Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Marriage : )

as all the post in this blorg lately were rather personal, more of the reason is that i'm the one who wrote it. ahahahhahaha i dunno most part of my life is not personal. i'm viewed by the public eyes. u can see me anywhere and u can really dig out the dirty details anyhow. on me

sooo class, today me will be blorging on one of my ambition once i work as first officer, to get married. and i mean it. early marriage. as in very early. not as early as 18 but early. meanin early. ahhaha

my friend cik susie will try to do whatever to block me for talkin about marriage. she's already 25 and she got noo intention to. arrghhh why why why people why?????? ok my side of the story. meanin my history. people loves me. ahahhahaha perasan. ahahhahahah. my body itches arrhhhgghh.

growing up as the youngest, definitely with no one younger than u, its like living as a king, noo noo its like living as a legend like britney spears, she closed the door for any other teenage singer at that moment, sooo its like spotlight was put on top of your head since birth ahahahhahaha. i do admit myself as a cunning self centred ass during younger age but i do grow up ok. and as a man, wahh like running for a president or summthin, the side of me that used to dislike kids faded away. and i love kids now and ever. i really do. and kids kinda freaked out when they saw me, coz they need to like look up, not as a role model but they nid to sprain their neck to be able to look at my face. there you go. now with the intention to have kids, planning for 6 maybe 2 or i dunno maybe 6 coz i'm hardly in control on birth control ahahhahahahahah. and i wanna get married at age 23. people said its tooo fcukin early as a man. meaning as a dog u can? soooo i dun see it as a problem.

people did preached on why not you just go and enjoy first? yeah. until i'm 94? i see myself as a not sooo interesting person, if i'm invited to a party, make sure food is served, if its like cocktail one with desperate people to show off the way they dress up, i will ditch myself the moment i entered the room. sooo my focus now is that to enjoy myself having kids!! wow with lovingly lovely wife. ahahhahahah. kids will weep soo loudly but ........ i'm not gonna go on details on this coz it bugs me on why i wanna have kids soo much. and i wanna get married soo early. actually i wanna have responsibilities. by havin it, your life is no longer be about you, i dun wanna be soo living life just for myself, insyaAllah once i settled down with my piloting job hopefully as a first officer, my life will be on focusing - on - others - oriented.

i really wanna tell u about madame merah. she's sooo sick she got married at 21. freak ahahhaha.
i still remembered the moment of our first french class. she entered and everyone wowed. and sumone asked on h0w to address her. and she said madame. and the sound like sumthin wrong happened in the movies come out. like oru.,;';**53w9**-/-ugas. at 33, her eldest son is 11. she is crazy and she admit herself. when she informed her family on her wedding plan, she said "i'm informin u i wanna get married, i'm not asking for permission". she is one sick ass. ahahahhahaha

to cik susie, get married, or i will marry sumone to you ahahahhahahahahahah

p/s: my private reception will be held at tasik putrajaya and only for those invited. i'll be serving authentic thai cuisine, courtesy of rasa thai subang parade. ahahahhahahahahahahahha

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shu said...

wahahaha. nice planning for reception :D

Nur Farahin said...

kau tak invite aku, kita putus kawan. hahahahaha

zatty said...

xpe kwin awl
bak kte cgu bio
lgy awl lgy bagus