Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still a viiiiiiiiiiiiirgin

it's 10.30 am and another hour to get to work. haram jadah ngantuk sial selamat berlabuh diatas tilam tapi tak boleh takot stuck dlm jam nak nak kat jln sultan ismail ahahaha.

let's do some facial stretchings so that i could erase the drowsiness. no matter what i do, i am still sleepy. selamat x masuk keje kol 8 pagi. hancur musnah semuanya

the title of this blorg post is very provocative, just like me. ahahahahaha. i notice lately that my life sucks, not to that degree sampai rasa nak lari telanjang around KL ahaha. i just started a job, alhamdulillah. my office is just a neighbour to KL tower. best part is, i always receive goodies from those people doing roadshow at my office tower. to date i have obtained 6 sachetss of Head & Shoulders, 1 pot of plant, 3 packets of Ahmad Tea, and....... macam2 lagi la. and one day Fruit Tree drink is doing a sale of rm1 for a bottle. takde org nk beli sebab kena bayar ahaha. I AM A SELF CONFESSED CHEAPSKATE AHAHAH!!!! but i'm still not satisfied with hotel istana staffs that done a roadshow and didnt distribute the cookie to me. THAT'S NOT FAIR. the cookie is basically half size of my face. and i didnt get it. arghhh

Virgin? of coz i still am. i'm waiting for that special moment to arrive ahahhaa. what i'm referring now is I AM A CLUB VIRGIN. i did post up a status in FB saying who wanna come with me to a jazz club. and my eldest sister responded. "kau nak kena penggal kepala ke?" tak sedar kau pun dulu galak nasib baek masuk skola teknik ahahhaa terus jadi ustazah.

yesssssssss i do have the groove and desire to shake up the dancefloor. give me beyonce or britney, even Inul, i can do it all. di kocok kocok, di kocok kocok cam haram. i have develope few groovy moves to establish my arrival in a club. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

issit gonna be the gorilla groovy shake? this is soo vintage and i loving it. menarik perhatian ahaha

or the HANDS-IN-THE-AIR tapi ketiak x cukur. (masyaAllah panjangnya kaki)

i have a friend from work who does clubbing occasionally yet alcohol and tobacco free. my prayers has been answered. i'm planning for Alexis Bistro and No Black Tie. anyone following.

to the new readers of the blorg: alhamdulillah and THANX BESAR BESAR for spending some quality time with me. wongga wongga!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

mencapap itu perlu

have we ever gone out from the box to achieve something that we desire? something we want to acquire at that point of time itself or it has been a long life dream. cam haram je ayat. some always say that you need to sell yourself out there to get what you want. Sell? do i need to put up price tag on my neck? discount stickers will help to since malaysians are very thrifty wtf

dah dah back to the main idea people. have you ever play Guardian Angel before? or the other name will be Secret Santa. to whoever who ditch christmas, pity on you, i dont celebrate eitheir ahaha. it's just that american company always have some games to be played in the office.

how to play the game:

  1. draw a lot. pick a name that you need to be a guardian angel for
  2. you need to act as the acting secret santa. Offer anything. gifts, coffee bean, serunding wtf

the timespan for this game at my office is 11 days counted from last last friday. and as you know we have our own internal email that is used as the method of dissiminating info in the office. as yet again it's been used for the wrong purposes.

everytime any of my colleague received any goodies at their cubicle, email will be circulated to the whole department

  • to my guardian angel thanks for the starbucks frappucino wtf wtf wtf
  • to my secret santa thanks for the condoms you gave, it'll be put into good use haram jadah
  • blah blah blah and soo many other emails were in the air whenever they receive something

the best part is,,,,


i was sooo mad for having a very unconcern secret santa that is soo not commited to this game we are playing. will it be fair for the rest of the department got atleast something from their guardian and i got none?????????

these are the very emails that i circulated, targetted to all so that i can trigger something in the mind of that secret santa. my not so responding guardian. argghhhh

(first of all the mukadimah must be with a smiley photo ahahaha)

"Hi everyone,

this is ramadhan speaking.
since i'm a new hire i expect not to be left out from the hype of the 'secret santa'
to HE OR SHE whoever my guardian angel is,
please do not forget about my existence

p/s: only 3 days left counting from tomorrow : ) "


after few hours....

another email from me to all:


gazillions of gratitude from me to that SECRET SANTA!
finally i know he/she existed!!

this will be part of my prayers to you:

1- hope that u'll enjoy the best health throughout ur life
2- hope that you will receive a promotion soon ahaha
3- ur bonus will be triple for this year so that more nasik lemak for me!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Ramadhan


now you notice what will happen? go out there sell yourself like a hooker ahaha. you'll get what u wanted.

