Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tangki Air

This post has been long due. Kesian post ni. Being neglected. Ahahaha. It’s a post LIMA update and based from my pengalaman of this year’s Lima, I can’t wait for the next one in 2011. most of the cadets here said “ arrghh nothing la this year’s LIMA, same airshow je, exhibition inside also same only”. But my time during the event was freaking fantastic!! Dah dah sudah. Remember me for being thrifty for not paying for the entry pass ahahaha. If you really go there for the airshow, tak payah la. Buat saket leher je. You can only see the aircraft taking off and land. Nothing much. Soo membazir je. But I got it for free ahaha. Jangan marah.

Even for those yang nak datang langkawi, and planning to naik the cable car to see the view, people said its more worth it to go to top of Gunung Raya, the Gunung Kinabalu Langkawi. But the perjalanan to gunung raya, masyaAllah memenatkan. Drive along the hill for about 20 minutes. Makan minyak, dah la langkawi ni tak banyak petrol pump ahaha.

Senang cerita, to get the nicest view is from where the terror strikes, where the dark water lives ahahaha. It’s…….. from the ………water tank. Water tank???

See how eery the water tank ( the story of this very photo is available at the pengakhiran of the post ahaha )

Ok jom mule kan perjalanan kite untuk menikmati pemandangan indah, secara percume ahaha

Erm, less glorious entrance. Being abandoned for years ahaha

Ok the hell starts from here. 7 darab 16 = jumlah anak tangga. Memang menggayatkan.

Since I have copyrighted this, my trademark. The Retarded Face ahaha. Memang penat kot, this pose was natural. No olok – olok. Suddenly I felt like this dizzy sensation. Wanna know?? Continue reading!!

Ehhh from where did secara tibe – tibe Choo climb up the stairs????

Memang canwhore ahahaha. He’s 25 by the way. Sapa – sapa yang berminat sila facebook saya ahahaha

Ehhh now I realized there’s the tasik teratai layu di pulau madu muahaha. I gonna release the tortoise given by a senior tomorrow.

Ahah! The view of the airport!! See I told you. The best view. But I never snap any photo of the beach from here ahahaha.

I have no idea why I snap this photo. It shows that I ……. Accomplished sumtin?? Ahhaha. Mind my mouth and gigantic gum ahaha.

Ahah the view of the hostel. Mane – mane budak perempuan yang nak spy bakal – bakal pilot, sile lah ke sini.

This was the cause of the dizziness. Jangan duduk lama – lama ye adek2. nanti saket, xdpt jadi pilot ahahaha. Cabin crew je la ahahaha.

Gunung Raya, the everest of Langkawi. There’s a resort at the peak. Quite sejuk up there. Mesti korang tatau kan, but I know ahaha.

Eh eh, is that a bird, or a plane??? ( padahal tau je tu Singapore airforce tengah buat show )

Crowd building up. The tower can’t hold much patron. Soo ambik giliran ye.

Killing the time by snapping the gambar of the kampong belakang college

Some people say I’m adorable ahaha please reconsider hahahaha

18SX. For the sake of the blorg. Sexay sexay ahahaha

The event where the helicopter and the jet try to make love. Sounds soo unapropriate

Getting closer……

Starts liking each other

things start to get hotter and intimate ahaha

The climax ( yeahh ahaha )

Ok not all love last the lifetime. They decided to split up. Sebab helicopter tu main kayu tiga dengan… whoever laaah ahahaha

Very – The – Thrilled face after seeing a divorce in front of his eyes ahahaha

The less hell journey back to the ground

p/s: I did managed to land back to the ground alive. Vote me as president. Tetibe ahaha


What actually happened when I was typing this post:

CAUTION: I’m not lying. Seriously it happened

It was late pass 12 am. Padahal baru pukul 12.30a.m ahaha. I can’t sleep. My roommate already dead on the bed ahaha. So since I got nothing to do, I decided to blorg on this post. Switched on the laptop. Decided not to switch on the light for being sensitive to those in need for rest. Chewah ayat ahaha.

To prevent me from tertidur while typing, I played Hairspray on the background and didn’t even watch the movie ahaha.

See the first photo on top, where I purposely edited the tangki air photo to give that spooky effect?? When I was typing the description of that photo “ dengan niat to make it sound like soo spooky”, then I heard like someone whispering. More like a woman’s voice.

