Friday, December 12, 2008

I am allergic to chocolate. True

My biggest apology coz this post will be one of the most pathetic one amongst all. ahahhahaha variety of words aittee. ahahahhahahaha i am allergic to chocolate. yeah real one. nothing can explain coz i know, i know, i know, i know i am unique. awkwardly unique. since this allergic reaction took over my body and my whole life, actually it did nothing at all until this particular event. in 2006

ok history period rite up people. arghhh one gud thing that is stil vividly clear in my mind is that i was a choco addicter. when i was 3, i will go up the highest mountain, crossed the deepest ocean just to get, well, chocolate. ahahhahaha. bodoh gyler. then it was famous with small choc wrapped with wrappers with animations and stuff and i am very DECISIVE. since young. coz i hunt down for the milky taste of the chocolate not for the wrapper. i would climb up my cot which i never sleep in just to get some of it. i was a rather spy-ishh person, i took 3, instead of all 10. ahahhahahaa. huge milo drinker and i ate the baby milk formula powder straight for the tin. it was good. its still gud. when i worked in pizza hut, i used to take home, more like steal sachets of creamers ahahhahahaha sooo gudd. u can meet me in sum dark alley where people go for drug and you meet me and i say, wanna creamer or not? ahahahahhahahahaahha bongek agahahahha

until i was 4 kalau x silap, i discovered that my skin is full of spots. my sis keep on referrin me as drug addict. sengal btul. since then, i need to be parted from choco. which now i dun really bother coz its soooo fcukin sweet. how people can actually arrrghhh eat that stuff. and it stuck to the throat and gag people up. arrghh yuck. until year 2006

it was raya. and waddahell every house that i visited, every barn that i went, they served choc cookies which is really dark choc which i fell in love coz its soo killah sweet. like every houses. yeah. every house, i finished the whole balang. like one desperately hungry horse. it was not until the maghrib time when i got bitten by few ants. well it was ordinary. ordinary until my body was full of those..... if someone got bitten by mosquito, ur skin will puff up kan. but mine was whole body. just imagine face, chest, back, ass full of it. arrghhh and i cant breathe. my eyes turn red. arrghhh. like i'm evolving into char siew or sumthin.

wanna cut short, i went to the clinic, freakin packed and the service was like lightning fast. ahahahahah. the doctor was a freak. got injured and within seconds i'm healed!!! back to normal. mase nak pegi klinik was like dying but mase balek selamba jek ahahhahahahahah.

not many know this. i eat belacan, like i eat cheese. ahahahhahaha really i really do. i just take a big bit of it and voila into my mouth. ahahhhhhahahahah. especially belacan sarawak soo sweet. not forgetting ikan bilis, straight from the market and dried shrimps are my popcorn.

conclusion iss, dun offer me choc, i do appreciate but it'll end up in someone's mouth. not mine soo i'm not happy. give me.......... mee bandung ke... i dun really into pizza. not fullfilin ahahahah

p/s: research shown chocolate can be a pleasure replacement for S*X, which is sex. Like, ladies, it is true?

4 pujaans:

shu said...

oh em gee.

haha. i dont like chocolate that much nowadays. macam dah busan sangat.

choc boutique in penang ade jual spicy choc. its not mint. its spicy.

do u really eat belacan that way? and ur popcorns? hahaha.

hg ni kelakaq la Muhammad Ramadhan Bin Mohammed Ramlan. :p

Anonymous said...

you're allergic to chocolates? kesiannye. i love chocs! hehe

ear_fun said...

if someone offers you choc, please hand over to me occay?
pizza is so fulfilling!
mee bandung laa yg xfulfilling.

Romie said...

i appreciate belacan much much more than chocolat!