Saturday, December 6, 2008

I dont celebrate raya haji like really

Syikin came to me buggin about why ramadhan? why? why dont you celebrate raya haji? i was like errrrmm..... i dont celebrate, its not of celebration that supposed to be done, its more of praying and to worship Allah s.w.t. When it comes to celebration, i dunno even hari raya turned bland this year. mainly due to my sickness. i got sick at the end of the fasting month as yes i havent ganti 3 days puase. ahahhahahaha i will asap okk.

my hari raya celebration this year was an awkward experience. i woke up not knowing its already raye and i slept back, i'm too sick. i tried to persuade mama not to go balek kg but what more can i do? she will go no matter tsunami will occur or i dunno, if like siti nurhaliza will set up a concert, i will simply go balek kg. ahahahhahah damn hypocrite.

Though my stomach is like the most giant i ever met, how should i meet a stomach?? dun really get this. no no. more like i never really met anyone else that eat like freaky alot like me. back to story, though i eat like hell, i havent tasted lemang for 3 years, rendang for a year and more raye dishes. its the same thing over and over and over the years. hope people can actually serve like roasted ayam on a plate of chips or ice carving ke. ahahhahaha

emal went to pasar with his mom to buy stuff for hari raye haji. i was likee oooow u celebrate it, its too much of a think coz i dont really, no no i never really experienced any raya haji celebration. i think theres no reason for that to happen. i reckon go to makkah for pilgrimage lagi bagus.

not try to be like sooo not traditional and highly unconventional. i dont really see myself as ordinary malay.a hahahahahahha i'm love with christmas carols and my favourite happens to be all i want for christmas is you by mariah. ahahhahahah and i also memorise chestnut roasting. meaning i hafal 2 christmas songs and in the process for holy night. and also i am familiar, not really familiar but like really like this on jewish folk song.a hahahahhahahahah
i'm eclectic i know.

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