Monday, January 26, 2009

Prerequisite on bein my future wife


1. required beforehand: a prerequisite fund of knowledge.
2. something prerequisite: A visa is still a prerequisite for travel in many countries.

so no nid for me to explain the meaning. its like syarat2.

b4 we head down under with the topic, alhamdulillah da number of followers is increasing!!! Alhamdulillah seriously i never expected even a single ass to read my blorg ape tah lagi memfollow the blorg. BIG UPs to y'all. aku declare nk quit blorggin ramai lak dtg. ahahhahaha so everyday i wanna say i wanna quit la. ahahhaha ishh ishh, jadi doa lak pulak nanti.

on the previous post i promoted Cik Susie for FREE which is sumhow unrealistic coz in The World's Most Democratic Blorg the advertorial must be like sooo freakin expensive. tp takpe i luv her like my sistah and yes plis anyone who wanna marry her let me kno.

enuff of promoting her. dis is the prerequisite of being my future wife. coz like we kno, kiter berikhtiar, Allah s.w.t yg tentukan takdir. at least i tried to find sumone to partner my life and to labour 6 kids within first 4 years of marriage. ahahhahah sumpah x sabar.

coz i kno i am freakinly super duper mighty romantic than any men i've ever encounter during the living phase of my life, but i kno, i am super duper mighty strong tempered. i am the kinda person if u wanna argue about my doings and i kno i'm doin it fine, u'll be trashed, embarrased, disgraced, dishonour, and all the worst things. though i neva say i'm always rite, but i will tell straight to ur ass the reality of one's situation. soo meanin dun fight wit me. u'll neva win.

since i dun accept polygamy and divorce or anullment, sooo this is the prerequisite of my insyaAllah future wife. ladies, jot it down. ahahahhaha:

  1. nids to be super duper mighty nice person, a person dat dun own anger and will not like to argue, preferrably those who dunno how to argue at all.
  2. i dun discriminate about the physique
  3. no taller than me
  4. paleng penting kene baik gyler nk mampos, coz if she is very baek, i'll honour her till death
  5. competency in english is a MUST.

and what that i can offer to HER: ( caplocks dun represent fat wife, just an emphasis )

  1. I'll do the cooking, coz the kitchen is my place to be, afta master bedroom, where i do business.
  2. I'll do the domestic chores as it is my passion to clean clothes, vacuum, and kemas kemas. tp pompuan xleh mengelat.
  3. extensive family planning dat will secure continuous heir for another 6 generations ahahhaah
  4. I love to bake pie. especially shepard's pie.
  5. and my mama will be THE mama in law dat all menantu wish to have. really
  6. partner during shower???? ahahhahahahahahahah

see only five syarats only. anyone?? ok if not interested i dun give a fcukin merde, and can u atleast help me and find one?? laki ke pompuan bley tolong carik. yek. thank you

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My life in WAREM

ladies and get, mesdames et messieurs, earlier semalam, i had the intention to shut down dis blorg since my commitment to this blorg may come to its end. tp kan actually i'm goin to further my studies nex month, alhamdulillah soo i really wanna devote myself to Allah s.w.t and to focus fully on my studies, coz it's the thing dat i really wanna do. tp kan, my fans ahahhahaha one of the follower of this blorg kan said i shud nt abandon dis artwork. ahahahah artwork. jap jap nk lap hingus. ok soooo let's carry on singing my song. and today.. class. it'll be history time!!! wongga2!!

by the way, WAREM is an acronym for Water Resource Management. and they are more on research based studies coz most of the students there are post grad brainies. and there's only 3 post grads. out of 3 actually. ahahhaha soo majority laaa kan. nice tau. it is recognised worldwide and i'm grateful for dis warem to be in uitm penang coz its the only one dat do research. like abang pian he just finished his master on ape tah and cik susie progressin in development of river bed coefficient in the rivers of malaysia. basiccaly it's the study of types of sendiments and rocks at the river bed and their relationship, not sex, with the ecology. kot. i oso forgot. and doin master is a hell job. seriously dah la they nid to commute penang - shah alam for the first sem, pastuh afta submittin dis and dat, got viva summore, viva is presentation wit feisty panels.

just imagine. i was in culinary ass, and it is a was, meaning its history baby. and how did i settled myself together wit those civil engineerin people?? actually its like dis. first paragraph. ahahhaha
pada suatu ari yg henin, eewah. i was on the way back from placin the order for my kitchen attire which is fuckery expensive and i dun wanna do and wan said its soo big he nid to alter it, soo i walk passed by warem. i did noticed warem office since orientation coz the assembly hall is rite under warem. one thing dat attracts me eyes its dat the notice board outside warem is sooo colourful, like my blorg, green. warem is not green la but they put fotos of their study trip to pedalaman sarawak and such. and they do research about river!! cun best i was to go wit them for sampling trip in mane tah but i alreadi quitted uitm sooo xdapat ikot.

actually the story is like dis. i walked pass by the warem. cik ritta and peeps were sticking the fotos outside the warem on the notice board. i was like 'adakah itu gambar2 kenangan dari negeri kecintaanku Sarawak??' not dat formal la ahhahaha. then she said yes haah haah. i kno since then we clicked. then i tambah 'saya amat mencintai laksa sarawak. daku mensatapnya hampir setiap ari disana. dan mereka berhenti utk pelintas jalan melintas'. ahahhahahahah after we talk talk then dr shanker, the head of warem came out. sah sah arr aku cuak kot mase tuh coz sumone with power came to talk to me. not super power. ahahhaha he said ' marilah mari, masuk ke sini, buatlah bakti pada negara'. and he's not singing. ahahhahahaha i said next time. then i ciao. afta ciao, for 3 menet, i go in. since then until 20th november i was there everyday in warem. ahahhahahahaha.

