Saturday, December 13, 2008

I got lost in KL! again!

madame merah u may get upset reading this piece.

by far today is one of the most educational day of my life. yeah. yeah yeah. why?


Almost all places that i went today. i got lost. even in the place i truly familiar. arrghhhhh

let's recall the lesson shall we.

picked up my cousin, sent my sister back to her house. done. alhamdulillah. didnt get lost soo far. hey!! its only me and cousee and implementation of goin to sunway pyramid must be done. in easier words, we planned to go to sunway pyramid and we did. ahahahhaha. there, after purchasing twilight movie tickets, we wandered off for food. coz i was sponsored by her and she is relatively undecisive, bukan relatively, memang undecisive pun, soo we got no idea where to eat. more like "where to eat?" "i follow you coz you pay" ahahaahhahaha kinda thing. 30 minutes was spent on that. after arguments of either kfc or tony roma's, takde nye tony roma's, so we decided to head down to kenny rogers. went to the old outlet unfortunately. arrghhh. shifted. referred to the map, got lost. went to the concierge, i only listen to first part of her direction. stuck up biatch. hate that lady. then jalan2 and jalan2 and jalan2 lagi........... we nearly gave up. covered the whole mall but can't seems to find the outlet. then refer back to the map. guess what? kenny rogers is nex to mcd which is nex to kfc!!! we spent 1 HOUR wandering like lost tenuks just to discover it was just soooo nearby!!! arrghhhhh. wtv the food was sponsored by her. thanx fiqah.

after finished watching twilight which i highly reviewed as weirdly dumb nice film, we went to the car. and yes we wanna exit the building. now I GOT LOST IN THE PARKING LOT! not that i cant find the car, i cleverly saved the parking number in mon phone. take me as a role model. love me! breathe me!! AHAHAHAHAH. its that i cant find the way out from the parking lot. another 20 minutes spent on losting myself. ahahahahhahahah. then i got a wild idea. "let's hit KL" sooo we did. went thru federal hiway coz no toll to pay to go to kl sooo i just drive, drive with no exact intention where to go and SNAP, BAM, BANG BANG, BOOM, we chose The Curve! yeah great place to head down. argrgrhghhhh shit i just missed the exit to dmsara hgt, now i'm at tasik perdana at maghrib. arrghh horror. soo made a u turn, now i'm in..... i just soon discover i was lost, like the lostest lost i ever had. still remember i took the route heading to pudu, took jln tun razak route i guess, after 1 hour of losting myself, yeah!! i'm on the rite track!!. now i just nid to go straight. like that happen.

tau je la kan how rude kL drivers. i went to the wrong lane, termasuk tunnel to KLCC, luckily managed to find exit, shit, now i'm next to nikko hotel, just next to klcc!! i need a u turn! u turn. made one illegalll. went inside a construction side. ahahahahahhaha. ok on track. just head back to jln tun razak. ooohhhhh SNAP!!! tun razak utara or selatan???? how am i supposed to know?? ok utara. shit wrong path. made a u turn near ampang park. i hate it i hate it i hate it. actually i love to get lost. in the city that i love. soo dun care that much la. masuk sg besi, the federal highway back then to kelana jaya, damansara, bdr utama and finally mutiara damansara. Ya Allah, its 8.00pm. we cant go to the curve. i need to fetch her back to kajang which is soooo far back. arrghhh. soo we just strolled down mutiara damansara. ahahahahha

after all the lost, faulty navigations and unresourceful first officer and highly confused captain, alhamdulillah we managed to get back to kajang safely without getting lost. all this lost, to mutiara damansara was just for a short visit, not even a visit pun, we just passed by the area.
Ya Allah

it was crazy it was everywhere. but i learnt alot

p/s: now i kno where's jln tun perak. near tong shin kan? ahahhahahahahhaha issit rite?

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shu said...



aku once tersesat with mak aku cause bpk aku drive terlalu laju (kitorg drive 2 keta) but then we happened to meet again nearby tol Jalan Duta.

cause u know, once hg salah jalan its a long road for u to turn back.