Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm a Phenomenal Pilot

first of all Ya Allah & Alhamdulillah, the number of followers dat used to decrease now rise to a level where it neva reaches b4!! yeehah amin amin Yarabbalalamin. thanx 4 the support. to let all know, i really appreciate my readers and especially followers definitely, i really wanna hav like a gatherin of them near Pantai Kok here in Langkawi. dun be envious just becoz i'm in langkawi, ahahhaha coz once u r livin in it, normal jek.

on wtf day i also forgot, my beloved ground instructor, a.k.a cikgu theory la, said that a pilot's personality must be at the upmost best and equivalent on air and on ground. i was brought to shock. this is like the biggest shock in my life livin in this institute. ahahhaha. coz, i got a topic for a blorg in a very.... how to say..... very...... erm....... ok la wtv, i got the idea in class. skema i know

like for me, on bein a pilot, means durin workin hours, yeah i do nid to be professional and commitment is undivided and yes i'm prepared for that insyaAllah but, once i'm off the uniform and such, i am phenomenal.

i've been thinking all dis while, i really wanna do piloting and be a pilot. but, is this it?? just as a pilot. what telah happened to the over ambitious Ramadhan that i used to be gay with ahahhahaha. i cant just settled down as a pilot alone. i need projects, i need more things to grab.
i can be a chef at home for my wife and kids, be a steward the same time i fly, which is like highly impossible, but in ramadhan's land, it will happen insyaAllah

but wat happened to my ambition to be a SINGER??

i'm da kinda person alhamdulillah alhamdulillah will gain confidence in doin some otha things while doin sumthin. like i really gained my confidence to do piloting while doin culinary arts, now i've gained confidence alhamdulillah again to sing in doin piloting!!

even my roommate is puzzled. will i made it to every single ticks on my wish list?? will i he said.

lesson of history kids:
madonna came to new young with pocket of 35 dollars and a huge luggage of ambition. within two years, she became phenomenal. and insyaAllah i can make it. i will attach my video singin in this blorg in near future, tp tatau byler

p/s: the good thing behind dis topic is dat, initially i was plannin to like trash gyler ramai org that live around me in this institute, and catalysted by madame merah's support, but wtf. they talked about me, i dun talk about them. popular people dun talk about those who are not ahahhahaha. perasan. who knows? one

bak kata pussycat dolls, be careful what you wished for, coz you just might get it. InsyaAllah

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mr Sacastic is back and his talkin english

first of all, i became the most stupidest ass in the whole world for being soo overhardworkin everynite study like hell which i dun even understand and for a day i spent readin infront of the tv, i can understand the whole thing that i've been workin hard for a week!! imagine one nite effort equivalent to a week study!!

it sounded like sex. no no

first off all, lately my post from langkawi were in like a very somber tone, and now, ramadhan is back y'all and he's gettin big and enormous and huge in terms of personality, not my ass like ballooning or somethin.

oh shit, i got 13 mins to blorg then lunch then melodi!! i didnt miss any of my show and yet i can still cope up wit my studies!! ALHAMDULILLAH

i wanna take dis oppo to blorg about wat i've encountered last nite in the neus. not last nite i guess. the nite b4. the makin protest on science and math in english????

hello let me tell u a tale from romie pujaan's side:

history class, kids.

when i was in the primary, i totally sucked in science. mainly coz i didnt get a thing. always got B and only once i got A in 3 years. definitely i got freaked out la kan with the idea of science and math in english since i cannot speak that well then. pastuh masukla form 1. kecot perot la cuak igtkan susah. and..................... it turned out that.................... it is undastandable............. it is easy..................... IT IS FUN. supposed to be was but i lived the moment until now coz all precious memories is still livin in my heart. n'importe quoi.

and besides dat, i managed to speak english on my own effort!! i worked my ass until today, Only Allah s.w.t is perfect and yes no matter how good a person is, he is still learnin in everyway.


if u love ur kids, let they study in english for science and math. its for their future. though its a struggle, someone did managed to get thru the rain. example: me.

for those opposin the idea of science and math in english, come and chit chat wit me by the beach in padang mat sirat. the view is to die for. though smelly. but u can take me to Pantai Kok. got KFC there. ahahhahahahahaha

p/s: anythin common in kL like mcD or rojak, it's heaven in langkawi, more like luxury. dis morning i went all the way out to find breakfast, n there's no shop. bodoh. yesterday it was a 5 Km walkin journey to find breakfast. faggotly sickenin. deer langkawi people, set up more restaurant in padang matsirat will ya???