let me introduce u to the warems, from left. cik sharon, cik susie, cik ritta, kak dieba, abg ape tah lupe name tp he's close to kak dieba, kak eirma, abg pian yg baru abis master, kak sulha, madame ape tah name x igt, wearin white tudung kak dayah and partially photographed is kak su. sitted like a boss which he is a boss is dr Shanker. ahah, madame caroline marjan. and warem's biggest hobby, makan. makan. makan. ahahhahahaha. the photo was taken durin dr's bday and the first foto was the only photo i was in it, coz i came on time b4 the cutting the cake session. the office is like haven with all things i nid, computer to download songs, printer for assignment, binding machine, photostate machine, fridge to store food, laminater, aquariums, and alot of it, tong sampah. x de kaitan. the bday celebration was on the same day wit training day. sumpah banyak makanan aku pun x larat. the thing dat i like is dat it is soo small we are seated close to each other. at dat moment ade 10 org in one time. ramai gyler. now only 4. sedey kan another photo to prove their hobby of makan makan :

best tau got privilege summore coz they got a car. nissan sunny wit a hole on da floor where u can see the jalan and the sun visor can terjatuh any moment u'r driving. ahahahha and the boot of the car susah gyler nk tutup ahahahhahaha. tp we all love it soo much. best mcm mase nk balek raye kan, sumer budak junior terhegeh hegeh la nk menahan rapid penang or take prebet taxis to go to the terminal. i got my own transport. lagi cun. best. kesian korang. berlagak plak aku ahgahhahahahahahah. dis blorg is also a tribute to cik susie coz,

dis is cik susie @ Susie Nadya Anak David Asen. from tabuan laru kuching ahahhahaha. she's 25 turning 26 ahahhahahhahahah. she's in the progress of completing her master in river engineering. she loves to travel and she loves to eat. below proves her habit of makan makan.

eating at Seoul. penuh perasaan. sbb gaji baru masyuk

She ordered Bibimbap.

and a few days b4, cheese baked rice at Hongkie

and she did ordered teh. nih dgn cik ritta kot

by the way, she loves kueh raya and she like batang burok. plus she loves maruku. she got a kettle at her cubicle. ahahahhahahahah

dis foto was taken from her solo trip to Nepal for sum environmental conservation meeting, presented her findings. gyler arrr tabah and berani ini wanita. there, alone. even dr shanker wasnt there to accompany. dahsyat. she said Nepal is a great place especially for those seekin for nature's treasure, like me. and she said the shoppin malls there masyaAllah hancus. she makes new frens. sinraj and vinod. ahahhahaha

summing up about her:
  • she's lovingly lovely
  • soo cute and petite, standing below my shoulder ahahhahahah
  • very frenly one. tp suke try mcm2 makanan
  • still young, but sumhow ... expiring ahahahhahaha
  • very modest and living live to the mediocrity
  • dunno how to bergaduh wit people, meaning baek.
the reason why i talk about her dat much coz she's not dating anyone. kesian dia. i really wanna make sure she gets married rite afta her master graduation. sooo pliz tolong la sesiapa yg baik dan kaya pliz go and propose to her. the richness factor came in handy as she really wanna tour the europe. and ability to speak multiple languages, preferably latin based like french and german is a huge advantage. sooo anyone up for her, can leave ur details in the comment.

dear Cik Susie, i'm not jeopardising ur social status, i just wanna help u find ur jodoh. hahahahha

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A story from a photo

i'm not supposed to do dis coz i'm sooo uncomfy of the idea of potrayin by beforelife, livin in a uni campus and studyin in... culinary ass. arrghhh neva interested and alhamdulillah got out of it and can't wait to start sumthin dat i really like!! next month!! as the title of this blorg used to be Blabberings of A Time Killer - killin time till february, guess... dis blorg will finally come to its end. ahahahhaahha no lah i will carry on blorgin its just dat im too occupied lately.

talkin about the photo, i nid to start the story from the place dat i work. it started off from my confrontation wit this filipino lady, not confront la, meeting. she's a visitor wat can i do. at first i guess he had a crush on my fren Idz coz dat cheek keeps on following him everywhere. and Idz more of like tourist guide cum sex duped victim. ahahahhaha soo i talk to dat cheek. hi what r u doin in KL?? and at first she said whether i'm gay coz i can sing with soft voice. bodoh punye pompuan. lahanat. why, wanna see my dick issit?? then she said she's a chef doin research on fud around sum countries coz she's been travellin alot, to japan and korea. at which i eventually gave my number to her since i did culinary b4. wtf. i dun mind receiving calls at night. if u wanna invite me to ur house to teach u malay cookings, i will drag along my bff just incase u wanna sex me. ahahhahahahahah

and ok. back to business. get the perculator perculated. this foto was taken from the entrance of uitm penang, which when i and the people supposed to snap foto and the photographeur ran away, without knowing dat we all actually existed!! fucker. stupid. soo we took dis photo. i dunno i dun remember who took dis one but i just snatched it from myspace. lantak kau. it was in myb fren's profile with tagline: we share da same dream. soory darling, not me honey, i got my own dreams. but not it. frankly i said to u'all, if u can find me in the photo later than 5 sec, u r sumhow slow. ahahhahaha obviously i wasnt there. really??? ahahhahahah cant u find me??? spot the crazy nasha. and again Nasry, dun get aroused, its nasha WAHID. not AZIZ.

