Saturday, August 22, 2009

I wanna buy neu phone!

to begin the post, with a photo:

i attended batch 20's graduation in Bella Vista, Langkawi on what date i also forgot. i was there acting as a favour actually, more of saving their life, to do the prayer recital for the ceremony. the principal, a non muslim insisted for the prayer to be on, or else the event is off. Cultural and religious sensitivity i like that.

cut the crap. that girl in the photo, she's Syafiqah and she's psycho. for getting best flyer award. yet she's very nice and forever helpful with my flying. ok now lets roll back to the main issue. I'm raising money to buy neu phone. InsyaAllah it'll be Nokia E71. She got it. that's why. she's one big bad influence. causing me leepless nights thinking of the phone.

NO. i'm not a phone freak. I'm just a CALL & SMS person. shortform C&S. ahahaha. most of the time i'll be sms-ing Mama to call me. and occasionally call my very few best friends who deserve my phone call. ahahahhaa.

since i got my laptop, which is leased to me by my sister, i wanna media to be around me as i move. mp3, video and photos to keep this overactive blood pumping. dun be shock if you give your phone to me, the first thing is i'll scroll the photo albums to look thru. and trust me, i found not-supposed-to-look-at photos. and lotsa them. ahahahha

when it comes to practicality, this phone really suits me well. it can store files, i can set my appointments and dates, and best thing of all, it's more of a communicator than a plain phone. i dunno how for other to comprehend what i'm saying but thats what suits me. and the phone is a candybar shaped phone. no slide slide, clamshell wtf. fancyness wouldn't go long way with me.

see, no sliding feature just plain and simple. and it comes with 2 colour choices. white marbly and black coffee. i just made it up.

but after much reconsideration, maybe black will be the one :)

i did my studies also ok. Surveyed the phone @ The current price is RM1200. and i'm raising each and every single cent from scratch.

in my pocket i got: RM50 + RM50 = RM100

:( RM100 to start with. but who cares, once i raised the remaining RM1100 the price sure come down one. ok lets start my day of eating only the provided cafeteria food and grow slim. dun have to eat outside. I did raised enough money to buy my TV. I can do this. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Ramadhan, by Ramadhan

yeah yeah yeah, it's ramadhan again, i'm always ramadhan, and since the month of ramadhan is on, it's like bringing me the uplifting energy to make me much more energetic! seriously i never been soo anticipative compared to the previous ramadhans , ever! now i'm really in the semangat of berpuasa and goin to tarawikh (wonder hw long will this go along the month)

ok as promised i'm activating my status of the idle blorgger to an active one! wuhooo! wish i can have a digicam to snap more photos since, u know, photos attracts fans to a blorg. hahahaha shut up vainy ramadhan.

to start the holy month, i like to deliver a news that I AM DONE WITH FIRST PART OF MY FLYING!!! I'LL BE GETTING MY FIRST EVER FLYING LICENCE!! wuhooo alhamdulillah. if you are shocked by this news, so am i ahahahahah. things went fast, it's been 6 months now for me to live here in Langkawi, and i dare to say, langkawi is a nice place to stay. this statement reserves me a seat in the freak position since no one, no one around me actually .... likes langkawi. wtf

putting on neu photos: i got a cat!!!!

name: Jean ( previously Jacko or MJ, but it turned out to be a she)
breed: local langkawi ahahahaha
uniqueness: follows me everyday to show and has minor cataract on right eye!

she completed my life here, not actually i prefer to have tv, pantry with full service kitchen, and toilet for my room. i tell you, she is one tomboy cat, i dunno who made her pregnant, but she's as rough as a fat 6 year old overactive boy.

to start the story, since the topic is Ramadhan, initially, when i was young, i don't like my name to be RAMADHAN. always wanted like jason ke, brad pitt ke (melampau), somethin like that that can westernise my half french features. bodoh. but as i grow up, sumpah, the name ramadhan memang suit my personality gyler2. my name is soo memorable, where ever i go. bukan nk mempoyo but that's the real fact!

lastly, i cut my hair. no, my junior cut my hair. and i like it la!!


x yah nk budget chomel yek



& lastly, a smiley face to wrap up the come back post

p/s: will be flying back to KL on 18 sept. pergi ke kaunter 18 untuk mendapatkan autograf huahuahua

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK OK i blorg again

after the prolonged pause since the latest post


anticipate the first baby on saturday 22nd Aug!!

more stories, juicier & wongga-er!!