Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Misconceptions of being close to the opposite sex

Finally its about time. Madame Merah made a request to suggest a topic of the post. as i'm all drained out, sooo its rather a refreshment at last. PEOPLE!! be grateful coz dis blorg is highly democratic. U can decide on what i shud blorg next. arrghhhh. but filteration of the topic will be done by moi. the only Ramadhan. coz sum people suggested on sumthin dat may cost me to be caught by the police. suggest sum relax and chillin topic where people can relate to like the first time you got wet dream or first period. ahahahahha

We gayut last nite. and ye lah well u kno dah lame x bersua kan. sooo like tonnes of shit dat she spilled on. sooo she said she insist on dis topic to be posted. well from my observation and my delibaration madame merah is one of the sickest minded person to ever roam in my world. its sick coz in class we were like cikgu and anak murid but once outside psycho2 heads. gyler kot.

i dun like 2 say dis but shes one of the people, few actually, very few dat i bonded in uitm. and as frens we are crazy like the bodohest people to ever feel like they finally got a fren. coz in uitm both of us dun really belonged there. we do survived, makin frens but to have sumone dat can share the same thinkin like the passion for french language, bold personality is like 1 in 1000 people. so just imagine la when we actually found each otha, its like yeah the beginnin of time. bongek sial. we always mengumpat on people dat sooo kg, like behaved like americans, tolonglah. but we did it in purpose coz dorang tuh yg carik pasal with us.

back 2 the topic. basically madame merah is only close to 2 people in uitm. suke suke jek aku. coz dis is my BLORG soo i will say according to me. ahahhaha. its only me and en. azhar. since i left soo he got crazyly funkiin around wit en azhar, neva more than just a bro to sis relationship. and people around her like makin up stories sayin dis and dat. Ya Allah. to all those homo sapiens who craved for publicity of others to support your living, thank you. thank you i wanna bid 2 y'all. coz your life is ill fatedly pathetic. people dont talk about you. people dun even care to make acquaintance wit you. and thank you. thank you again, your bullshitly KG behaviour resulted in providin us limelight that u always needed. soory we dun even care a single shit to talk about u, coz u'r not worth the attention. ahahahhahahahahahah fcuk urself up makcik2 sawah padi!!!

like the bag makcik post kan. do u all still can recall back? madame merah said its a hell good piece coz wat i posted in dis blorg is a fact of reality. which only existed in uitm penang. kot. not in her place in usm. yerrrkkk. no identity la y'all. why one person wear dat cheap shit and suddenly all wanna go and wear the bag makcik. u can afford 2 buy a 2K hengget phone, but not a 20 rengget bag? stop bullshittin ur mind. and thanx nasri, for introducing bullshittin word in my vocabulary.

for those who simply membuat tohmahan to say bad things on others, cut the crap off. its fake. and in reality U R THE BIGGEST FAKE!! entahla mentality of people over there like sooo polluted with their KG-ness credibility. bodoh. ahhahahahaha. mostly people of THAT race behaved like pigs. not only the makcik2 sawah padi, even the kids, the students there. ewww dah la kg pastu wanna talk shit on me? why me? not sumone else? gay issit? go and guy with sumone else la bongek!!! u have sex and smoke and even ganja, dun ever be soo confident to say shit things about othas.

p/s: i got prove ok. i dun simply tuduh2. to those who taburkan fitnah on madame merah, hellooo even her hubby pun x kesah dorang kawan. to this particular person yg budget bleh speak french but lives in sg petani, get over urself la. down with your pride. ewwwww

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Faisal Admar said...

haha we can choose topic for you? what about "what do i do when i think i'm smarter than others? but i stuck at somewhere people are just brainless!"