Sunday, December 21, 2008

My journey in speaking english

Ya Allah, i'm all drained off on doin neu post, as if like my talktative side seems to check out. arrghhh. stayed at home alone and yeah i did. i watch Mad About English! yeaahah. i watched it. for those who didnt, plis do sooo, re-watch, teleport to 10 pm just now or whatever to watch it. i was like Ya Allah, they worked their asses like hell to speak English! like are u willing to have english camp on raya eve? like 10thousand of them did it. i was soooo moved by the story on how they really wanna improve themselves. it drives me like mad to really wanna do well in my piloting course insyaAllah in commence next year. anticipate my journey.a hahahhahahahahah promote promote wajib. more to know is that maklang put my undies like sumwhere hidden. ingatkan dh hilang. cemas jek.

by having a blorg which posts were done majorly in english yg sangatlah terabor, i dun really see myself -====0-0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (the cat typed ok tis), ok continue, i dun really see myself as someone thats soooo gud in english coz i just started to speak the language for 3 years alhamdulillah, everyday is a learning process. ahahahhahaha

i kno ramai yg x sabar for the lesson of ramadhan's history kan? ahahhahahahaha ok. my parents they went for english schools and obviously they speak fluent english. but they never potrayed that part of them at home. in result i can only converse in malay at younger years aand i'm not that old, not as fortunate like my genius bro who can simply speak without any i dunno we never speak english at home but he can simply say things in english. my story was different, i know if i want things in life, i need to work my butt ass like triple times heavier than anyone else.

always interested in english and i only started to listen to malay songs when i was 13. whole life was ok, didnt get insulted, mostly due to my boldness, people dun dare to break me apart. by the way i was in the first batch of the science n math in english. why shud i botha sayin this? mostly devoters of dis blorg are of my age ahahhahahah. until when i was 15. kailan ma? until when? until when shud i be like dis? cannot speak english? arrrgghhhhhh i nid a change. and i made it. i met my adek, my 2 year junior in skool and she speak hell gud english, i said to her, girl, let me kno if i make mistakes, coz its the best method of improvin my english. i put the key into the ignition ahahahhaha, started the engine and it took quite sumtime for the engine to heat up. ajajajaja. it was on off on off. one time i can speak fluently, other time like hancur ya amat. tension jek. i was told by a bitch manager where i work to not speak english. be a bitch but pliz la, ur bitchiness will not penetrate other's minds.

i do really felt the impact of bein able to speak english. i am more secure of myself, i can make a stand on my opinion with full confidence, i said to myself i may commit mistakes here and there, but at least i tried and i tried to learn. terlebih laju lak, when first i started to speak, i will face to the wall all night long to speak to myself, u see we nid to start small before we can go big rite?? and in uitm where my confidence in speaking english really boosted up. i dun wanna do my course at the first place. no no wrong. i dun wanna go to penang in the first place, with all the orientation and everythin, i started to carve insults, bad words in english onto my organizer. i got it free ok. ahahhaha. and i dunno, sumthin got into me and i speak english, especially to those utara peeps yg i dun understand the language.

one day while doin revision with a fren, who speak much better english, name pun lahir kat us, i got this wild idea, to set a group support to help those in need to help them to speak english! best the idea. and the impact on the participants were ultra overwhelming! my bestfren wan who cant and not willing to speak english, trying his biggest shit to speak the language everyday! wow! alhamdulillah, he thanked me like hell, thank you Allah you help me all the way thru my life and it is a continous success. alhamdulillah syukur. dah terlaju lak. sepatutnye dis part of the story come afta dis part. i often quarrel with my utara roommate coz i basicly dun understand their dilect. sooo i speak english all the time. one day afta he got back after test, i asked him "how was it?" and u kno wat? he replied in FULL ENGLISH! alhamdulillah rosle u'r steppin up the game. alhamdulillah. i didnt listen to the content of the words but it was in full english. Ya ALLAH tekojot berok aku malam tuh. from that incident i knew sum program must be done to aid those in nid.

my frens, they thanked me, overwhelmingly, and i said it is in u. i just stimulate u to speak. the words are from ur mind not mine. my tagline for the program, talk less stimulate more and make love in between ahahahhahahahahahahah

wow, dis post really makes me wanna pray harder and harder. Usaha n tawakkal tangga kejayaan. i always said to myself, though i'm not a great ass in english language, but atleast i wanna offer what i own. its like sedekah, ur not the richest person in the world. but u atleast tried to sedekah some to ease the burden of those in nid kan??

p/s: i really nid to be able to fluently speak french b4 i get married, i want my kids to speak french to me, english to my wife and malay to Mama. i still intact to my malay root ok, despite of bein a quarter french and russian blooded ahahahahhahahaha

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shu said...

wahh. 3 years ja?

gosh. i went to english class when i was in standard 4 n 5 kot. lepas tu i never spoke english to anyone except english teacher.

masuk secondary i only spoke wif chinese teacher n frends ja.

tats y my english suck lyk hell. :(

my bro mcm ur bro. dia p kelas kejap je. but then his english was like gile superb. :'(

Zamir Hady said...

especially to those utara peeps yg i dun understand the language?
hg x phm ka? ish! ;p
awat x habaq?
btw, sapa yg from us tu? i wanna know!
pls tell me!