Sunday, July 19, 2009


this piece of post is highly based the inspiration of the solo flight i had this morning. below are the series of events that took place:

  • during taking off, strong cross wind and turbulence occur,
  • on my way to the training area, which i fly solo, i was caught up in the thick cloud,
  • my visibility went zero, i cant see anything, and i'm very near to the terrain, a.k.a bukit bukau ahahahaha. for almost a minute. and happened twice.
  • all that i can do is mengucap dua kalimah syahadah and hope nothing ugly happens.
if you are in my spot just now, what will u do:
  1. Cry??
  2. hoping some superman to come for a rescue??
  3. or stay strong and keep holding on??

i went with no 3. A tough decision to make actually. but i just need to be strong to face the fact that insyaAllah in future time when i become a commercial airline pilot, in any mishaps, i will not jump off the plane and say so long to the passengers? This post is targetted to those who really keen on aviation and decided that piloting is their career line to be.

p/s: if you cant imagine the fear i've gone through today, blindfold yourself and try to cross a busy road. inform me if you are alive, still.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why We must stick to english language for things

Ya Allah it's been awhile since the last post ahahahha. i am turning into a lazy bump. not really busy with my flying. actually, if u are in flying phase when u r doin ur cadetship, u own more freedom to move about since u are not bounded for 8 to 5pm class every single day. i got a new cat now. his/her name will be Jacko, coz mama insisted for it to be name after MJ. and people, it's not metrojaya. clue: artist who just died. and not megat joned. ahahaha

i really need to make a stand on this topic regarding why? why a person must be proficient in terms of language. and that is, in speaking english. i got this sms about Che Det's blog doing a poll on science and math in english. one frustration, for me to be able to submit a comment, i nid to register. arrrghhh i truly despies registration. especially for sumthin dat is potentially single use item.

i am the product of learning math and science in english. yes i was from the first batch for secondary skool back in 2003. things were different those days. it was totally new. i got freaked out. i was like on the bottom most in terms of science intelligence since i hardly understand. i score A once only during my primary school life. hearing about science and math to be taught in english, i thought it'll be the end of the world by then. ya lah i hardly speak english and now u ask me to do something that i am never good at in ENGLISH!!! pliz go to SK seafield 3 in subang jaya to find prove about my disastrous performance in science.

and i started the lesson of science and math in english. ok, quite nice and simple, and i think the subjects are well delivered, no no, better delivered in english. i dunno i think it blends well. and ALHAMDULILLAH, the first science test i got an A!!!!!!!!!. NOT BAD ahahhaha

making through it all is never easy, but can be enjoyable if you take the challenge as ... a CHALLENGE. and one day, something striked me. and i think about future. i hardly speak english, and i dont have the difficulty in understanding it. why dont i take a step forward and learn to apply the language in daily conversation?

and i accomplished my target! to be able to speak english alhamdulillah well. i worked my ass out for a year and i'm now confident to converse fully in english and if there's anyone dare to throw me by the roadside of new york, i got my language ability to KEEP ME ALIVE.

why did i hilighted the KEEP ME ALIVE thinggy?
well, wake up people, u need to possess the ability to speak english well to live life. it may sound cheesy but, think of it in this way, would it be highly embarrasing to not able to communicate while u actually can understand?

and to Che Det, though i'm just a common commoner, i truly support your decision to fight for the usage of english in teaching those subjects. if you need a person to be by your side as a testimony, call me up ok!!!

p/s: i think i did few typo errors here and there in this post. but soo malas to alter. ciao