p/s: the secret santa will reveal him/herself next monday. jaga. aku tuntut balek hadiah mahal2 ahahhahahaa.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life as a working man

procrastination procrastination procrastionation

lets move forward and not to dwell on the past. ahahaha

alhamdulillah just started my job in a company in KL. Hoping to last as long as possible there. i'm just tired. sick and tired of changing jobs. just imagine within 3 weeks i did 3 kinda jobs in 3 seperate companies? being aggressive, yes. but i did lie alot throughout the process ahaha.

i basically have being struck by this idea to blorg this post after my hangout session with a friend. which happens to be 2 years younger. i'm ageing every second. lucky enough my dick is not. ahaha.

we went to the uber best giler babi art gathering, which is the ARTS FOR GRABS. venue: annexe central market of cozzer. it's like the best place to shop for underground artist products such as lefties books, painted tiles to home made mango chutney. haram jadah. as i approached this booth, which has been a favourite of mine, the sell cutesy painted tiles. from whatever design you name it they have it. and i was strong, i was strong to resist the urge to spend soo much i just left the booth, with the same amount of doe in the wallet. truly deserves a pat on my back. later on i proceed to the next hall, which is adjacent, with holes as doors. i saw people selling lots of publications, which is biased towards the lefties ( pembangkah for the dumbos), and i met this men, with arrays of cd's. i was like yeah whatever. he was like "this all are electronic music, highly underground and imported". i didnt give a shit to his promotion. thanks to my wicked mouth, this very words slipped through this thick lips : " do you have anything jazz?". and he recommended a few. and i bought one. my eyes was caught by this cd which has half naked men on the cover. but it was rm40. being thrifty i declined. i decided on the other. it was basically in a plastic like those pirated cd and the cover, and the cd is wrapped in a glossy paper. it was rm20. i cant believe i spent on it. rm2o. for a newly working man in kL, rm 20 means:

  • parking for the whole week
  • or fuel that sufficient to last for a week

and i just did, splurged on cd? which is unconvincingly cheap looking? what the hell. after meeting up with a friend that wassssssssss late ......... i decided to take my friend to the booth that sell those fancy painted tiles. i'm not sure whether it was a PMS or erection in my boxer, i expressed my thoughts to the booth owner about my guilty spending. rm 20 je. but i am right now as we speak the most thrifty KL-ite. to survive i need to resist from such temptations. and what that lady at the booth said is just highly accurate. can be an idiom or proverbs. word of wisdom i might say:

"do not plan not to spend, as u may find something attractive. always plan to spend, as u will be dissapointed"

WHY DIDN'T I? WHY DIDN'T I?????????????????

in the past i always whind why mama hardly grant my wish to buy expensive clothes. why spending extra ringgit for guilty pleasure will be such a huge guilt???? now as i started working, i got the real idea. thanks mama for opening it up for me. i just found an outlet store near my office. its the outlet store for World of Sports. i just bought a shirt from Salomon, a hiking brand for rm30, after 70% discount. i am the smartest shopper around. you can get Teva, mizuno and columbia fitness haram jadah tah that brand is for huge discount. except on shoes. a stingy of 20% discount at most. fuck them. well at least i know where to get cheap original adidas and nike and ipanema for my sisters. ahahahhahahahaha

after saying goodbye to my 2 years younger friend, i left the jelatek LRT Station and straight to my car. i parked at a nearly demolished flat and it was scary, the scene of empty apartment just not for the faint hearted. i might be sodomise by a stranger. when inside the car, start the engine and tested the rm20 cd. i received the greatest shock of my life. it was, it is still the scariest music i ever heard in my life. the instrumental music is highly suitable for stephen king on his next horror flick, or if you try to scare your hubby everytime he try to lurk out at midnite hours to fuck those hookers. i can assure you. with the dark surrounding of jalan enggang and the horrifying background tunes, i was literally looking left and right, rear mirror and sides. that's how my day was spent. longing to go clubbing, just found a friend who club it, who does it, minus the booze and carcinogen, which is cigarettes my friend. i gonna shake my arse!!! but not forgetting No Black Tie at jalan mesui. toodleloooo!

tomorrow is a working day. FUCK FUCK FUCK

p/s: that ah pek who sold me the cd said the tune was recorded in a church in german, the acoustic is out of this world. fuck him!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

being a tall person

ahahaha finally someone requested a topic rather relevant to myself ahaha. to begin the blorg posting. ALHAMDULILLAH to be able to grow to such height that has gave me an advantage to find people in the the departmental store like Isetan, since i stand higher than others, its easier to spot on SMALL PEOPLE ahahahaha.