I was listening to a musical movie, takkan ade bunyi hantu kot. The sound was very discrete, very soft. I was wearing my earphone pulak tu.

Orang selalu cakap, kalau bunyi suara misteri kedengaran sangat perlahan, kemungkinan….. dia berada sangatlah dekat…..


Ape lagi, off teruslah laptop, and tidor with the study lamp on ahahaha.

Terpulang kepada yang membaca. This is like the second time it happened. To me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Romie got his PPL licence!

Hey, never in my life I’ve been this well motivated to keep on blorggin, now Romie Pujaan is back as he’s livin large ( poket habuk je ade ahaha ). Posts are now compulsory, more like mandatory to be posted together with photos to elakkan people from sayin how cheapskate I am ahahaha.

“ Ramadhan, kau datang pukul 3 nanti pakai uniform penuh, siap ngan peak cap skali tau.”

Kak Rozline just went out from her mental capacity. Giler ke ape aku nak kayuh basikal tengahari buta, dengan uniform semata – mata nak bergambar kat airport. We, cadets live on a slightly unfortunate life, ramai yg ingat kitorang nih security guard sebab uniform lebih kurang same je ahahaha.

Once I reached the airport, only then I knew, rupe rupenye the photography session is for the 2 practical ladies, actually 3, plus abang wan. But he went out of sight. Tak dapat dia tengok aku handsome – handsome pakai uniform chewah gyler perasaan. They are leaving at the end of the month, practical dah tamat. Ok. the melaram session is now in session.

Captain with his senior flight attendant aahahaa, ehh matching la since I’m dying to fly for Fireflyz. Kah kah

A total player ahaha. With kak tikah and kak mira. More like ground technical crew la dorang dalam gambar ni.

Kak Rozline chantek, leading flight attendant. Ni sumer idea dia la ni. Cuba imagine, we did all the photo snapping at the info counter. Sumer orang yg lalu lalang tengok kitorang mcm kitorg buat tebiat.

p/s: perasan tak, I almost like smile in the same style for every photo??? Sooo limited la my range of posing. If I see a camera depan mata, ambik kau, auto smile. An addition to auto pilot and auto throttle wtf.

Shit, I really, really, really, really hate this photo. Saje je for the sake of this blorg. I tried to do the very the famous jumping photo of myself, dah la the room was soo cramp, the camera shutter speed was slow. I dunno whether I was about to jump or dah jump ke tengah jump ke tengah tahan nak pegi toilet in this photo ahaha

Then I realized, ehh, my licence dah siap arr jom pegi ambik. Then all 3 of us head down to the hangar.


On the way down, terserempak my junior, and then we snap a photo or two. For the blorg sake. Never actually intended to do so in my life ahahaha. Sape – sape nak contact budak ni, tak kesah la yg berdiri di kanan atau di kiri ahahaha, sile submit resume kat kaunter 8 tingkat 2. ambik nombor giliran jangan dilupa hahaha. In the background my forever dream car, the Pajero Sport!!

Cool right gambar tersebut. Looks like they are flying, on the ground ahaha

Kak Nasni ayu, from despatch. Memang lawa. Sangat unbelievable she’s single. Firdaus… kau menggatal ngan Kak Nasni arr skarang ahaha

I said to you all, I gonna hug her first before I fly her. And I did. Ahahahaha sedih kapal nih dah berhabuk, banyak taik cicak melekat pada baju ku. Ape rahsia baju puteh??? Gunalah vanish white. Tak main la Clorox since it will dull the shirt. * look at my right hand, mcm tengah meraba, fuckin pervert ahaha*

Member aku, a.k.a my senior , walaupun seumur, Firdaus Lee dari Bintulu. Same gak, kaunter 8 tingkat 2 ye adek2. hanya calon isteri yang bercaliber sahaja akan dipanggil. Sila jangan makan hati ahaha ( that day I saw him and Kak Nasni in the same car ahaha. And again after 2 hours ahahaha. Stalker pilot muahaha)

Firdaus is doing his conversion. Meaning he’s gonna fly another plane. His old plane telah dikapankan seperti what in the fotografi diatas. Its being phased out. Since he only started flying my type of aircraft, I’m officially his Senior ahahahaha. Sila jangan merokok. But behind that yellow wall is the kawasan merokok wtf ahaha.

