Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Men are soo egoistic?

Just got back from kampung and i made me nauscious more than ever, the house was vacant like the most vacantest a house could be, by the way its my grandma's place, completely vacant after she passed away. i cant even let my ass settled down on a chair or whatever surface to sit soo i wandered off to mak ngah house for a place to nap. thats. it. raya aji this year. finish, ahahahaha.

Now straight to the issue on the title. I dunt own the intention to contradict the menkind but to hear the truth, i will say it out loud. if my fatha read this he'll sumhow kill me. but i dont give a freaking merde, which is shit, coz i'm telling the truth. why men are soooo egoistic??? like sooo belagak?? i dont say that i'm like ego free or somethin but to grow up on a rather shaky ground with parents to each other till this day, i will straightly blame to the men. why do you have to tunjuk bagus? why why why?

for example on the domestic chores? how many guys out there are willing to do the laundry? mend the garden or even wash their own plates? maybe as a son you will but once you turned into husband, ohh my word!!!

one example, a man would shout if the food is not ready on the dinner table? did they ever try to coooookk? like the ladies never work issit? and the ladies have to pick up their dirty underwear, clean the house and just about everything. i know at this point men in the society may trash me down, but isnt that like will show you how dumb ass you are??? another example. like someone that i know, even to carry his used up dish to the sink pun malas. hey, put on your brain and make it function. these days, ladies have prepare everythin even to bring the food home. men, where are your dignity? dont you feel a huge embarrassement heeped on your ass?

Growing up to see a mother suffer the most by the unhumane treatment of a husband, i will not gonna grow up and be like him. i will work my ass to do all the chores at home, and i'm been doing this for i dunno i lost count the number of years i've been doin this coz i started to do the laundry at a very young age.

HUGE TIP to men outside there. if you ever try to treat your wife or even your girlfriend as slave to satisfy every orders that you gave, just empathise and try to imagine your MOM is the one being treated like that. are you willing to? are you? are you. Prophet Muhammad did all the domestic works at home and yet He is the rolemodel of men to this date.

So once you wanna be a man, eliminate the egoism that you own. it may be tough but at least try

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ear_fun said...

love to read what u typed
men sometimes or somehow they just dont realised what they did either accidentaly or not.
well, after reading your so-long post, i'd say or suggest for you to confront them or him and tell the truth!
sorry menempek kt sni!

cutepig@ad said...

its true tat guys r ego.. they dun do housework n stuff.. but not all of them r like tat..
time changes.. now all terbalik..
most of da guys now can do housework and even cook.. jus like u.. where there r girls who cant.. so tats da older time of thinking where women need to do all da houseworks.. woow... i'm helping guys.. haha


aristarionne said...

I love that bit where you reminded all of us that Nabi Muhammad took care of his household, because he loved his wives.

I hope if I do marry, that man will take it as a sign to treat me equally and love me enough to share all the house chores.

good rant, Ramarams =)

ella xxx

Zamir Hady said...

i couldn't agree more !

ear_fun said...

aku uitm penang
ko xprasan aku kot
aku xfemes