Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things terjadi on the pagi of raye haji

Dont bother me i woke up late. with Brit. bodo. ahahahahhahahah. after terrorisation of mama to wake me up, i'm forced to do soo. guess the overnighting last night made me sooo lazy even to split up me eyelids. i'm drowsy, can't wait to doze off. ok. just walk out the room. coz i heard some nasyid recital from the hall. hek? since when people in this house interested in expressing their thoughts in nasyid. stupid as it seems, i can't blame myself for saying this coz i'm not even half conscious. then i saw my sis and mama, wearing baju kurung. i was like what happened to you guys? did i missed aidilfitri again? ohhh snapp. its raye haji. its like the debut, our family is the debutante this year coz its the premier to celebrate raye aji. it might sound soo cheesy but thats the truth. ahahahahhaha. now i need to showery.

What should i wear? like baju melayu? i dont have any. the only one i've is my bro's when he was 16 and at that time i was 14 now wearing it 18. ahahahhahahahhahaa my bro keeps on gettin baju melayu every single raye and i am like not interested coz its one of the most unselesa thingy to be worn yet it do enhanced my feature. what feature? i'm too mengantuk to even explain. ahahhahahahaa. shit, i heard voices from outside. who are those? guess there from the surau kot. i accidentally skipped the prayer. hehehhe very discreet one ok. errrr.... and mama prepared nasik beriani and nasik himpit. fuuhhhhh this is true raye. maybe i was less fortunate for not having the perserverence and the strength to raye that day and it keeps on haunting me back. not haunt. i just need to learn how to celebrate, no no be grateful. i can hear my cat meowing. and i need more sleep. the previous post on sleeping is no longer effective this time. ahahahha cant wait for journey to balek kampung listening to CircuS~!

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fira leena said...

yoh!!! slmt hari raya aji!! ;p br ku jumpai kewujudan blog ko ramadan.. weeee... ;p singgah2 gak kat blog ak gak... bye n tc!! ;p