this topic is HIGHLY suggested by the small shorty guy ahaha ( h
e must be freakin' mad ):


by the way he's 168cm ahaha or 171cm. basically i hav no idea who the hell is he other than to know that he's my hiskool junior's cousin and i got no waddaheck idea how i actually contacted him on facebook. recently he made a statement in facebook saying dat he is the tallest in the class. i was curious i did ask. how tall are u actually?? ahah. he's 10cm shorter than me ahaha sorry. for men perks on being tall: big and long penis ahaha

he requested: living in the fantasy of being a tall person

dear fayee, can i blorg this topic using myself as the subject?? ahaha i got no one to reflect on and since i gonna have to wake up early tomorrow i need to make it quick. few things that i need to stress out here for being tall:
  • u can easily be spotted my mafia/ahlong/criminal/chucky if ur standing in a crowd
  • eventually u'll suffered back ache. and back ache aint nice, i took pills when i was 14
  • like for me, i'm vertebrate tall/long backbone/long abdomen, its really hard to get a fine t shirt. trust me it will lead to frustration everytime ur in factory outlet/chiaokit/mydin
but the rest is just PERKS:
  • being tall can really boost up ur confidence to as high as KLCC, or even gunung kinabalu
  • if someone try to be a bitch towards u, u'll know that fella will never grow tall
  • for men tall men means long penis ahaha yeah its true
but the tak berape best part:
  • u'll be the one fixing the curtain every single raye every year
  • u have to replace the battery of the clock hanging on the wall
  • u have to clean up the sesawang on the ceiling
  • u have to rub the black board in skool ahahaha
but one thing i'm still furious till today...... is HER!!!!

ok guys watch ur erection ahahaa, i purposely put up this particular photo, very saucy very sultry very exposed huahua. what i never like about her, she's 5 cm taller than me


i was highly pissed off and furious knowing about her winning the miss universe 2003 title. first of all:

  1. i always believe that only venezuela deserves to win miss universe title since the world's most beautiful women are produce daily in a farm from that country ahaha
  2. she is taller than me. she is taller than me. i just cant accept the fact. arghh
  3. and she beat miss venezuela to 2nd place. super furious my face is lightning red like iklan mee mamee
i was practically praying and hoping to grow as tall and highly hoping to be way taller than her. and i didnt. i stopped at 181cm. alhamdulillah. but i lost to a girl??? what???

from this day onwards. my strategy for my kids:
  1. my kids will be forced to churn steak everyday for protein supply to grow taller than that miss universe
  2. take on protein drink
  3. they have to think tall and be tall. wear high heels to skool
  4. but i want to put them into gymnastics intially, that will stunt the growth. arghhh
  5. i want my children to jump everyday for one hour to lengthen the limbs
  6. before sleep i will pull their legs to even stretch it further
  7. they have to sleep with leg braces. that will make them tall
ok my kids will be tall insyaAllah. anyone interested to try???

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List of Petua petua orang tua

This post is requested by ( jeng jeng jeng ) : Atiyyah!!! my dearest pal, classmate by the way when i was still living and breathing in uitm penang ahaha. she supposed to further in medicine studies tapi pahal tah stranded in culinary arts course. i escaped. like always ahaha. and she's finishing too!! cant believe it. she hardly knows how to handle the chef knife and now she's creating wonders!!. anyone willing to propose to her and marry her, u can do so by hitting me on facebook with tonnes of moolahs in your pocket ahahaha

enough of her, this is my blorg, get out ahahahhaa. she knows me. i torture people with words. my speciality ahahaa. she requested:

"blorg la tentang petua-petua orang dulu"

and i was like, " kau nak kawen laki tua ke?" ahhaaha. ok basically i know how to put words in an arrangement that will agitate one's heart ahaha. but i basically dun really know much about petua2 ni. i need to do my research first. yahoo search. not google. google boring boo. ok found one:

  • Jaga mulut atasnya. Maksudnya jaga makan minumnya. ( what kinda crap talking?)
  • Jaga mulut bawahnya. Maksudnya jagalah kemahuan seksnya. ( wadda?? )
ohh shit its a 18sx petua untuk rumah tangga ahahha. ok next page pliz

'petua orang dulu dulu jaga kemaluan' WHAT???, next page.............

ok got it, good one if ur attending beauty pageant ahaha as said in the website

  • if ur attending a beauty pageant n out of nowhere chicken pox happens, try drink the young coconut juice and it will supress the pox b4 the pageant.
honestly speaking, golden age wisdom dont really seems to work these days. can they like prepare for what's catered for their grandchildren for the next hundred years?? as it seen it only functional if ur gonna participate in beauty pageant. yeah yeah last time its like tonnes of ratu kebaya contests going on and fuhhh ladies from the past got the curves dat will erupt an erection and yes it has extincted. even now malays are forbid to be in miss malaysia whatsoever beauty pageant. maybe it will be effective for dewi remaja and hero remaja competition?? i cant be in it im fat ahahahaha.

