Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Reality Of The Beg Makcik

Cheng Kim demanded for this. i'm just here to entertain. ahahahahah to the owner of the unsinned body, sooryy i would like to bid to you. but if somehow i came face to face with my blorg, just take it as an advertising oppo to advertise you. by the way i dont even know your name. i know you know mine. sooryy. ahahahhahahahahahah

the gambar is sooo kecik and luckily i chopped of the head. ahahahahah any court orders against this post will be channeled straight to cheng kim's ahhahahahahahah. enjoy the wongga!

1 pujaans:

Anonymous said...

eh...asl channel to me lak? peh. that bag is seriously ugly!