i will elaborate to u'all my life there as a culinary student, unwillingly, yet sooo fcukin emotional to leave afta memorable time, though temporary. 4 bulan jerr. and yes, 60% of them in the photo i dun really kno them, especially from the B group. the moment i received the offer, checked at the net, whaddafuck??? culinary??? i really dun wanna be there coz, it's not my heart. i dun wanna doo it. ewww ewww ewww. and yet i went

the orientation sux to the max, though no ragging, but people actually noticed me during orientation, though i was freakin quite, i didnt performed, i didnt strip will the director gave the speech, guess bein myself attracted much media. ahahhahahahaha and though sumone ditched me out from being the mc for the performance day, i set my name high, ass. people dun even kno u. i got people starin at me from far coz they recognise me. Ya Allah, apsal aku takbur gyler??

alot of tears la, i really dun wanna be there, the biggest tear definitely the one to buy the kitchen attire and equipment which was fuckery 400 hengget!! plus 50 hengget. i said to my mama, it'll be headin to the waste, coz i kno i dun have the heart for it. i treat my chef like my toy ahahhahahaha make the fool of himself everytime durin kitchen class. soory never interested to be there. i was known to be extreme bold in terms of makin statement and i dun care if a break a heart or two, coz i said the real thing, i didnt say i am always rite, i always inform about the reality, which most people are blinded from. like competency in speakin english. not to say i'm a taiko but, entahlah i provided community service there to help them speak english, and banyak buat taik. lantak korang

actually there were joy and happiness during the uni life, yet temporary. next post

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am a great random story teller

By referrin to dis photo:

i can tell a seribu satu tale behind it. it's one of my recent discovered talent, to randomly talk about.. things. unexpected ones. i kno i looked like a freak wearing dis baju melayu but the fabric was sooooo comfy must be expensive. coz i borrowed from emal. he got a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. im sooo grateful to be frens to him coz, i can easily fit his clothes though in real life he's chubbier ahahahhaha no la, macho. ahahhahaha rite emal. i always borrow his clothes, his shirts from sub zero to class which is to die for, not to die for la. to wear for. his collared t shirt for some freak bbq dinner which i took home a packet of serviette, 10 chicken wings, 2 boxes of kuih raya. ok la. my fren she took home a cup of kicap. ahahhahahahahhaha

the one nex to me in the photo is sooo not my scandal. i had enuff of it. with paparazis and reporters callin at 4 a.m askin for updates. i had enuff ahahahahhaa. her name is Nasha. dats it. ahahhahahah. she's my partner in crime, laughter, stupidity, moronity, everythin with the ity at the back she'll be there. ahahhahahah. we met each otha back in 1999, saw her and frens since 2000. skejap je coz she transfered to otha skool. To Nasri, dun get erection coz shes not Nasha Aziz. ahahhahahahha. pompuan nih gyler tau. at first i dun like her coz she didnt tegor me during first week of uni. truly despies her. noo la. then durin a weekend talk which interfere my plan of dat particular weekend, we just clicked. she's sick i tell u. ahahhahahahah together with saratambal and wan, oohh my we are one stupid makin gang. once we pecah masuk a bus at midnite ahahhahahahahha. bongek gyler. b4 dat we pecah masuk lori. we turned the lorri's radio volume to max soo byler dia on engine, mampos speaker meletop ahahhahaha.

this foto was taken on top of umpire seat at futsal court next to volleyball court near fudcourt. all also court court ahhahahahah. was taken by madame merah and yes dear its a gud move afta u bombarded my sleep and talk crap. gud u make it back nicely. i score!!! ok back to topic. it was taken after a dinner, softball international soo called tournament in uni. i was not involved with the sport. i dun even kno the scorin. i cant catch the ball nor run dat fast. if u nid me in the team, let me be the one who arrange ur food and refreshments. ahahhahahahahhaha. i was called on last minute basis since the original mc ditched out. thanx for the oppo hunny. and thanx sofia for lettin me be in the program. i host the dinner greatly, coz i only deliver one line of speech, since atia got freaked out and she conquered the event. hampeh. about the songkok, i was lended by jeff, my class representative. b4 return it back to him, i went to jusco bandar perde with cik susie and best fren wan. we go and meet up with cik susie at warem office and wait for her print of her thesis. then we moved to jusco by the ofis's nissan sunny. damn cun la the car comel sgt. sooo old yet sooo functional. ahahahhaha theres a hole of the floor of the car u can see the jalan! ahahhahaha. we went to fudcourt and and i transferred the chilli in the kicap to cik susie coz i only wan the kicap and shit, i accidentaly drop the kicap in front of this one family. maloo kot! when to the supermarket to buy carrots for emal to practice for kitchen practical. ooh yes i skipped it. ahahhahahahah. was searchin the whole store to find carrot, and wan saw a huge bulk in the half price corner. 1 kg carrots for 2 ringget!! wat a bargain. i bought 3 packets. one for emal, one for jeff and one for whoever. and i returned the songkok together with carrots inside. and jeff was sleeping as i arrived to his 'dungeon'. ohh my his room Ya Allah...