Selepas tamat pengajian, kapal seterusnya untuk diterbang ialah yang bertayar 4 dan tak bersayap. Sangat susah untuk terbang sebab perlukan a great amount of mental imagination. ahahahaha

Proudly holding my fresh – from – farm PPL licence while thinking to myself, apahal la helicopter bomba ade kat hangar.

Typical scenery of Bay 1, a.k.a tempat nak naik aircraft. If you saw any airline aircraft, jangan lupe lambai to them. Few times the captain lambai back to me. Famous aku. ahahaha

“ awat hang buang tebiat kaa ramadhan oiii” kata kak Linda.

It’s been like months since we departed. I know, you love me ahahahaha

In the despatch. Malas dah nak type. Laptop makin panas

Comelkan ekor kapal terbang. Terasa lapar pulak. Macam ekor ikan kembong ahaha.

Success. My licence. Hardwork and perserverence did pay off. *clap clap clap*

I told you already. It can stand on its own. Hebat hebat.

Cut the crap and goodnite. Sleep tight. Assalamualaikum, I told you already. It can stand on its own. Hebat hebat.

Cut the crap and goodnite. Sleep tight. assalamualaikum

p/s: until now, i'm quite shocked and surprised to know that i actually have flown. ahahaha sory saya masih kejutan budaya. shadap ramadhan. babai

sorry lame x blorg

blame it on the lousy super lembab internet.

did my very best to upload photos

benci! benci! benci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

promise u i got tonnes of juicy posts lining up

wongga wongga

(apsal laaaa langkawi xdpt wimax???)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Romie met the Siti Nurhaliza of Aviation

PRECAUTION: she is the Siti Nurhaliza of dunia penerbangan. Sila baca sampai habis. And comment hahaha

To start the story ...... what a wonderful Saturday morning. Still asleep. Zzzzzzzz. Let’s continue dreaming ahaha. Ohh she’s calling me. It’s Britney Spears. Calling me to watch her video in youtube. Since it’s a Saturday and I’m a free, yeah I should do that. And continue dreaming, and sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Suddenly – suddenly,


ARGHHHH it’s that LIMA again with the fighter jet airshow. Arrrghhh how dare you musnahkan my dreamy weekend. Aku benci kau LIMA! Don’t ever kembali to my life never ahahahahhaha

And try to continue sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Eehhh benci, tak boleh tido dah. Decided to wake up. What to do now, for today?? Oklah let’s go to information counter in the airport.

For you guys who got no idea how COOL airport information counter is, it got TV with thai channel, kettle to masak maggi, meeting passengers from whole world everyday and sell tokens for massage chair wtf. Ahahaha within minutes I was there, road was jam – packed. Hari terakhir LIMA, opened to khalayak ramai. As I reached to the info counter, adorable Kak Rozline, answered a phone call.

“ Major RAMADHAN, saya dari info counter blah blah blah …….”

As she hang up the call, straight away i ask her, with full anxiety “ kak, ape akak merepek, nama major to RAMADHAN????”

For you info yer, Romie Pujaan’s real name is Ramadhan. Very the holy, tapi perangai macam hantu ahahaha.

In split second, I came out with a stupidly crazy suggestion. To call that Major Ramadhan and give him a call. I want to meet him. Never in my life I ever encountered someone of the same name. like the one that I found before, he’s like the no. 3 most wanted person in the world, working under Osama Bin Laden ahahahaha sumpah tak tipu. Then I beg Kak Rozline to bring me to him, to my kembar of different emak, Major Ramadhan ( Major tuh jangan main – main ). And kak Rozline was like “ TAK MAU!!!!!!!!!!!”

OK I dragged her along ahahahaha. Wow my wildest dream has come true. Ramadhan is meeting another Ramadhan. How often that opportunity can pop into your life, unless your is sooo common like Latipah or Meon wtf.

While walking towards the LIMA exhibition, Kak Rozline just can’t stop talking on how gyler my plan is. Out of nowhere, we saw a Jaguar. A Jaguar ?? in langkawi?? Ape lagi melaram la masing – masing ahahaha. ( by the way, that jaguar driver damn kedekot tak nak bayar parking, last – last kene saman, padan muke)

And the melaram session started ahahahahaha, started off by Kak Rozline Chantek

Me also tak terlepas peluang ahahaha. Mampos aku la nak melaram ahaha.

All the way while berjalan kaki, Kak Rozline keep on nagging this and that, Ya Allah malasnye aku nak layan. It got even worse when we reach the LIMA operation centre, where I should jejak kasih with my twin wtf ahaha.