  • tips mengelakkan minyak terpecik ketika goreng: masukkan garam ke dalam minyak terlebih dahulu sebelom menggoreng

i just cant find the rationale behind this finding ahahaha. oil and salt. errmmm as i know salt can dehydrate and make a liquid more viscous, if there's presence of water. but its oil. ermmmm are u sure bout that. take my words. cover ur frying pan with something while frying something ahaha. or tips on not to burn ur skin while handling with chillies. simply dun touch it with bare hand. cover it up with sumthin, reindeer skin cooking gloves or something ahahahah.

  • paling tak boleh blah: jangan menyanyi semasa memasak, nanti dikhuatiri kawen lambat. what?????

just set the record straight. the person who derived this "petua" is a spinster or an andartu la in simple language. due to ur hobby in the kitchen, u put it all to blame for singing in the kitchen while cooking? or issit ur voice is not in the attractive range ahahaha. if barbecue is considered cooking, cannot sing issit? better what more people outdoor. we need to entertain ourselves.

moral of the story: dun simply come out with crazy bullshitty petua's that will haunt ur offsprings. ahaha like x boleh masuk tandas masa azan berkumandang. meaning i cant perform my ablution?? crazy people crazy ideas ahaha

Friday, August 6, 2010

Watikah buat Kak Rozline...... cewah ahaha

before i start blorggin about this particular post:

thanx to wan nurul nurain razali (panjangnye name ahaha) for being so loyal and not curang to other blorg ahahaha. sabar. skang dah ada post baru. tp not related to aviation ahaha .

before i start BLORGGIN about this very very PARTICULAR post:

Kak Rozline, jangan marah tau!!!!! ahahaha

most of my blorggin here in langkawi is made possible by huge contribution of a hot hot lady, hot hot mama wuhooo Kak Rozline!!!. serious she is damn pretty but i dunno how to convince her anymore. she got here sony cybershot almost everywhere she goes and basically, i am her model ahahahaha. so tanpa melengah2kan acara mari kita perkenalkan siapakah kak rozline itu!! wongga wongga...

first and foremost.... seharum bunga yg menggoda.... muka kepala juon dr belakang ahahaha

ok lah kasi chance la to her. this is Rozline Badrulzaman or kak Lyn hot hot mama. yes she is one fine mama, anak dia dah masuk darjah satu. korang jangan nak menggatal. kalau tak aku report laki dia siap. ahahahaha. seperti ape yang dpt diperhatikan, she prefers to drink sugar laden drinks, padahal nak diet konon ahahhaha ok kak lyn jangan marah and dont try to kill me with that orange scissors of yours. guess her age?? just try... kita lihat siapa yg kena ahahaha. ok to talk about here age is soo not propriate sbb nanti mati aku kene belasah. kalau korang rasa muka dia putih dlm gambar ni, wait until u see her in person. kalau nak carik sila dtg airport langkawi yer.

tetiba i feel like i'm handsomer in this particular photo. i repeat. THIS PARTICULAR PHOTO. other photos i look like shit. takpe2 bersyukur. i realize that men when they turn into 20's, their body tends to widen, sideways. ahahahaa

another diet gone wasted ahahaha. kak lyn and abg jovyn, her loving hubby cewah brought me to this place. Bamboo Chenang restaurant. previously sungai cenang restaurant. weird thing about this place despite the good food (trust me, it is hard to find good food in langkawi) there's not much people at the restaurant. padahal kereta yg parking kat depan kedai stock banyak cam masa pihak abg ipar aku dtg menikah kakak aku dulu ahahaha. the food is recommended!! wuhoo

what abg jovyn and kak lyn ordered and what i lahap that night ahaha. hari ape ye kitorang dtg?? arghh lupa. they ordered:

  • tomyam campur yg enough to feed a family of 6 ceh melampau
  • sotong goreng tepung yg crunchy and sedap walaupun dimakan tika sejuk
  • kailan ikan masin yg mmg sedap. kat satu kedai tu, kailan ikan masin cam sayur rebus jirus kuah je. demi menjaga kemuliaan kedai tersebut i'll not mention names ahaha
  • kerabu sotong. i never heard of it in my life tp sedap kot
  • dry red chilli chicken. very very rare to be found at kedai tomyam. and mmg sedap
  • senang citer sumer sedap la
  • tempat duduk kitorg seriously very very very romantic. rasa cam nak kawen lari pulak ahaha
  • satu pot nasik dorang kasi. obviously tu pun nak mention ahahah
  • summing up to rm58.00.
  • abg jovyn ckp very reasonably priced. aku tau lahap je. hahaha

i told u, mmg sedap sampai menterencatkan si pemakan ahaha. kak lyn, why u force me to pose like a retard??

