Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Confession of an Andartu

for those who just disembark from flight from lahore andartu is anak dara tua. rite and for those with intention to read this post, pliz go thru the previous one. this is a real life account. no edit was done.

ususz nadya is the cik susie, durian is the one who own this blorg ahahahah wongga

[14:27] durianbuttercake: kawen la cepat
[14:27] durianbuttercake: buat org tension jek
[14:28] Ususz Nadya: napa x tensen lnsg
[14:28] Ususz Nadya: i soo not gonna get mariied
[14:29] durianbuttercake: i will make u
[14:29] Ususz Nadya: such a waste of time n money to of dat now
[14:29] durianbuttercake: andartu
[14:29] durianbuttercake: hahahhahaha
[14:33] Ususz Nadya: u hav to get som1 who looks like chad michael murray, tp better version..into photography, can diff languages; french, italian, spanish, mandarin, japanese..he must enjoy cooking too, loves travelling..byyyykkk duittt, not self-centered, sincere, devotes his life to help others..flexible, enjoy outdoors n adventures, mahu jadi my partner in amazing race...n he must must like me for who i am n thinks dat im the light of his life now n in the lives to xbleh king control..
[14:34] Ususz Nadya: can u find som1 like dat!!???
[14:35] durianbuttercake: hah
[14:36] Ususz Nadya: he must be independent, optimistic, sensitive at times tp xleh over sgt kena well balanced wif his ego..
[14:36] Ususz Nadya: pembersih
[14:36] durianbuttercake: ade ade
[14:36] Ususz Nadya: respect time, other women, d elder...
[14:36] durianbuttercake: Datuk K
[14:36] Ususz Nadya: u very demnading!!!
[14:36] Ususz Nadya: n he must not b too old from me
[14:37] durianbuttercake: coz u will neva gonna find one
[14:37] durianbuttercake: nak buat citer pasal andartu la
[14:37] Ususz Nadya: atleast beza umur 5years
[14:37] durianbuttercake: u r the subject
[14:37] Ususz Nadya: +5 or - 4
[14:37] Ususz Nadya: dats y.....
[14:37] durianbuttercake: hek?
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: sy susah nak fall in love k...
[14:38] durianbuttercake: clare?
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: coz i noe im very demanding
[14:38] durianbuttercake: i'm copy all these at my blorg later
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: clare? tau only 3% of him
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: damnnn
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: aahahhahahahha
[14:38] Ususz Nadya: ok u can do that
[14:38] durianbuttercake: confession of an andartu
[14:38] durianbuttercake: ahahahhahaha
[14:39] Ususz Nadya: tp i hav difficulties in trusting men as well soo...
[14:39] Ususz Nadya: it's really goin 2 b difficult n impossible
[14:39] Ususz Nadya: dats y...i decided noot to ting about marriage
[14:39] Ususz Nadya: coz i noe its imposible..ahahahaha
[14:40] durianbuttercake: jgn la sedey
[14:40] durianbuttercake: suruh la mak cari
[14:40] Ususz Nadya: well..wat 2 borned wif a very complex mind n heart!!
[14:40] Ususz Nadya: i don ting anybody can find a guy like dat...
[14:41] Ususz Nadya: i don even ting ppl like dat exist..
[14:41] durianbuttercake: kene cermin muke sendiri kot duloo
[14:41] durianbuttercake: ahahhahaha
[14:41] Ususz Nadya: akakakakakkaa
[14:41] Ususz Nadya: xyah nak cermin, im like this...
[14:41] Ususz Nadya: i cant help it..
[14:41] Ususz Nadya: im demand alot
[14:41] durianbuttercake: i need to match make u la
[14:41] durianbuttercake: seriously
[14:41] durianbuttercake: janji baik je
[14:41] durianbuttercake: duet bleh carik
[14:42] durianbuttercake: hati x bley
[14:42] Ususz Nadya: wen it comes to marriage..
[14:42] Ususz Nadya: tp in real life ,, sy sgt humble n modest
[14:42] Ususz Nadya: dats my weakness k..
[14:42] Ususz Nadya: eheheheh
[14:42] Ususz Nadya: xleh nak ubah lngsg..
[14:42] durianbuttercake: kene amik hammer, ketuk kepala
[14:43] Ususz Nadya: aahahahhahaa
[14:43] Ususz Nadya: xyah nak ketuk2...byk lagi keja sy bleh buat wif this head
[14:43] durianbuttercake: ahahahhaha
[14:43] durianbuttercake: pandai menjawab
[14:43] durianbuttercake: soo byler nk kawen
[14:44] Ususz Nadya: mestila..u asked me n i juz hav d perfect answer 4 u..
[14:44] Ususz Nadya: kalo sy jumap laki mcm tu esok, lusa gak sy kawen'
[14:44] durianbuttercake: kalau saye tak join warem
[14:45] durianbuttercake: mesti cite2 terkubur camtuh jek kan
[14:45] Ususz Nadya: wat do mean
[14:45] durianbuttercake: cter2 utk kawen

This is like the most epidemic disease to date. stop them from not getting married ahahha

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susie said...

alamak...kalo ya pun nak post this up, atleast la edit ckit d grammar n spelling..i hav no time for dat considering, im very busy n so fed up wif ur question bout me getting i blurted it all out in words n could u humiliate me in such as way..ehehehehe..hang-peh tul la kau ni..

shu said...



statement berbahaya. haha.

Nur Farahin said...

hahaha sengal punye romie. mesti tension kawan kau nak jawab soklan pancingan maut kau tuh.

UglyPooh said...

no need to worry susie...a lot of young lady out there have same thinking as you..complicated in their own way. hehe
n a lot of andartu