can u see how i wear the sampin?? i cant wear it nicely no matter how much i take gud care to wear it, it'll neva be hot. it looks hot on me ahahahah but soo hard to maintain the composure. it took me and emal slightly 30 minits to wear it and i became the most polite malay boy, since i cant run that well. like terkepit kepit for 300 meters. sycho ahahhahahaha. and nasha was even stupid. sorry for sayin dis. she was told to pungut sampah at time where she nids to be the one who nids to present the cenderamata to the team jemputan. i cant stop laughin if i talk about her. about the carrot kan, they nid to make like tonnes of cuttings which rather look the same using a Victrinox super fucker sharp knife. arrrghhh. i nearly injured myself, dozens. i nid to recite ayat Qursi b4 using it coz freakin sharp like hell. gud as u can trim just about anything tp arrrghh someone might get killed. b4 i quit uni, i gave my kitchen attire to wan, entirely except the knife. kesian him, nak kesian ape, he got free clothes, 2 pairs, but one of them was left unwashed for 3 weeks ahahahhahahah. sorry.

can u see how long my legs are? alhamdulillah loving it. being grateful. though i'm not that huge, i nid to wear like size xxL since i got long abdomen. or perut panjang ahahahhaha. if u stand next to me u can see my legs compared to urs will be of same length, but my abdomen panjang. oohhh now i get it. i will be great on bed!!!! ahahhahahahahhahahahaha

and the yellow bag, it was a gift from a fren's father. which i'm close to him though mmg jarang jumpe. he treat me the bag in prangin mall, penang island, his advised was in return to show him and my parents excellent results. he treat me and frens like his own kids, since he onli got my fren as his own daughter. and, he passed away durin raya. it was hard to stomach since, he treat me like his own kids. and i wear the bag to all places. even now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The dreams i'm forbid to

alaaa korang nih dh bace tuh comment2 la sket. sounds soo desperate i kno coz if u comment comment, i'll sumhow can settled down with some money from the advertisers. ahahahha sooo i reaaaaaaallyyyy hopin for comments. fucker desperate aahhahahahahha.

called Nasri Pilot and he said he laughed like hell reading my blorg. Alhamdulillah i find it bley la but PEOPLE LOVE IT!! yeeehah. ahahhahah and the ayam masak kicap dat i did alhamdulillah, i am GRATEFUL bukan nk menunjuk, it tasted GUUD. tp the texture more like the broth for sizzling yee mee. ahah!! i made my first ayam masak kicap which applicable for Sizzling Yee Mee!! Ya Allah Subhanallah ladies out there ramainye tergiler giler nk kawen dgn aku. ahahahhahahahahha

Alhamdulillah i'm on the right track to fullfil my studies in my dream course!!!. Alhamdulillah which be in commence in Feb 2009 yeeehah. since i have set up my mind dat it'll be my career to death insyaAllah, not to death la, sampai retired umor 65, hence i can add up more otha ambitions like as a chef for my wife and kids, as a singer in lounge and pub ahahahhahah but some things i just cant fullfil. and i think better dun. berdosa. it's an urge inside, but i learnt to oppose it. here is the list of forbidden dreams, x banyak pun:

  • To become a pornstar:
i just try to be unhypocrite as possible and to be confident in my own skin. since azab nanti dahsyat, actually xpernah nk jadi pun (ahahahhaha tipoo) i just find dis line of art.... interestin. it's not for pleasure of fuckin each and every one. it seems sooo taboo, i wanna be in. tp ewww std, hiv, and most of all, hated by Allah s.w.t. i'll not commit myself to dis industry. but i truly adore Sasha Grey, an over achieved pornstar, in porn and in academic!! she plans for double major degree and at the same time sapu the Female Entertainer Of The year Award. gylerr arr pompuan tuh.

  • To be a gigollo:
and again not for pleasure ahahahhahahahah. since the Host is sooo freakin rich kan, kan?? i cant use them!! to fullfil my hungry of... wat else, EATING!! yeehah. just imagine by being a gigollo, my meals will be fully sponsored, like authentic chinese experience for breakfast, nasik campor oohh my ikan bakar for lunch, vietnamese beef soup noodle for tea and wagyu steak for dinner!! wow my life time plan will be achievable, to taste all those sedaap sedaap food. yeeehah. in return i just nid to cook for the datin rite?? no no on the bed, thinggy kan??

  • To be a pole dancer:
wow best gyler if i can do dis tp berdosa sooo jgn. like to be on the stage and to pole dance, arrghh with alunan lagu gimme more by britney, it's like, wow wow wow. i can release my inner beast. although in reality i dun comb my hair, dressed up preppyly, yet my inner desire is unmatched to those nasty porn actors. u cant beat me darl. u cant

  • to perform alongside Britney, Madonna, Aguilera:
alaaa the one they performed the Kiss, alaa in VMA i dunno wat year. ooh my the whole world being targettin them for exhibitin the Taboo but for me, i wanna be on stage together with them!! yes mesti la who dun wanna, with BRITNEY weyh, shes my ex fiance by the way. ahahahha not just to get the kiss, but to u kno, to release my inner horniness aahahhahahah teruja gyler watching the video over and over and over again. yeeehah. i dunno la why am i soo into dis kinda benda yg tak senonoh. kuang ajar betul. ahahhahaha but i guess everyone got their own desire and guilty pleasures kan. sooo i got mine, and not afraid to share. i'm a virgin. ok

