Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Beg Makcik Phenomenon

This is like the hell-est of fashion error. its not even fashion. more considered as trash. cold and hard one. and why do people keep on following others, eventhough the outcome of wearing those bags will make you look like one senile ass by the pudu bus hub?

Okay, for those who r not clear on this, or never heard of this trend, i coined it myself. the so called trend is like this. men especially those in varsity, instead of backpacks or slings, they wear this cheap canvas free of charge bags where you can get in giant or if you attended any events anjuran by the local assemblymen. it looks hedious. the weirdest and not supposed to be followed by any means. its soooo contagious. what did i observed is that at the beginning of the semester, 30 percent of the guys will commit style suicide by doing this, and halfway before the mid sem, the spore of this ugly looking fashion/trash statement already spread to i dunno, whole campus i guess. the way they wear it, its like at the shoulder, or armpit i supposed. nooo, if you'r soo desperate for handbags, just go to cole haan or marc jacobs ke and get one. it may be like freaking expensive but at least its not the bag makcik. yuck yuck yuck. i reckon people go to places nude all by themself and never without any of those beg makcik.

i may put on photos of it. but maybe i dunno one day maybe got some beg makcik devotees come and hunt me down or something. i dun need to splat on for example of this totally wrong trend. i can simply find them everywhere, especially in permatang pauh. ahahahhahahahah. rite.

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