Thursday, January 1, 2009

To all expecting parents. or living parents

Alhamdulillah i got more and more readers. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Ya Allah thank u for granting me wishes. amin. i'll be reading ur blorgs as frequent as a human i can be, can la coz i online everyday sooo i can la. ok i'm not supposed to blorg tonite since soory Faisal i dunno how to elaborate the idea of ur given topic. sorry sorry sorry if i simply shit out words without bein able to comprehend it aftawards, wats the point kan. soooo request again and again ok. ahahhahahahah

back to the topic. i dunno la, my attention can simply divert to otha things like what happened just now. ewww. ok back to topic. ahahahhahaha 2nd time already. ok now the 3rd and final coz i'm tired of the game. back to the story. i'm not supposed to blorg tonite, not like forbid by sumone its just dat i dun wanna be soo rushy in blorgin my blorg. but the events dat just happened at the house at the back row, aiyooohhhh i nid to do sumthin. i cant really be in the authority to do anythin, all i can do is to gag all the words in this blorg

to work in petrosains, i've decided to live in KL, tmn melawati since its soo near to LRT and my makcik pakcik is sooo undastandin, the only couple that i clicked by da way. luv the surrounding, its in a valley of gunung batu kapor and soo near to greenery and hav i told u b4, its just 4 minutes walk to secluded, non terrorised river!! best. but, but, but, everynite when i'm online, coz the com is near the tingkap which i can see the backhouses, i can hear dis freakin lady, shoutin screamin to her kids, or kid i dunno, on daily basis. bongek kot. pompuan meroyan.

the other houses are sooo frenly, the isi rumah la not the house the building, coz its like soo close when u cook u can chat with neighbours and everyone. except dis house. opposite right. she will scream, shout, yell not just to the kids, even the husband will be the victim of the keadaan. if u can read dis, why are u soo dumb? your OFFSPRING is a kid, a young lady or man, let them be. setakat mandi air terpecik pun nak jerit jerit, why soooo garang la you? got some unconnected nerves to release good behaviour hormones issit?? dah la menjerit2, in utara accent somemore aiyooo, nasri, u got me aiyo aiyo all the time. blame on u bro.

ok, to own those kinda negative personality, at least stay intact with ur harga diri la. Ya Allah, dah la kau menjerit2, u think people cannot hear u issit? i noticed that she never go to her backyard to even mingle wit the neighbours. and scolding, shoutin at the husband, whodahell are you? u think in Islam u've the right issit? even the husband can't shout at the wife why you soo brave to contradict it?? tak maloo ke?

once the kid grow up tau la. she will hate, disobey, neglect, all those negative behaviour a kid could in return give back to the parents. jap jap nak makan. ahahahhahaha

ok dah kenyang ahahhahahahahah

i tell u lar, dun, please learn how to control ur habit, if u still cant, go and... get unpaid leave and go live in the jungle with the berok for a month. learn from that. personally i dun like to say dis but, i was used to be a victim of that experience, in results Ramadhan, the ultra strong tempered, not high tempered err, i learn how to shelter myself until i'm emotionally unpenetrable. if i say yes, forever it will be a yes, if its a no, dun make me. pliz.

to that fcuking crazy psychotic neighbour, pliz dun, quit ur ugly personality, check in rehab, learn the art of appreciatin husband and kids, if still cant, get an anullment. sure u may undergone pressure everyday, but issit a healthy way to inflict it on sumone that loves u? just imagine ur parents treat u like a bitch, will u like it??? although i was once treated badly, i kno how to not go around and hurt others. coz it shows how fragile ur heart it. woman supposed to be able to hold her anger foreva, in ur case, yuck, ur fakin it.

p/s: she works as a ********, i wonder how people can tolerate her, is she like dat professionally?

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Faisal Admar said...

damn it she just need a slap on her face. but who gonna do it? a man can't. her daughter? will be cursed forever, rude, crude, whatsoever names that can be named.

i really can't tolerate with idiot like this.

if she got problem with colleague or boss or her fucking work, why bring it home? why throw tantrum? grr. now you drag me into this emotion.

gotta go. dating with another blogger tomorrow.