  • to join a naked parade:
i shud not do dis and my love to stay in Malaysia for long time will abstain me from doin it. definitely cant be available in here but damn cun u can strip and march all the way to Champs elysees. i'm comfy bein naked in public sooo. Astaghfirullahalazim berdosa. dun dun. plis ramadhan dun do it. u got a very holy name, live up to it. igt Allah, Igt mama papa

Damn pathetic la dis post. can be banned i guess. cant help it coz, i watch porn since i was 3. not since, i first encountered with it at that time, and not addicted. cheewaah.

tolong comment. aku nk duet. ahahhahahahahahha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Divorce Victims: Women & Kids

only now i can really feel it, how a divorce can really hurt othas, not just the people who will be divorced. soory for the tone of this post would be rather gloomy coz, all these while, i tot it is wise for a man to divorce his spouse in order, just incase la he cant be hypocrite and try to stay in love with the wife if he doesnt has the heart. but when it happened to my relative, though indirectly, i really felt the hurt, the pain and the anger.

She is lovingly lovely. very friendly yet very warm. she was the closest cousin when i was a toddler coz she's very motherly. really since young shes already like dat.

and this is the 2nd time she will be divorced. gud coz none of my relatives actually read my blorg, not read, none actually kno the existence. i guess he in a way not tryin 2 be a hypocrite by living with sumone he doesnt love, i do support him, its better than him 2 abandon the family, but the process of divorcing, many got hurt. i wonder how did my cousin really cope with dis? even the whole family is petrified. maybe bcoz of the arranged marriage, he sumhow rebel afta years of marriage. they got 4 kids.

the eldest is just 12 yrs old, cant go to skool, coz cant walk, he suffers muscle dystrophy. its a muscle degenerating disease. the youngest is barely 3 yrs old. insyaAllah, if the seperation will happened, it will be in a peaceful manner, but the kids, they will get hurt, the most. this almost happened 2 me once, i was told dat when i was still in my mama's womb, my parents nearly seperated. no matter how it happens, the pain is just too real to handle

my cousin is a housewife, a superb one. every men could ever dream of. they are cool with the kids, the kids really love them. but once they seperated, i cant write dis. its hurtin

once i did say, if my wife is not the one, i will not hesitate 2 divorce her. but afta dis incident, guess i nid 2 be selfless. hidop kat dunia nih sementara jek. akhirat tuh yg selamanye. wife is a gift from Allah s.w.t. Why waste?? kan kan?? ahahhahahah

Monday, January 12, 2009

When GF is older than the BF

When i first set up my mind, by the way i'm blorgin twice 2day, and this topic is requested by Anonymous 1. she's too shy to be named here. ahahahhaha u can even be scouted by recording company or any talent scout if i post ur name. ahahhahahaha. previously one of the requester was signed for a recording deal. just becoz i posted his name. ahahahhahahahahahhaha.

ok sambung balek cerita. when i first started 2 have the intention 2 get married, i set some requirement la for my jodoh. ahahhahahahahha and here's da list:

  1. for her to be not more than 155cm, meanin below my shoulder soo i can easily carry her to the bed and do things, untold things ahahhahahahhahaha
  2. for her to be not of my race, bodo gyler coz i insist on variation 2 my kids
  3. for her to be YOUNGER than me, not even a second older

like hello, is like why, why on earth u wanna get married to older women?? they are expiring b4 u. sooo dun. just dun. but ehermmmm my crush, alaaa the one that accepted me, she's older than me, by a year ahahhahahaha. not bein hypocritical but, i've changed.

some pieces of history, from my history, which belongs to me. ahahahhahahahah. my cousin. married alreadi. in 2006. but the case was, when she got married she's alreadi 35, and the man is 10 years younger. even i got freaked out. like ohh snap. they got married. there was chaos in the family. my nenek didnt agreed at first. even his mom like didnt really remember the weddin date, more like dun really bother abt the wedding. nak makan kejap

ok dah kenyang. pity her. but now, she's happie ahahhahah gud gud and her daughter is the cutest among all in the family. see. came from dis kind of old gf young bf relationship kan
i've been doin surveys on the ladies. 50% said yes and the otha half said no. coz only 2 people i surveyed. ahahahhahahaha.

my part of story. my crush, soon 2 be my wife, is a year older than me. it was never a love at first sight. i see her just as a fren at first never more than dat. and she turns out to be...... someone that people at same age or younger than me can ever be. she's more open minded, but the most important thing is she dunno how to be angry!! dats the best criteria coz i dun wanna be scolded by... u kno.... a wife. and yes i do support dis kind of relationship.

but pity the ladies la. like almost everythin dat they do, mesti kene kutuk balek. like in a porn video, the girl will be blamed to be soooo bitchy and slutty but in reality, the men shud be judge the same kan??? coz they the one who....... f**k. kesian kesian. like people who got tangkap basah, the girl will be solely blamed. sooo ladies, maintain ur virginity till the time came ok.


well its not wrong kan. Even Nabi Muhammad s.a.w married Khadijah which was older than Rasulullah s.a.w. it's not wrong. Rasulullah is our role model, so its never wrong to do soo.

tak ke lagi menggelikan like the boyfren is 45 and the girl is 18??? kan kan
hey hey who knows, i'll be in that situation one day. ahahhahahaahahah

men are machoer at 40's

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Am I a nice person???

