mozilla firefox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i already type the whole story and it simply shut down to update the software.
if i can swear as much as i can on this post i will tapi...... relax calm. Think Allah. Astaghfirullah hal azim

the previous one was filled with positive emotions and integrity now, all my mood already drained out. i try to retell the whole story. Fcuk. french connection ahahhahahaha

where should i start. dun guys perasan like every kid around you were circumcised, in this school break season? like this particular school break? like this year. to cut short due to kesakitan hati that has taken over me, i would like to jump straight to how i as circumcised.

as a kid to be closed to cousins coz they simply terrorise my house every school break, maybe becoz i live in apartment and got swimming pool and some of them live in bentong, soo evil of me, all of my cousins, the guys if some of u guys just dun get it, has already circumcised at young age. once an ustazah asked the boys who havent circumcised to stand up, and it was a complete embarrasement. where the heck are u rite now ustazah? i wish i can pound you but i love you. whatever. on holy day, i went to my mama and did the most unimaginable thinggy, "ma, biler adek nak sunat?"

i dunno wat got into me but i was a warrior, wongga wongga for being sooo brave to ask such inquiries. in whatever the date is in december or november of 2000, i got circumcised.

finish. like the story already ended. ok rewind. i woke up early, was rushed to the clinic with my bro coz parents just love to rush things. went in to the bilik pembedahan or something. by the way the clinic name is klinik metro in usj8, subang jaya, feel free to visit to experience the ......
okay get back to story. i went in with kain pelekat, a kampung tradition still stuck to this day. ye lah how a circumcised fella to be expected to wear pants pulak kan. so i stripped. ahahahhaha ooowwww can see my down part. my father was there inside the room. the utmost embarrasement of all is that the assistant was, were actually ladies. alot tau arrrghhhh. memalukan. i was like just get the session started NOW!!!!

the doc did some cleaning of the ***** sound soo vulgar ahahahahahha. by the way the doc wore harley davidson like clothes wearing biker when he circumcise me. it was totally awkward. to wear total denim with bandana and cut kids' ***** ahahahhahaha. the most painful. the doc injected penahan sakit serum or some chemical to numb my *****. painful it was. 6 of them. sakettt gyler. and he cuts. and he cuts and he cuts and he cuts. dont be fool by some stupid adults, saying its not gonna hurt. it did. pain ok. like cutting ur armpit with a knife. and the doc said i bleed more than my bro. yuck yuck yuck ok i'm done

not yet. still got stitching to be done ahahahhahahaha. weird. the feeling was just sooo wrong. and finally...... I'M DONE! fuuhhh sigh of relief. the first look at my ***** ahahhahaah, it looked like hell, the ugliest sight i ever get from looking at my body part. ewwww ewwww ewwww

went home, abit odd coz it was the day of the first cardcaptor sakura to be aired. ahahahahahah
and next thing, for the rest of the week, i just lie down on the mattress. and i truly hate visitors. i did. the kelakar part of the surgery is that my bandage fell off and i dont have to open it afterwards coz after 3 days i nid to go to the doc to open the bandage and it will be hell painful but i dun have it sooo i'm the luckiest kid around at that time ahahhahahahahah. like winning mister universe by having to drink steroid for muscle weird thinggy ahahahhahahahahah

to the ladies, the wound or stitchings or whichever comes first will heal 7 days or less, applied to how much medications you take and how much cream you put on. but the real healing is after a year. to know whats the real healing is, ask the man, ur bf or bro or father ke whoever got circumcised before. ahhahahahahahah goodluck asking them. wongga wongga!!!

and the best part of the story, i didnt freaked out even a second during the whole process. not once. even my fatha as a kid he escaped his circumcision once and got caught by the villagers. ahahahhahaha. but now, almost anything can simply freak me out

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mike radcliffe said...

post yg menarik...
better ko letak gambar ko punyer ***** ramadhan...
tak yah la gurl sebok2 tanyer kat bf la, bro la...ayah laa...
biar market ko nek sikit..

Shuhada Rabi said...

eiishhh. perlu ke posting mcm ni? adoi maakkk..