biggest achievement: DRY CHILLI CHICKEN ahahaha ceh bodoh diam skang

a satisfied customer's face. but why i look like nak carik gaduh??? why why why?? ohh dat time i was listening to abg jovyn about ape tah ahahaa. ohh yes he wanted my computer table. how to sneak that table out from my hostel??? xpe2 itu bisa diatur ahaha

another gem in pantai cenang. the ever sedap coconut ice blended. order the special with vanilla ice cream. for sure u guys cant find this stall. since i'm very baik hati to sharing the caring ahaha. its opposite underwater world and near landscon hotel. BEWARE!!! kelapa cepat abis, expect closure for few days sbb kelapa stock yilek ahaha. kedai tepi tu jual minyak gamat and sebelah tu jual burger. harus ke?? ahahaha

again another satisfied face. kak lyn, why u crop abg jovyn's face and let the retardedness of mine shine alone??? nak kena blasah ni. ahahha. by the way, kak lyn pandai buat telor goreng kicap ahahaha.

while waiting for abg jovyn to get t shirt, i tried to pose as if i'm working at the red district. takde makna mane2 mak datin nampak muka aku camni sumer lari ahahahaha. arghh penat menaip

" ramadhan, kau berdiri tepi mercedez burok tu" said kak lyn. ahaha jahat gyla.
to the driver of this mercedez: kami hanye ingin berlawak. sila jangan berang wahahaha

introducing the one and only, man of the ring cewah, abg jovyn. dia pun lahap coconut ice blended ahahaha. he's my bouncer, ape2 hal, kita jumpa kat satay hj samuri berentap sape makan satay paleng banyak cewah ahahahaa xde kaitan. to abg jovyn: thanx for the dinner.

Romie and a tourist from korea who was fascinated on how malaysian can be soo tan smp nak bergambar ahahaha.

particular thing i like about abg jovyn and kak lyn is that dorang up to date with things in this world, so it be music or anyting, they know the latest. coz most of married couple with kids mcm pakcik makcik tua waiting for panggilan kubor ish jahat nye mulot ahaha

melaram is a hobby ahahaha

to dearest Kak Lyn dgn harapan u'll not smack my face ahaha:

kak lyn and to all women out there who never feel satisfied with themselves, emotionally and physically (especially ahahaha). korang dah dilahirkan canthek and u are loved by someone who trully appreciate u inside and out. lain macam je bunyi. kak Lyn dah cukup canthek dah, bukan setakat cukup, dah terlebih canthek pun. u just need to embrace your true beauty by appreciating and accepting ur true self. nak segan buat pe, dah mmg canthek dah pun. it's canthek not cantik ahaha. actually dats all about this post ahahahahahahaha

wtf photo of me window shopping ahaha. big ass of mine. I'm in need for grooming. anyone willing to help??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before and After

after nearly a year and a half struggling, lack in rest ( liar ahaha ), wild partying ( no no ) and lack of holiday, which is really true. To all aspiring pilots out there, memang sikit gila babi kot cuti in this course. it's the part of sacrifice yg harus dilakukan demi masa depan yg cemerlang. wuhoo i can be a motivational talker one day, making more money, and honey, and money ahahahaha ok shut up now PLEASE tq.

i wanna show you guys : BEFORE

with encik hamzah, the duty officer. me trying to look smart ahaha

with super happening mamu, and me doing the usual sick pose ahahaa

safety first kids, wearing helmet for now specific reason wtf. kat belakang ade cerek utk masak maggi

and the AFTER!!!


THE TWIN BAR!! skang dah 2 calit dah, more responsibilities, more flying procedures, more saket jiwa, more fanatic to siti nurhaliza ahaha, and getting nearer to graduation!!!!

alhamdulillah i've passed the first test for twin engine flying, u can't imagine how mad i freaked out the night before. macam nak mati, i'm basically the worst in my batch and i really really slow in grasping new things in a very short period of time, just imagine baru bawak kapal baru for 6 hours, then u go for a test. and people, flying a plane and driving a car cant be compared together ok. alhamdulillah i just can't believe i pass. because i did like shiiiiiiiiit ahahahaha

another hot story: sila baca dgn teliti ok ahaha

i went to the hangar ( not hanger baju ok ) by bicycle and sepanjang jalan orang duk pandang slack je cam cibai ahaha, ape nak buat sebab xmampu nk sewa kereta buat masa ini hehe. soo as usual i will go and lepak in the airport, coz that's basically like my only social life available here in langkawi. soo as i was chatting blah blah blah with my frens kat info counter, then came 2 guys asking my frens to make a public announcement in the airport to inquire about a car. the following dialogues tell it all:

orang itu: kak, boleh tak buat announce kereta viva biru plate number WSE **** (i forgot the number oso ahaha)
romie pujaan: ( secara mencelah ) ehh tu kereta member saya, jap saya call, ape masalahnye ye?? silap tempat parking ke?? awak tak pulak mcm polis traffic ( haha )
orang itu: tak, kitorg ade shooting malam ni, so kitorang nak carik kereta utk dimasukkan dlm babak tersebut.
romie pujaan: HAH??? sape berlakon??
orang itu: maya karin ada, aaron aziz ada, lisa surihani ada....
romie pujaan: ( aku dgn penuh keterujaan called my friend to let her lend her car for the shooting)

but FAILED. my friend is kedekut ahahaha, no lah her parents tak kasi.