Am I a nicey nice person? blorg-wise???

say yes if yes, say no if no. do i nid to say dis line?? ahahhahah

coz i started 2 contemplate my behaviour. be participative

Friday, January 9, 2009

What did i noticed abt people durin work

ok i dun want meself to be caught by whoever so called authority if i illegaly used a company's name in dis blorg. ahhahahahahha ok i currently workin in klcc as volunteeR!! dats solves it all. maybe volunteer in a bakery?? hey cannot be la. this is the list of things or phenomenon dat i observe on people while workin. shud i explain? it's clearly stated in the title. malas arrr ok now staaaart!!

number 1: lotsa lotsa mat and minah sallehs

seriously in my life, i nver had a chance 2 encounter soooo many caucasian b4, and yeah i interacted with them all!!! surprisinly maybe nt soo surprise la, they are just sooo ever frenly!!! and as malaysian i expected them 2 be under fascinated with the exhibit in the exhibition. and they turned out to be oh sooo impressed!!!. wat?? there's an aussie couple taggin dat our science centre is way way way way way betta than theirs!!! maybe the fact dat theres soo many volunteer to faci around kot. not sure about dat. am i evil? almost everytime i encountered the mat salleh, i'll be like puttin my evil mask, sayin like, i'm soo sorry, the best advice dat i can giv to u is dat............... TO ENJOY EATIN!!! each and every time. xde keje betul.

number 2: mat and minah sallehs are nt dat attractive to the eyes
true sooo true i havent had a crush wit any of the visitors since , since 4 eva, coz the ladies r not sooo prettyy!! ahahahha even the men r just mediocre lookin. only the kids Ya Allah sooo cute and the pan asian kids definitely on top list of the cutest kids around

number 3: some minah salleh dun wear bra
true. and i nid to trim dis short. tooo vulgar. when they move around, can see the titties rotating. ahahhahahahhahahahah

number 4: fuckery alot of indonesian tourist!!!

yeah yeah sooo many and they'r just sooo rich. like its their first time makin it here, stayin in impiana klcc!! gyler arrr kaya, wearin louis vuitton, assumed its original, and the babes there's one super doooper hot. but shes 14. seriously she looks like singer from indon. the hot one la

number 5: caucasians wear clothes that we'r supposed to wear

like hello, we live in super hot country, not just like hot sexay2 tapi extreme weather tau. stop walkin around wit thick sweater Ya Allah. see and implement wat mat salleh wears. sooo simple. ur testicle can somehow be cooked in it. hope u got some family plannin, plannin. ahahhahaha

number 6: people just dun read
there's explanation for every single shit of the exhibit. and why people jus dun seems to care to read it??? not soo hard 2 understand. like sumtime i nid to explain every single thing, my pleasure la coz i love to chat but, make some innitiatives

number 7: girls took my phone number!!!
ahahahahah dis happened 2day in dinotrek. ahahhahahahha they insist on havin my phone number and email. sycho. alhamdulillah syukur. not 2 but 3 gals ok. stop envyin my ***********. wats is dat word??? not vulgar at all, just humble dun wanna show

number 8: colleague slowly turn out to be shit
like at first u were normal. if somehow u were conceived abnormally irritatin, just try 2 behave like one. plis, u can be bitchy shit on othas but plis not me, coz i just gonna say it out loud in blorg. i do observ dat, wait wait, my sis did say abt dis, people from dis negeri they are just tooo suke menunjuk2 like everytin also want to up up. eewww lethargicaly discusting. got no maruah issit? like were u really do wanna kno dat u got ugly gene inside ur head. pity them. and shuhada rabi, they r not utara ok. u guys save. turns out utara people are frenlier. ahahhahahahah

number 9: fuckin dun undastand english
what language do u propose to me 2 speak?? hello got dis i dunno russian or ukrainian la they can undastand a shit of english. ohh my, if u cannot speak well, at least try to have some sweet expression slapped on the face ok. and russian mothers r soo evil, they simply spanked the head of their kids. x sayang anak ke?? buat reti

number 10: PMS is scary

i saw sumone got pms infront of my eyes. seriously i really wanna carry her to the medical centre. it looked soo severe. isit always like dat every month??? how shud i calm my wife if dis shit strikes????

La fini, i'm not gonna blorg for quite sumtime after dis post

not until 2moro ahahahhahahahha

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Am i handsome??? no no I AM HANDSOME

wooohuuuu yeah dat felt gud rite???? ok. the reason behind why i really wanna blorg on dis PARTICULAR topic is dat....... lately i think i am more handsome day by day. ahahhahahahahha no offence to all those bitches out there. i guess its just dat, u kno i got issue with turnin 19 dis year rite?? not dat i'm ungrateful or wat, its just dat, i'm getting older and older every second of, my life.

chattin wit few people dis days on neu year really freaked me off the bones as i'm turnin 19, gettin older, may be old, but i decided, i'm takin control of the situation. its not gonna make me a neu person by just aging kan???? and, i see myself, in photography of past lifes, ahahahahah sounds like i'm awaken from the death, i see myself much much more gudlooking now!!! sooo i'm turning 19 dis year i felt handsome. Ya Allah does it mean dat as i turn 50 it will be like 50-19= 31 times handsomer???? wow!! if its like dat, i really wanna be aged. ahahahhahahahah support aging!!! Alhamdulillah. like what padma said, age gracefully.

