Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sick, tired, sick and tired.

the reason for this post to be sooooo late posted:

- i participated in a survey in hope to win a new phone. by having an evident of how much i truly adore a new phone, the big prize will be mine to possess. waited until now, outcome is null. i'm declaring myself as a loser. arrghhh.

by the way this is NOT what i've been surveyed

why my blorg is soo unpopular:
- coz im not chasing popularity. ahahahaha ( havin 2nd thought as i was typin)

why i felt my life is drenched in permenant misery?
- coz i cant wait for raye. 8 more days.

what makes me soo anticipative on raye this year?
- Kakda treated me a baju melayu. cant wait to strut a catwalk. meow meow meow.

what am i gettin skinny ( apparent statement )?
- coz cafeteria food makes me nauxious

what am i waiting the most? for time being?
- get back to KL, hug mama, buy crocs santa cruz.

what makes me soo different?
- coz i put up colourful arrays of garment. on daily basis.

what u really wishing for right now?
- to pass my papers with excellente marks.

- get my own room in the college and sleep asound every moment the heart desires

who sit next to me now?
- a junior and a fat senior ahahahaha

Anything else?
- so that my life will be colourful as always.

why?? no colour arr?
bukan xde, everythin i do now is a routine.

what am i afraid most?
- that my hair not gonna grow long enuff for raye so i can trim trim. it looks as if i put a big bowl to cover my head and trimmed the edges. sakai.

future plan??
- to earn tourist guide operating licence before start flying as a commercial pilot.

- suke aku la

favourite blorg now?

why is that her blorg fell under your choice?
- she eats alot and blorgs on it. and she wears tudung.

are u intimidating to someone?
- yes, very true.

who and in what manner did you harm the person?
- he's kakda's acquintance. and i went out with them without stop talking for 5 hours. he got freaked.

so are you happy with that?
- yeah, just trying to be myself.

so you think he's a nice guy?
- yup . decent

what is he doing?
- reading my blorg right now supposedly.

and now you have a blorg fan?
- how ironic i have one!!!!

now your life is colourful?
- yeah yeah this interview thingy splashes some flavours back to my life.

yeahhhhhh i got a fan. one is better than none. i just woke up. that's the reason why this post is pointless ahahhahahah

p/s: i typed the questions myself. x main arrr copy paste. wongga wongga!