moral of the story:

mesti ade org nak mengutuk aku tergedik2 nak tengok pelakon malaysia shooting like apa barang kan. if we don't support our industry, who else will?? why malaysians always bring down our own product?? why why why ( sambil berjoget ). even during national anthem pun sumer org like no semangat, tension aku.

ok. my month will come next month. be nice to me. please. ahahaa

Monday, July 5, 2010

Graduating. counting hours

single engine:

total left: 15 hours
  • 10 hours General handling plus PT4
  • 5 hours Night Flying

p/s: can i graduate before puasa??

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The story about my chin. Not botak chin


pembuka bicara with lousy photos of me, as usual ahaha

sapa mamat ni?? rasa nak sekeh je. can??ahahaha

snapped a photo with super ganas junior ahahaha. she's a maneater ahaha. nampak mcm isteri kedua pulak ahaha. isn't isteri kedua supposed to be hornier and nicer??

back to main business

Thank You Allah swt alhamdulillah for increasing number of blorg followers. I dont even think that this blorg is interesting in anyway. More like syarikat pembuangan sampah cap Alam Flora in the form of blorg ahaha. ok ok ok focus ramadhan focus. again this blorg has been neglected for sometime, but not for long. I'll be talking about my chin.


yes my chin


suka ati aku lah

p/s: sorry about that split personality argument ahahaha

most of my friends keep saying this to me, " wey you so old got no janggut issit??"
I think this is the main reason. when i was young i listen to the radio..... silap. when i was young somewhere when i was 4, after my first encounter with pornography ahahaha, this incident happened.

pada satu petang yang hening, ( dont you feel that i took soo long time to get to the main story ahaha ok shutup) me and siblings went to the playground in USJ13. yes yes i love you subang jaya i really do but real estate over there is just tooooooooooooooooooooo expensive. terrace house cost around at least half a million?? gila.

ok back to the cerita. as usual my sisters just being kids. doing lotsa new tricks. on the swing. arrghh. they swing and swing by STANDING on the swing. imagine dat. then of course la due to good example of the elderly ahahaha i tried the stunt.

for the first time in my life i thought i was flying in the sky, thinking i was a superman baby fell on earth from a meteor. after split second........ SPLAT. I felt cantek punya on the ground. landed on my chin. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

for sure i cried la so young ok. cried and cried. and good timing mama just came back from work. i still remember mama bought for my sister sugar papers for her art projects ahahah. see i got good memory. about stupid events. then straightaway we dash to the clinic at usj2.

surprisingly i didnt cry during the stitching, just a little tickle masa doctor taking out sand and pebbles out from that torn chin. and got bandage. i looked like KFC colonal sanders. ahahaha the doctor stitched together the bandage to my chin. arrghhh. why???

then came back home. weird. papa brought home murtabak. halooooo its not even ramadhan's month. well, everyday is my month ahahaha. ahah another memory, i was taller than my bro at that time ahahaha

ok next post, how my ball sack a.k.a scrotum inflated like a baloon when i was four. anyone requesting for visual evidence of that?? ahahaha

Monday, June 14, 2010

I wonder if I didn't ...........

starting the post,

with a photo of me in full uniform, thanks to Kak Rozline who was soo desperate to see me in full pilot attire wtf ahaha

i looked like a retard i know tq

I wonder if I didn't do piloting thinggy right now. These might happen:
  • my family might think I actually don't really exist. They may disown me
  • no one wants to talk about my life
  • During family gathering even worse, I might be forced to sit at the end of the table, somewhere near the kitchen cabinet
  • or might be sell to the pimps to make me into a prostitute wtf

These happened after I joined the piloting course:
  • more and more relatives are taking interest in me
  • not forgetting the endless request of free flight tickets. Later I join cargo then u know ahaha
  • finally people are taking interest in what I'm doing
  • one of the uncle ask where the clutch of the aircraft, when u want to tukar gear. what???

Lesson of the day:

please accept everyone for who they are, no matter what background, education level and interest

p/s: I wonder if I still doing the culinary course. People might think I'm a maid or something

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tayar pancet lalu meletop

ahahahaha today around 10.15 am if not mistaken, the aircraft i flown, the right side tyre, meletop. ahahaha. pancet. ahahaha

not my fault sebab instructor was demonstrating something for me

alarrrrrrrrrrr no photo to show arrghhhhh

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Al Fatihah

this post is about my tribute to mak ngah, my mama's sista for those who are wondering

from left: mak tam, mak ngah, ermmm an aunt ahaha, ateh. Taken at Kakyu's wedding

  • okey: in Negeri sembilan, "wan" is grandma. and grandpa is... i dunno ahahaha

i was at the Kuala Lumpur of langkawi yesterday wtf spending some time to inquire on cheap tax free DSLR. Checked on my phone, Mama misscalled me. That's weird. Mama just called 5 minutes ago.

