Friday, December 26, 2008

On how kids in KL behaved

This by far will be the utmost controversial post of mine. ahahahahah meniru ayat post bawah. i own this place let me be the king. ahahhahahaha tasted fish head noodle soup and its argrghhh near heaven, just nice to cover up the hole in my heart for not eating vietnamese beef noodle soup in bb me get strplaza. wtf let straight to the centre of the story.

to nasri, i may nid to take this whole paragraph to apologize if this post may hit u in the wrong way ahahhahahahahah. people forgive me alot. soooo what. i'm still a rock star. ahahahhaha jgn takbur. astaghfirullahalazim

okay. went out to meet my adek from another motha in klcc. planned everythin and well implemented. one thing about going out wit guys compared to makin it wit girls, its hassle free! once you drafted out the plan, it'll be flawlessly executed. ahahhahaha compared to girls,, mcm2, period la, bra i senget la, suami ajak jalan2 la. never ending reasons.

i always terlajak from the story kan. ok. met up wit adek from another motha and his crew at tgv front ass. cool guy. but. but. but. but, i noticed that, people from those living near the centre of the city centre which is kl city centre which is again klcc ahahahha behaved.... differently. alhamdulillah i was bred in subang jaya, exposed to sorts of kinda people, behaviour and such, at a minimal exposure that is, we subang jaya kids tend to adapt to the environment more adequately. we go out and we do have fun till the eleventh hour but, restriction is never to be disobeyed.

the story, which is now a history of mine, ok i lepak with him and his crews by the escelator, i was not movin an inch coz i'm followin them. ok. and. and. and. and. they stalked , (sorry ekk guys i like u but i'm just tellin you the truth), ahahhaha, and they checked out girls, ladies and makcik makciks passin by every now and then. u kno wat to expect from young men checkin out the THING. i was like oh my word Ya Allah ya tuhanku. wat on earth are they doin? for me to grow up close to mama, respecting the opposite sex is vital in surviving in the society, ahaaahahhaha sounds soo fcukin gentleman kan????

they dressed up abit differently, one of them seems like headin to a concert and the other looks as if he just been awaken ahahahhahaha. but. but and another but, one of them brought along songkok! for friday prayer. i never think of such disposition ever in my life. wow. he truly into the culture of religion sensitivity. respect you bro. and they behave just nicely. wow never knew such kids can be soo polite. and nasri is sooo ambitious he cant wait for his piloting career to shoot off. hope i can be Singapore Airlines A380 captain and u'll be the first officer. he will be on top one sunny day.

la fini. i went to ampang park from klcc under scorchin sun and to find out my otha adek of the otha motha went to crowne plaza. jalan patah balek. after that is when i tasted the fish head noodle soup. sumpah Subhanallah sedapnye! Alhamdulillah amin

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begitu rpnya!
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