“ Ramadhan, ni keje gyler nih, jom balek blah blah blah….”. sumpah I tell you, dah tak kuasa dah nak layan perempuan nih meroyan.

None of the cadets in my college ever even think of goin to this place. I live a very crazy and unique life. I want excitement, and I can smell free stuffs, and free food from inside ahahahah.

I did enter and my twin, Major Ramadhan greeted us. Ahahahaha funny la that moment of truth. We don’t, look the same ahahah, I’m taller, and younger wtf but we share the same thing. We are aviators! Cool right.

Ok shut up the crap. These are the proves that I actually made it to the operation centre:

This is the reception counter. Which was barren, no hotstuff receptionist pakai kebaya ketat to jemput us in ahaha

Services counter. Where the staff are chillaxing. Sumpah I was kinda freaking out coz the airforce people look soo like serious and fierce. I wonder if they eat normal civilian like me hidup – hidup. Hahahaha mana tau, they are trained for survival kot ahahhaha.

The heart of the operation centre. Which I think I saw few of the staff on facebook ahahahha

As we proceed even deeper into the operation centre ( which was surprising big, betul, besar ), we entered the lounge! My dream has come true! Free food and goodies. This is life. ( but Kak Rozline deleted the photo of nasik goreng and orange drink. Benci benci!! I did got free food ok ahahaha bodoh je)

Major Ramadhan came in with goodie bags for me and Kak Rozline. I like!

And this is, errrm ( zoomin the photo to read the name tag ahaha ) YES! Major Ibrahim is the name. He attended us while Major Ramadhan was running here and there. Dia cakap dia tengah busy. Kalah Britney Spears wtf. He talked to us about few stories on airforce and selamat Kak Rozline was there, she got lots of army stories as her family are largely composed by army, airforce and navy people. Kalau tak mati katak aku kat situ takda story to talk about

And Major Ibrahim introduced me to this guy, who secara tiba – tiba masuk into the lounge, looking for water. Sumpah, langkawi was like damn freaking hot that day. Dorang panggil bomoh kot nak halau hujan ahahaha

This is the man whose responsible of being the emcee for the event. Who talks during the airshow. Sumpah, mati – mati I thought mat salleh mana lah yang bercakap. Ni mesti pegi kursus to become a spy. Ape- ape pun, his job to emcee the event, and to speak like mat salleh ( or maybe spontaneous for him la) was A+ ahahaha

Introducing, the one and only, my twin of different emak, jeng jeng jeng, MAJOR RAMADHAN! * clap clap clap*

He was really the friendly you know, funny man. Wish I can grow up to be a smart man like him. Macho lak tuh. The funny thing about him is that at his name tag, his name is RAMBEDAN, and people call him Major Rambo. Ahahaha. Kekurangan keyakinan disitu for not using the real name ahahaha. ( while typing this I heard pertunjukan bunga api for LIMA’s closing. Nak pegi tengok kejap )

Ok back to blorrging, I was too afraid to go to the top floor to watch the fireworks show alone ahahaha.

Basically, enjoying the life of free goodies and free orange juice. I love life, Alhamdulillah. I managed to get his phone number. YEAH I made a contact today! This relationship will go a long way. Kak Rozline just can’t wait to leave as she was shivering like as if we are in a negara bersalju. Back to airport information counter, with a very big smile on my face. Mission accomplished.

As I reach to the information counter in the airport, Abang Nasa, my MAS engineer friend came in. “ hey Ramadhan, I’m going to check out the new ATR plane for Maswings. People are not allowed to enter, and I want you to come, and see the cockpit.”

I was like YEAAAAAHHHH my another wildest dream is about to step in into the real world. Ya Allah I love you for this. That’s the aircraft of my dream airline, Fireflyz. And I’m heading back to the LIMA exhibition. Again.

As usual I arrived earlier that what I’ve been told. Nature of a pilot, to be punctual, chewah poyo je. At the same time, next to the ATR ( love it ) was the Singapore Airforce, taking photos with the public.

This is the Apache, or aphacie or whatever that makes a spelling sounds APAAACHEEEE. Ahahahaha. Ok I’m taking another shot of the plane, since got two personnel telah enter frame

Ohh snap, he entered frame again. Terbukti, Singaporeans memang gyler bergambar ahahaha.