" Adek, Mak Ngah dah meninggal"

I was like brought to a sudden shock. Because it was soooo sudden. I know Mak Ngah was ill due to old age. But, never thought it's gonna be this soon. The guilt of can't make it to the funeral to see Mak Ngah for the last time really haunt me. Just imagine last minute flight ticket purchase will be at least rm200. One way.

Mak Ngah is always a sweetheart. like you guys know, negeri sembilan people are more of a bad mouthies ahahhaha and i'm excluded ahaha. It was a total comparison of Wan and Mak Ngah, since Mak Ngah is more to the soft hearted side. Mak Ngah's house is literally ....... 5 metres aways from Wan's. When i was a kid, I thought Wan and Mak Ngah were friends ahaha. my brother thought so too. dumb ass ahaha.

I remember Mak Ngah and I had a small argument during my Sis's wedding. Argument between me and Mak Ngah is soo non existence. But it happened. Kinda weird actually. My refusal to wear formal baju melayu to Sis's wedding on the groom side has caused Mak Ngah quite a headache ahaha and she voiced out her opinion on me. Obviously I fired back, but in a toned down manner, coz she's forever nice to me. And I guess it was my last ever conversation with her.

Al Fatihah

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ (١)
ٱلۡحَمۡدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ ٱلۡعَـٰلَمِينَ (٢) ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ (٣) مَـٰلِكِ يَوۡمِ ٱلدِّينِ (٤) إِيَّاكَ نَعۡبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسۡتَعِينُ (٥) ٱهۡدِنَا ٱلصِّرَٲطَ ٱلۡمُسۡتَقِيمَ (٦) صِرَٲطَ ٱلَّذِينَ أَنۡعَمۡتَ عَلَيۡهِمۡ غَيۡرِ ٱلۡمَغۡضُوبِ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا ٱلضَّآلِّينَ (٧)

I'll really gonna miss u, Mak Ngah

Thursday, June 3, 2010

tolong baca saya nak berucap

i wanna start this post by posting this photo of millions of memories

on the edge of membelasah my french lecturer ahaha bodoh gila. which turned out to be one of my best friend. p/s: she's married wit 2 kids so please go away stalkers. and she's one big time queen control muahaha

To all the readers:

One fine day I'll make a post in this blorg. A post that will cause quite a havoc. No, i'm not trying to be a gigollo or a pole dancer. I hope you readers not gonna be shocked on it, or curse me for anything. ahahahaha wongga wongga

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm soo freakin bored

a) Tulis 23 perkara rawak (random) tentang diri anda (tak kisah ler benda tu fakta ke
angan-angan ker cita-cita ker imaginasi ker tentang 'body' ker awek, pakwe, makwe etc.)
(b) Tag lak benda ni kepada rakan blog anda (sekurangnya 5 orang)
(c) Kalau tak ikut peraturan, di mana keseronokan "TAG-TAGGED-TAGGING"

Translation for friends in Bangkok:
a) write 23 randoms things about myself
b) i myself dont understand what it means ahahah
c) argh I really Dont understand this line

  1. when i was in primary 1, i was too tall, taller than older kids but really grateful about it now ehehehe
  2. i was overdue as a baby, having umbilical cord strangled around my neck ahahaha.
  3. i was name RAMADHAN for a reason. Mama had her wish if i shall be conceived in ramadhan, ramadhan will it be and if it's syawal then the same case. back to reality, i stayed toooo long inside my mama and it was at the beginning of ramadhan 1410h. and all of my siblings' names starts with R. can u see it??? i'm more of a trend breaker since young muahaha
  4. Now i'm truly obssesed with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. like really. I dream of her everynite. Ok disregard that ahaha
  5. Mama is my closest friend ever. I go to mamak with her ( to bangkok friend, mamak is a typical eatery in malaysia). i even drag mama along to movies ( james bond's, madagascar and she slept throughout the movies ahahaha)
  6. my forever dream car is Mitsubishi Pajero. And now it's Pajero sport arrhhhh. seriously I'll work my ass to earn myself that car. If you want to give to me for free..... i'll reconsider ahahaha
  7. I'm suffering the worst case insomnia, i can't really sleep if i'm tooo sleepy, i can't sleep, if the bed too comfy, i can't sleep either. very weird
  8. and i snore, really really really loud
  9. talking about ambitions, wanted to become a singer when i was 3, flight attendant when i was 4, then chef when i was 5 and now i'm doing piloting ahahaha. alhamdulillah
  10. i eat really really alot. I've gained 10 kg since living in langkawi for almost a year and a half now. my friend said i'm growing breast now ahahaha
  11. now i dont have any idea to write anymore ahahaha
  12. i really really love to walk around by foot. especially in KL. most of my friends just cant tolerate this ahaha
  13. really wanted to go to thailand when i was 5. crazy sick i was then i guess ahahaha
  14. was really scared of height and even cried inside a flight when i was 16. and now i'm flying planes
  15. really longing to kahwin lari or elope. scared of traditional marriage ceremony. people with their eyes staring ahahaha
  16. when i was four, i was hospitalized because my ball sack or SCROTUM ahahah inflated like a balloon ahaha
  17. once fell off the swing and landed on my chin, it was torn open ahaha.
  18. really scared of eating dried fruits due to its wrinkly exterior, reminding me of old age ahahaha
  19. really like hypocrite people, most of them are funny. but I'll never tolerate snobbish show off-ish asses
  20. always wonder why women are so scared to wear tampon??
  21. worn condom. twice ahahaha. but still i'm a virgin ahaha
  22. just wrote a song. hope u guys will like it
  23. Always believe that one day I'll be a very successful person in life insyaAllah

