Sunday, December 7, 2008

I got Britney's CIRCUS!!

just as emal ask me on the upcomin post, out of nowhere, someone knocked the door. its my sis. and she did! she did! SHE BOUGHT CIRCUS!! yeay yeay yeay. due to the lack of enhancements in my previous post, i'll flaunt out pictures of me and britney, out together to klcc garden. ahahaha
shut up

me with the hot poppin Circus. wongga that!

another photo. it thrills me off the dinding. wow. the impact is huge. like i got laid with her. ahaha

class, its history time. how did i actually fell in love with britney? like her music? a jazzy romie can tolerate the poppy pop music of hers. noo noo noo thats totally utterly falsy palsy. its jazz that needs to tolerate with her. though my sentence is all over da place, it means my soul is totally britney, like some lady surrogating britney's kids. ahahhahaha stupid

i've been supporting britney since her day one. day one of the baby one more time era. its an era you know. its a great pleasure to share stories with my kids that i grew up in the Baby one more time age. ahahahhahahaha. cool. the first time i saw her on tv was in ntv 7, ages ago in 1999 if not mistaken, coz free tv will be repetitive in playin music video. sooo we which were my siblings n moi will wait, and wait for brit's video. we even memorise which video will be aired before britney's. here video usually be the last one.

britney really teach me on buying original products all these years, coz we purchased all her album original. below will be the best example. only ori brit for me.

see the glowing stickies? its original baby yeah. its enuff to prove our loyalty to Brit Brit

its a love at first sight. britney was my first love. we used to date at the mamak in usj8. but as she cannot tahan the kari and the smokers, she ended up breaking up. thats britney. i do love you till this day. ahahahhahahahaha wongga. this is the sequence of where we purchase her album:
  • Baby one more time: in carrefour desa petaling, with gud persuasion of my bro to fatha
  • Oops I did it again: in Mines shopping fair
  • Britney: eldest sis bought it during weekend outing from teknik school
  • In The zone: Seremban Parade during raya, no no i played bowling and sis bought it
I truly wanna apologize to Britney, though we used to be lovers, i've neglected blackout. coz at then i just cant mix with your creative vision, and the music. and also to siti nurhaliza. having you as my ex fiance is like a dream come true but, you came 0.1 behind Britney. soooo its Britney no 1 and Siti Nurhaliza no 1.1. ahahahahhahahaha.

I'm fillin up the form to propose Britney for her soo called next year wedding planning ahagahahha. for now, i just wanna relax and sleep with britney tonight. Get laid!!! ahahahahha

p/s: Mama knew about Britney wayy before i was born. Mamahe followed the mickey mouseketeers. She said Britney was better than xtina and always is

2 pujaans:

Shuhada Rabi said...

i love her hit me baby one more time era rather than now. skg pun still layan her album. cassette je la kan. hahaha. :p

kereta oldskool still ade cassette player.. XD

Nur Farahin said...

gila ah kau,
sejak zmn belum akil baligh smpi sekarang,
still dgn britney ye?
panjang jodoh korang.
salute bebeh.