Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What do i do when i think i'm smarter than others? but i stuck at somewhere people are just brainless!

Terima Kasih to Faisal Admar for livin the life of this blorg. thanx for suggestin this post. and i wanna kno u more. R u from uitm penang? hindek ko alam. wongga

i can fulfill the requirement of the first half of ur chosen topic. what do i do when i think i'm smarter than others. this happens alot to me and negative impact just bounce back 2 me since to have this kinda intention will backfire u back coz i practice high level of courtesy and selflessness. ahahahhaha. applied for cabin crew position tp x dpt. bongek kot.

where shud i begin. ok. like. in uitm. it was the colony of bumiputeras. coz only bumiputeras are allowed to enter it. no political basis in makin statement ok i just statin the fact. my soul was not there. grow up close to all walks of races, its like once i entered a zone where only people of my kind dat actually existed, ohhh my word Ya Allah i got petrified, dah la hav to enroll to the course that i never like, used to la but i grow up, i kno wat i want. soooo during the orientation, i cried a lot. minorly publicly and majorly in the toilet. bongek ahahhahahaha. i became like soooo proud of myself. i thought i was better than anyone otha shit there. i speak to people in english jus to express myself and mainly to differentiate my personality from othas. not to menunjuk nunjuk. i wrote my confession in my organizer sayin shit things about the uni and got caught by a senior durin faculty induction. i was sooo furious i cant content my angst. by far i will make sure that will the last moment in my life that i become soo proud of my self. astaghfirullahalazim.

enrolled 2 dis course, was actually, quitted yeah wongga wongga, i assumed all asses were asses. meanning dumbshit brains who really just into cooking. they do own the passion and i'm truly grateful to hav them around but they proved me wrong. though i was and still am the most outspoken, attention grabber@desperate, people see me as an i dunno sumone from the bright side of the brain. but, they were better. much much better. personally for me i never met soo hardworkin people like my classmates, they are sooo baik, i've been to the quietest class in my life. never ever ever it happened to me by far as i'm concern.

i set my own ideology. its better for me to be off the spotlight and dun see myself like better than anyone else. confidence is essential, its just dat when u own that kind of thinking, it will make u big headed, budget bagus and takbur. i may be preachin now coz i dun wanna my readers and myself to be like dat. my readers. chewah. ramai ke? ahahhahahahhaha amin alhamdulillah at least i got a few kan

on the second half of the suggestion. stuck at somewhere people are just brainless. ok. i dun say brainless la but more of clueless kot. me and frens went for state level campin in 2006 coz its free and i cant afford 2 go to genting trip which happens at the same period. soo its like compensation la to lim goho tong. ahahhahahahah sooory sir. ahahahahhaha. it was a camping for kids dat are out of classes, out of pedoman or sumthin, just imagine it was 4 of us against a whole troupe of Pandamaran Rempits!!!! like a bee hive of rempits. fuckery horror ok. yerrrlk the moment i stepped out the bus i really wanna cabut balik. i dunno they may rape me. ahahhahah. yet they proved me wrong.

jus imagine out of all teambuilding activities, none, they contributed any idea. it was purely mine. they were CLUELESS not brainless. ahahhahahahahah. one of my teammates, rempit he supposed 2 be, was shy, self pridely unpunctual, hard to penetrate. durin Cita Cita Saya slot, people will go to the audio and say out loud their respective ambition. he was stunt. sentap not moving. and i said wats ur ambition? he stummer. i pulled his paper and he wrote, 'Fashion Designer' i was like wow wee wow. a rempit designer wat more could we ask for? people say dis kids no gud one but he got his dream. the whole group supported his dream. since then he was smilin, early for the activities, wow, a changed man.

to faisal, theres no brainless asses around, obviously they'll be dead by then if no otak. they are just clueless, insecure but some just to kg to accept the fact that they are KG. thanx for the suggestion.

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Faisal Admar said...

i got cert and i'm stuck with irb clerk. everything i invent is just complicated to them. english is for moron who is english-man-wannabe. government says less paper. they called me big headed for being idiot not to write stuff in paper instead of save on my pen drive. some even not talking to me when i got zero mistake. they even gave excuse and gave me more workload for me. if i got good comment or result again, they blame account department for being unfair and gives me free points! some of them not even talking to me. i have changed. from a talkative to a quiet one. better... i guess.

brainless people walking around in my office. proudly, bragging about their experience... which for me very lame.

talking about you handling old stuff years ago? pathetic.

lol... next title eh?

"there is some articles talking about h20 + co2 = h2co3 and its related to islam and can harm us... how true?"