Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stephen Rahman



updates on my last saturday ( good one indeed )


was planning to go to this talk, organised by Enfiniti Production, what talk is it actually? wtv since the cast of west end stars and coming ( stephen rahman tuuu ) soo i gave it a go. And it’s a free event wuhooo frugality strikes big time.



worst part of the whole day ( i was alone, thanx frens )




Went to The Curve and got these two! Finally found both and they were over the counter. Dear Britney, would you please for future reference do lower the price of your cd like Najwa did. Much much much more affordable hahaha




as usual i came way ahead of time and was invited in to experience the launching of Enfinity Academy ( ENACT or sumtin ). Tiara is soooo gorgeous.  



Don’t be fooled by the optical illusion. The space ain’t that  big actually





SEE SEE SEE Stephen Rahman is not that very tall. HAPPY FACE ahahahhaa





the avoid further embarrassment for being there alone, i’ve made few acquintances, these guys from Tekanplay.




Wanted to snap that vibrant orange couch but ended up with this red shirt guy drinking up his tumbler. He did asked this weird question during the Q&A session that leave everyone blurry faced ahahahha






P1020356Stephen and the team. Super handsome made me feel like i’m a nobody




He tried to jump onto the crowd i guess from his gestures, i prefer not to since there’s a pool of pirhanas in front of him ahahhaa






  1. they sang and they really wowwed the crowd
  2. their voices were like wowwwww
  3. makes me feel like a looooosah ahahahahaha


P1020361  whatever or however well my day will be, nothing can beat the feeling when i see my cutey niece!!!!!!!!!. seriously i’m feeling so paternal rite now i really wanna make a girl pregnant like rite now ewwww bawak bertenang ye.





Kat IJN melawat Pak Long in CCU.





Now i’ve realised i’m a weekend blorgger. Seriously i’m busy cewah




wongga wongga wongga

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forever 21



Ye lah just accept the truth of staying youthful despite gettin older as the clock ticks



  1. initially planned to go to penang for bday getaway, akan tetapi daku berfikir sejenak, i’ve been there too much too many times, landed myself at the airport pun tah berapa juta kali tah
  2. ok second choice is for an island getaway, longing for perhentian, siap mintak package deals from this agent, then i start to reconsider again, why should i get down & relax while i should be happily hyper for my bday celebrasiones.
  3. OK OK mama cakap pegi la bangkok since it’s been my adolescent dream to actually be there. ok ticket cantek, accomodation pun on, skali……. x leh apply cuti. fuck.
  4. last last gi penang gak. 1 night. cam nak pengsan






introducing one of my long lost friend, WAN, bukan  long lost pun dia yg lost dlm hidup dia ahahahhaa. i insist on having him to pick me up at the aeroport since it’s a punishment for  dissing me for the past 2 years, and he did! he even bought me a new helmet. wanted to snap a photo of it, tp malam tu umah dia kene pecah masuk, abis kene songlap. fucccccccccccccccck











haram jadah pegi Penang makan assam podeh??????





Since soo many of you know how frugal & thrifty i am when it comes to spending my dime, except for food la, i truly recommend this hotel, PP Island Hotel, at lorong abu siti off macalister road, truly in the smack of the city centre, 5 menet walk to komtar. IT’S ONLY 85 PER NITE AND IT’S BRAND NEW HOTEL YANG SGT SELESA AND CANTEK N MODERN!!!!! kalau rezeki baik you can use the free wifi, mine was abit unlucky, wifi gelong







basically when i was snapping the photos i was only on my boxer, bukti atas katil tu ahahahhahahaha






snap snap sebelom keluar utk explore





I saw this tiny coconut stall by i dunno what road it is, i saw it before in the tv and it’s ultra cute ramai gile org duk melantak. hello it’s just kelapa, BEWARE: penangite take food ULTRA DAMN SERIOUSLY.








Sea coconut! haram jadah nak jumpe kat KL






saw this very quaint row of old shops. that’s what attracts soo many foreigners i guess, coz it’s just an amazing sight






never knew you can actually get a nice view by the gurney drive





kat sini i met the anonymous Julia Syalina, a lady yg rajin add sumer pilot kat fb dia, i never met her b4 but i was basically 2 metres away and saja malas nak tegor ahahahah segan





Due to hardcore thrifty-ness, i walked frm macalister all the way to gurney plaza roughly more than 4 km kot orang penang meh kira berapa kilo ok





muka separa nak pitam + 3/4 rentung





how pathetic to come all the way to the pearl of the orient pastu pegi jamah secret recipe, nak pulak order cake makan sorang2 gila lame nye bday celebration ( siap call mama complain kesorangan ahahahahah )





the only other place i know: Batu Feringghi. Tunggu bas gila bapak nya lama x kunjung tiba. Jam in penang is wtffffffffffffffffffffff kinda as worse as KL. trauma. last last naik taxi. This pakcik was friendly tp tak sudah2 berhujah about politics. I was basically  counting every second hoping i’ll reach the destination. enough of his babbling!!





sangat bongok lepak kat ferringhi for 15 menet pastu decided nak balek hotel tido. luckily bus is heavily available there in ferringhi. TAK SUKA RAPID PENANG COZ THE TICKET PRICE IS BASED ON DISTANCE TRAVELLED. dah la jam brapa kali tertido sambil terhangguk kepala. lenguh.





Dinner, bday dinner, sorang2 gila pathetic. went to gurney plaza, again. nak makan ape? gurney drive dah x sedap, as my friend said it’s too commercialised i truly agree on that statement. nak makan kat chilli’s la. alahai kat klcc pun ade. errrm. jom la pegi buffet. at least they have fresh oysters. MY FAVORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE.




THE SAVIOUR OF THE NITE!! madame and uncle. thanx for taking me out that nite. kalau gila babi arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan






ok last review of the hotel room ( recommended )












i’m not fat i’m not fat






this is not a bullshit thing. nasik kandar beratur mmg beratur. though u cant see it in the photo but at nite easily 50 m org brape gila. PENANGITES TAKE FOOD SUPER DUPER SERIOUSLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.






Was taking a cab to nasik kandar line clear after decided that i need some penang culinary taste, actually that’s my main purpose of going there. gila bapak naik cab x smp 5 menet peluh pun tak kering kene charge 8 ringgit. ultra cuthroat dorang ni.





The coveted nasik kandar line clear





beratur lagi. eeeeeeeeeeeeee malas arrrrr geram





my first penang food of the trip. which is my only. ended up going to the restaurant next to it. kesian xde crowd. kau x jeles ke with ur neighbour ahahaha





ultra humid/warm temperature requires a kipas direct atas kepala ahahha





tak yah gi jauh2, kat georgetown pun ade singapura gak ahohoho sengal





ya Allah tq tq tq alhamdulillah LIYANA WAKLU for the first present of my bday!!!! Alaaaa kite tak dapat sembang panjang arrrrr. takpe nanti kau kawen kita merewang yeee. sambil dapat hadiah sambil tengok Easy A kat kenny rogers.





Dah nak pengsan x larat terus proceed to the departure hall yg sangat la packed. dpt wifi tapi battery nak kong sbb tengok dvd.





This is such a miracle, it may only occur in penang, where u can board airasia from an aerobridge. ahahahaha happy xyah daki tangga besi merah tu ahahahahha





pity u my neighbour plane





ok summing up the whole trip, dpt balek jumpa anak sedara, tp tengah tido ahaha.








wongga wongga!!