ok enough. probably there will be a briefing tonight arrghhh and I need to submit flight plan to the tower. bye. salam

Ye lah ye lah I'm back to blorggin

felt soooo blessed when I'm not around to blorg, number of followers gaining up!! ahhaah alhamdulillah thanx all for the support for the very humble blorg I'm having ahahaha.

arghh I'm on the midst of completing my course and will be busy busy. so pray hard for me. insyaAllah I'll be resuming my blorggin routine with full devotion after graduating, sebab confirm takde keje lain nak buat kan ahahhaa.

and i think i've a GIRLFRIEND


Monday, March 8, 2010

ok ok updating

setelah dimarah, diugut dan dicerca ahahhahaaha, i'll revive this blorg back to life. gyler malas lately.


  • on training stint in Terengganu!! not in langkawi for time being
  • looking for more people to make friends here in terengganu, specifically airport/tok jembal/gong badak area.
  • nak mencuba nasi dagang banyak2 sbb aritu sikit nak mampos.
  • sambil menaip ni, menunggu saat bila kak yah the caterer lady nak dtg bawak makanan.
ok ok. nex post will be filled with photos. puas ati?????

p/s: alamak, camne nak guna camera laptop member aku ni??

Friday, January 22, 2010

sori lama terabai

pliz hit me with a stick or a broom or with any solid object. I left this blorg unmanned. arrghh

I'm turning into some kinda lunatic lately. not bein cliche like typical poyo teenagers yg claim themselves to be in a sucky life just becoz bf/gf mendiamkan diri. fcuk u guys ahaha.

lately i started to make changes in my life. I no longer addicted to rice!! ahaha accomplished that. for me that is by far the biggest achievement i've ever done in terms of my food history. I can't live without rice, not even for few hours. now I'm still breathing without rice support for days!! and I think I'm slimming down now. cutting carbohydrates really makes me feel happier now

I dunno why my english suck. compared to them blorggers, they can just blorg on flawless english macam kao kao gyler. tension kalau bace blorg2 tersebut. arrghhh. and my mouth getting vulgar by day. thanks to piloting. I can't believed I've been influenced. coz I'm rarely influentiable. and i don't even know the last word of the previous sentence actually existed. shoot.

update on my life, as if I'm famous:
  • cutting down carb intakes
  • simulator lesson started ( snap! )
  • started to be more interested in self grooming, but only when I'm in uniform ahaha
  • addicted to Siti Nurhaliza, listening to her everynight. She's my sleep companion WTH
  • extremely obsessed to get into Fireflyz as a pilot. of coz.
now I started to think about getting a property in Kg. Melayu Subang. not a property, more like a room. tanak beli rumah area tu. only subang jaya. ahahaha. and i already decided how to decorate the room, what colour should the wall be painted, which Ikea furnitures to buy. trust me, my imagination skills are off the wall, I own a degree on imagination management, graduated with honours and currently working on my dissertation on Imagination in the society. wtf

another stupid obsession. while others dream of getting mercedes, bimmer, ferrari wtf, I just wanted a black Viva Elite. I'm driving myself around, how big a car should be right?? some more it fuel efficient. while are you soo willing to burn your money on petrol?? and by having a viva I'll challenge myself to not get lost in KL. driving in that big city always get me haywired. wtf. I'm a pilot and I'm clueless with roads?? takpe. still cadet ahaha

Ya Allah. why this post is soooo booring. Sila tumbok muke sendiri sekarang, arrghhhh

I wish my blorg can generate money ahahaha