thruout the years, lotsa things happened to me, really when i was 13, i lost 20 kg, alhamdulillah yeah and i really wanna say to all those people who said crash diet doesnt work?? ur ass la it works ok, see me. hope i can attach my photo of the old I.C. now, although the neu one its not dat nice the photo, quality wise ok not my face, i am much much more handsome. Alhamdulillah. not tryin to show off never never. to all readers, be aware dat i prefer hypocrites than show off bastards coz hypos usually r funny people, but hw nice or frenly a person is tp belagak n suke menunjuk nunjuk, u can come and kiss my fat ass!!!

and i really wanna get married at age 23, in .... 2023, lembab nk mengira hahahahahhaa. gosh, i only got 4 years left b4 marriage!!! i need to plan my kitchen layout and buy furniture for my dream home!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Premenstrual Syndrome is freakin scary

ok enuff of the wet dreams. i didnt experienced any ok tat nite it was just a way of expressin me thoughts. instead i cried. not a wet dream. more of a wet nite. i will tell u why i cried, actually almost la but love to exagerate here in my blorg, the world's only livin democratic based blorg ahahhahahha. talkin of wet dream when i was 16, it was the latest time i pee durin sleep. damn bodo i was just like i dunno enjoyin my sleep and opened me eyes, Ya Allah, aku terkenciang!! dimana harusku sorokkan muke ku ini??? ahahhahahha heyy, request more topic la weyh, dun just read, i'm free to blorg u ur stuff ok. see out there how many people always blorg on wat they wear la wat they eat. me i just love to share issues and if u got any just puke it out and i pick it up. noo real puke is allowed to be involved in this act. ok i listen to Inul by da way ahahhahah

Talkin about PMS, dun u guys realised dat most of my blorg, the first perenggan will be wasted on unnecessary shit. ahahhahahah dats me i talk more shit than substance. ahahhahahahahah i shud be awarded, the most cakap kosong blorgger to be alive. did i tell u hw pretty klcc building at nite?

okk, BACK TO TOPIC LA. tension. today was my last day of trainin as a volunteer alhamdulillah went well n startin tomolo me wearin uniform!!! eeehah. dun hav to worry on wat to put on la kan. guys la, we are just like dat. why why we nid to fikir abt wat to wear soo much as long tutup aurat. by the way i dun dare to wear short pants outside the hse, even indoor i'll be wearin long pants, and boxers will neva gonna cut it coz noo protection jus incase erection ahahhahahahha

ok now we will go back to topic, PMS. it was the last day of training. ahahhahh repeat the same shit again ahahhaa. i was assigned to man this particular section of the exhibit. soo b4 the visitors barge in, we by da way got another lovely trainee were put to theory class to comprehend all the exhibit soo we can explain well to visitors. and out of nowhere, the girl got PMS. i was like, ok, wtv it is it happens on monthly basis kan, its not even period, its just well,, syndrome. i thought bitches out there meanin pompuan budget will just simply behave like they r soo moody, but this case is soo real. i saw it wit me pair of eyes. no blood. not yet.a ahhahahahhahah

at first it was just plain normal, coz none can be predicted, it sound as if i had pms b4 but i jus spill wat i heard. no tukar tukar anythin ekk. and suddenly, pms struck. to be gentleman enuff i said to her its ok u can just sit and i walk around facilitatin the area. by the way i'm cookin spaghetti for tomolo's lunch. alahahahahhahah. and the syndrome got worse, she cant even stand up, but she was strong i trully respected her. she tried to hold on, until she's about to puke. oohh my word. its soo serious its like u'r carryin ur ex hubby kid inside the tummy. i was stunned. first time ever happened in front of me eyes. i wish i can hel her by massagin ke. ahahhahahahha fcukery pervert. eventually she was given green lite to go home. it was mornin n if she is to stay, until 5 pm.

To men out there, be more attentive and emphatisin and caring to all ladies out there if there unfornately been attack by PMS. not attack. errr. its an attack wtf ahahhahahahha

and the ladies, wat more can i do to be more caring to urkind if urkind kene dat syndrome? like can the men like propose for S*X to divert the pain? ahhahahahhahahhahahahhah

- kesian dat girl, she brought me davinci's code n p/s i love u but tak sempat to pass me the novels. i heart novels!!! wongga wongga

Friday, January 2, 2009

Music taste

ok i kno i get it. didnt u guys like noticed like lately most of the post in dis blorg are based on my experience on criticizing humans in simpler language mengutuk org. not mengutuk, its just dat i gave my review from the super honest ramadhan's side. dun blame me as a young man who was born with such taste. i dun talk behind peoples back, i just say straight to their nose, its hurts even deeper, padan muker. ahahhahahahhahahahah

when, oh snap, class, its music time!!

yeaahah, para penonton, bapak bapak ibu ibu semuanya ada disini, yes i love dangdut. inul only

predictable, most teenagers these days share the same brain wave, listen to indie band, indie rock i dunno hw to say dat shit. and not forgettin those expired hiphop tunes and genre, rock kapak which until forever i cant handle it. tooo awry to my auditory canal. eeww eeww eeww dun. plis. been stuck with roommates who listen to those kapak shitty songs, makes me wanna pray after accidentally listened to it. but i, but i but i but i, i dun catogarize myself as one ass dat really wanna set himself apart from othas by havin a distinctive taste in music, in shorter words, desperate for attention, i kno, i kno. i just love, Jazz soul blues and anythin prewar.

