Friday, December 19, 2008

Men have bellies, after gettin married

this post is referring to all men. my conscience keeps on reminding me on the number of years that is counting. why why why i dont understand why most men will like gave birth to a belly, big fat googly lookin belly? arrghhh. this is an enemy that eventually hopefully la will not come and harm my future days. arrghhhh. and to the ladies dun u think sooo? its like, yeah i;m married to a fit fiiiiiine guy, and boom 2 years marriage, he started to develop one. ewww ewww its 4 me the biggest fashion malfunction coz whatever you put on, no matter how expensive or how effective it is said at the tag to eliminate belly, it'll stil pop out. arrghhh.

sooory ekk there's no history that i can relate to this phenomenon, coz i dunt have it but stil i'm feelin like i'm started to develop it. tanak tanak tanak. soo i will give not give la share my experience and observation on this yucky not supposed to be thinggy. if you think ur metabolic freakin shit is sooooo active that you can burn fat even when u fart, dont be sooo confident most of my uncle there were stick thin. maybe they led an active life once but after kawin, Ya Allah the men got pregnant first. the wife like abang we work it everyday i'm still not pregnant and its as if u got a 5 month old foetus inside. sooo frustratin kan.

i watched this anmum essential show on nurturin the kids. and the episode happens to be on postnatal interaction between husband and gravely ill wife. and the correspondents the husbands la all of them got belly like so huge u can cut cost by having ur wife not buying sleepin pillow for herself. and of them commented that the BELLY acts as a mattress if you sit down and carry ur baby. like fcukin shit ewww why on earth u nid to heep ur child, a baby on ur belly? the most unfashionable place to yuck put ur kid on. and he did also said no men in malaysia that drive lamborghini yg takde belly. bodo sial. its like u r cursin urself to belly up ur stomach part. eeeeee

got another more story. i was an MC for university open softball tournament. i know nothin bout the game and just observed. the winning team was brunei. and 90% of them were belly barers. mcm like we unite with each other by having a belly of our own. and they ran the fastest too. can every kejadian must have pengajaran. the belly like drives them to run forward coz its like arrghh my belly falling and to stabilize i nid to run faster!! most of them are soo gatal tak sedar diri buncet. ewww. madame merah said they stared at her as if she's naked. atia got proposed to go to a dinner wit the team captain. its a gud thing though if she didnt turn down the offer! invite me, i wanna eat. arrgrghhh kat hotel lak tuh.

summing up, i will do whatever it takes to not to be buncet. go to the fat burning centre whatever. i wanna be bellyless!

p/s: taken from foto makin machine at petrosains upcomin dinotrek wtf. ok la at least i can enter there free. i just finished my training as volunteer there. fans, wanna get kissed? come la ke petrosains. break on monday soo jgn dtg ahahahah

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