Longgok longgok. Murah murah. Beli jangan tak beli ahaha.

And this lady is soo ever lovely. I was asking her why there are few Singapore airforce personnels wearing green jumpers and others with blue jumpers. and she explained, green for pilots and blue for maintenance crew. I was like woow this girl is crazy, in a good way ok. I believe maintenance crew have to work harder since they who keep the aircraft fit to fly. She’s based in USA and lives in Yishun, which is sooo out of the topic ahaha. And she is part of the Apache crew. WHAT??????? That’s like suuuper duper cool!

And a sweet lady from Australian airforce. Badan bapak tough. Macam jantan.

Ok tak tipu. Memang banyak aircraft. This section closed to public. Soo dalam mimpi je la nak tangkap gambar sambil buat aksi – aksi terlarang ahahaha

Hot ladies from Tentera Udara Di Raja Malaysia. Another tough looking gang. Please don’t beat me. I can cook good food and loves to sing ahahahaha.

Looking at my watch. Arrrghhhh dah sejam menunggu nak masuk ATR aircraft tapi Abang Nasa is still not in sight. Frustrated, but orang tua selalu cakap, sabar separuh dari iman. Sooo I tunggu je, under the sun. terus menunggu.

Then I saw some one, isn’t that…….. her????


Ni la dia, the Siti Nurhaliza of Aviation, Major Patricia Yapp Syau Yin. Why I said soo? She’s the only active female fighter jet pilot in Malaysia Airforce. Fighter jet??? She’s crazy, in a good way ahahaha. She really went out there and get it done with style. Broke the barrier for them female to be good in what they believe in. but her ride was tough, opposed by her father to be in aviation, she did managed to get in it. And did her studies in aeronautical engineering in UTM, which I applied and got rejected and ended up in culinary arts for 4 months wtf.

She flies MIG – 29N. That is a challenging thing to do. Even for me to do a steep turn pun rasa macam nak muntah. And she won Anugerah Pesona Nona, forgot which year ahaha. During the competition, all other contestants were wearing fancy dresses, jewelleries, make up berbagai, but she only wore her jumpsuit. And bun up her hair. That’s it. My first impression was like, perempuan ni tak nak menang ke ahahaha. And of coz, she won. Other contestants don’t even stand a chance. Tak silap she’s the first and only woman in the world flying that MIG – 29N. Gyler gempaq

“ eh Romie Pujaan, I minat lah your blorg. I selalu baca ketika di saat lapang. Jom pekana teh tarik kat chenang.” Ahahaha I wish she said that and read this post ahahaha

She, me and this guy. Alamak tak tau nama la. I called him Frank Sinatra ahaha. Jangan dia datang naik fighter jet pegi tembak kapal terbang aku sudah ahahaha.

She ask me regarding my trainer aircraft, on the final speed. People who don’t fly confirm takkan faham ape kejadah benda ni ahahaha padan muka. My aircraft, the final speed is 80 knots. And hers is double than mine. Bapak pantas. Faster than my cruising speed. Can fly from Langkawi to Kuala perlis in few minutes je.

She bent down and opened a pocket at her knee, taking something out to give me as a sourvenir. I was like, gyler ape simpan cenderamata kat lutut ahahaha. It was, her name card!!!! Ya Allah that’s a token of appreciation. No one ever treat me like that. I’ve been treated like a hamba all my life ahaha. I guess she wants to keep in touch with me. Hopefully.

OH MY GOD, I got a fighter jet pilot friend!!!!! Are you guys, jealous?? ahhahahaha

Wrapping up the day, with yet another retarded pose of myself. I should copyright this. No other person on earth can be as retarded as I am in a photo wtf

Photo: self explanatory

Pengajaran of the day:

LIMA is a very good event, despite the absence of formation airshow and lots of empty booth. So, try to expect something different to see in life. Meeting new people. Try to see life in a different perspective. And have fun with it. I gonna sleep tonite, with a big wide shiny smile on my face. Truly gonna miss those loud noisy fighter jet sound ahahahaha.

Post LIMA: Kak Rozline, who’s fanatic of Major Patricia Yapp Syau Yin ( I dunno how to call other than her full name, takut salah sebut kena saman pulak ahahaha ), was soo envious of all of my photos. Kak Rozline got soo naik angin and pissed off, she ended up photostating her name card ahahaha.

See you in 2 years time!!