Sunday, December 28, 2008

I found my wonderland

to those reading this, i askin u. u my readers ahahahhahaha. now. when u go out the house, to hang out with ur crew, definitely shoppin mall the place to be kan kan?? ooohh omg, i wanna watch cicakman and i nid to buy kotex afterwards la ahahahhahaha dats the reason dat u give rite? rite?

workin part time in klcc, gosh, i can only exit the building earliest by 8 coz there'll be no bus to hop on at wangsa maju lrt. soo i develop sum plans which is where to go to kill the time till 8 pm every workin day. sooooo wtv it is i fell for the twin towers at night!! soo cantek arrghhh. my makcik questioned me what was i doin at the park at 8, which nk korek2 whether i go for date or wat. and i answer, "makan kueh makuda". ahahhahahhaha so simple as dat. i wanna hav my engagement ritual in the klcc park but to take account that i promise elly she and her mom will be the host sooo i guess engagement in subang jaya where she leaves and weddin reception in kelab tasik putrajaya.

ookkk i've been abit out of topic now. sooo back to the story. titled i found my wonderland. ok like this. i said to myself, though i'll nt gonna get bored goin to klcc park everyday, at least i nid to figure out sumwhere else to go kan. for the variety la kan. sooo. and yes yeah yeah yeah. i found my wonderland which is.................... Best Home Appliances Stores. opposite TGV near Chilli's. ahahhahahahah yeah for those who plans to live a ramadhan's life. pliz itinerarise a visit to that parlour.

why i said sooo coozz. i'm a homely homey man. yes i do. i wanna buy a property in Subang Jaya for my wife and our six kids but i'll not move in the lot till i get everythin done accordin to my best interest. the wall, the floor, the lavatory must be done and decorated to my taste only. no one else. sounds like ego but by doin dis, i will love my home until forever, together my baby forever.... u will always be the only one. whistle abit. eeaahah!

i can browse for full HD plasma, only sony for entertainment ok. fridges, washin machine and dryer, preferably Bosch coz the brand sounds soo full body, vacuum from elba, periuk nasik, cordless phone, electric grill. macam mcam la. lagi not forgetin hand held cordless vacuum and cordless iron. and i'm fallin for steam garment iron. ahahahhaha. but no no for air purifier shit every thin. ahah, air ventilator for kitchen and toilets. aircond pun. 3 hourse power for hall and 1 HP for the bedroom. ahahhahahahahahah coz i love to share and caring is by sharin, i will show u some of my dream house appliances.

p/s: since my makcik called out to eat, soo find urself la hahahahhahahahahaha. only side by side door fridge on bosch je and chestbox type fridge pun jalan. i only prefer Zanussi convection turbo oven. ahahahhahahahahahah. fill the form to sponsor my dream home thank you

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ear_fun said...

byk btol!
aku cya kau bleh dpt umah idaman kau tu