not soo prewar la coz got sum 60's beat dat i'm addicted to. i dun do chris brown. its Frank Sinatra sugar, no no rihanna go to hell, Dinah Washington claimed the throne ages ago. i dunno, even my mama dun listen to my kinda music. for me, music is sumthin personal, like what winehouse said, my ex fiance by the way, when people in club listenin to hip hop tunes, they tend to gather around for no fuckin solid reason, but once ur in a jazz club, u'll go n find ur corner, contemplatin the music, the emotion itself, is very moving. Ya Allah, downloadin whole album of robbie's swing it when ur winning.

but still, me not sooo unupdated ok. on top of my fav singers of all time no matter what gempa bumi or tsunami landed, Britney will forever top my list, continued by Siti at number1.1 and the rest follows, sinatra, darin, anka, washington, AMY WINEHOUSE!!, mariah. ehh? my list of fav singers is actually quite short la. i thought still got summore. errrrmm. nope, othas just occasionaly listen to, robbie william ok la on his swing music onli.

i just wanna kno, will my wife n kids suffer my taste of music. i kno not all can comprehend jazz even simple song like rehab. when i'm drivin around yeah i nid to put on back to black on the boombox. ooohhh sweeet.

pity la those asses yg dun hav their own style of music, once flo rida invaded, the whole clan will be ringin the same ring tone, i kissed a girl, though phenominal, but typically bitches out there will just bleach with this song. pastu bittersweet, all those indies arrghhh cant handle it, its not a soul piece from the heart, i cant feel the sincerity of their music. sooryy u guys just dun cut it.

dun trash inul. its the best thing yet to happen to indonesia. dikocok kocok!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm gettin wet dreams tonite!!

Coz she just accepted me. yeah yeah yeah yeah alhamdulillah

To all expecting parents. or living parents

Alhamdulillah i got more and more readers. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Ya Allah thank u for granting me wishes. amin. i'll be reading ur blorgs as frequent as a human i can be, can la coz i online everyday sooo i can la. ok i'm not supposed to blorg tonite since soory Faisal i dunno how to elaborate the idea of ur given topic. sorry sorry sorry if i simply shit out words without bein able to comprehend it aftawards, wats the point kan. soooo request again and again ok. ahahhahahahah

back to the topic. i dunno la, my attention can simply divert to otha things like what happened just now. ewww. ok back to topic. ahahahhahaha 2nd time already. ok now the 3rd and final coz i'm tired of the game. back to the story. i'm not supposed to blorg tonite, not like forbid by sumone its just dat i dun wanna be soo rushy in blorgin my blorg. but the events dat just happened at the house at the back row, aiyooohhhh i nid to do sumthin. i cant really be in the authority to do anythin, all i can do is to gag all the words in this blorg

to work in petrosains, i've decided to live in KL, tmn melawati since its soo near to LRT and my makcik pakcik is sooo undastandin, the only couple that i clicked by da way. luv the surrounding, its in a valley of gunung batu kapor and soo near to greenery and hav i told u b4, its just 4 minutes walk to secluded, non terrorised river!! best. but, but, but, everynite when i'm online, coz the com is near the tingkap which i can see the backhouses, i can hear dis freakin lady, shoutin screamin to her kids, or kid i dunno, on daily basis. bongek kot. pompuan meroyan.

the other houses are sooo frenly, the isi rumah la not the house the building, coz its like soo close when u cook u can chat with neighbours and everyone. except dis house. opposite right. she will scream, shout, yell not just to the kids, even the husband will be the victim of the keadaan. if u can read dis, why are u soo dumb? your OFFSPRING is a kid, a young lady or man, let them be. setakat mandi air terpecik pun nak jerit jerit, why soooo garang la you? got some unconnected nerves to release good behaviour hormones issit?? dah la menjerit2, in utara accent somemore aiyooo, nasri, u got me aiyo aiyo all the time. blame on u bro.

ok, to own those kinda negative personality, at least stay intact with ur harga diri la. Ya Allah, dah la kau menjerit2, u think people cannot hear u issit? i noticed that she never go to her backyard to even mingle wit the neighbours. and scolding, shoutin at the husband, whodahell are you? u think in Islam u've the right issit? even the husband can't shout at the wife why you soo brave to contradict it?? tak maloo ke?

once the kid grow up tau la. she will hate, disobey, neglect, all those negative behaviour a kid could in return give back to the parents. jap jap nak makan. ahahahhahaha

ok dah kenyang ahahhahahahahah

i tell u lar, dun, please learn how to control ur habit, if u still cant, go and... get unpaid leave and go live in the jungle with the berok for a month. learn from that. personally i dun like to say dis but, i was used to be a victim of that experience, in results Ramadhan, the ultra strong tempered, not high tempered err, i learn how to shelter myself until i'm emotionally unpenetrable. if i say yes, forever it will be a yes, if its a no, dun make me. pliz.

to that fcuking crazy psychotic neighbour, pliz dun, quit ur ugly personality, check in rehab, learn the art of appreciatin husband and kids, if still cant, get an anullment. sure u may undergone pressure everyday, but issit a healthy way to inflict it on sumone that loves u? just imagine ur parents treat u like a bitch, will u like it??? although i was once treated badly, i kno how to not go around and hurt others. coz it shows how fragile ur heart it. woman supposed to be able to hold her anger foreva, in ur case, yuck, ur fakin it.

p/s: she works as a ********, i wonder how people can tolerate her, is she like dat professionally?