Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Divorce Victims: Women & Kids

only now i can really feel it, how a divorce can really hurt othas, not just the people who will be divorced. soory for the tone of this post would be rather gloomy coz, all these while, i tot it is wise for a man to divorce his spouse in order, just incase la he cant be hypocrite and try to stay in love with the wife if he doesnt has the heart. but when it happened to my relative, though indirectly, i really felt the hurt, the pain and the anger.

She is lovingly lovely. very friendly yet very warm. she was the closest cousin when i was a toddler coz she's very motherly. really since young shes already like dat.

and this is the 2nd time she will be divorced. gud coz none of my relatives actually read my blorg, not read, none actually kno the existence. i guess he in a way not tryin 2 be a hypocrite by living with sumone he doesnt love, i do support him, its better than him 2 abandon the family, but the process of divorcing, many got hurt. i wonder how did my cousin really cope with dis? even the whole family is petrified. maybe bcoz of the arranged marriage, he sumhow rebel afta years of marriage. they got 4 kids.

the eldest is just 12 yrs old, cant go to skool, coz cant walk, he suffers muscle dystrophy. its a muscle degenerating disease. the youngest is barely 3 yrs old. insyaAllah, if the seperation will happened, it will be in a peaceful manner, but the kids, they will get hurt, the most. this almost happened 2 me once, i was told dat when i was still in my mama's womb, my parents nearly seperated. no matter how it happens, the pain is just too real to handle

my cousin is a housewife, a superb one. every men could ever dream of. they are cool with the kids, the kids really love them. but once they seperated, i cant write dis. its hurtin

once i did say, if my wife is not the one, i will not hesitate 2 divorce her. but afta dis incident, guess i nid 2 be selfless. hidop kat dunia nih sementara jek. akhirat tuh yg selamanye. wife is a gift from Allah s.w.t. Why waste?? kan kan?? ahahhahahah

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Zamir Hady said...

my parents divorced and i'm happy?
y huh?
maybe divorce is the best way, it is better to divorce than everyday fighting, bermasam muka kan?
dlu mmg, when my parents divorced mmg my brothers smua sedih and EMO x tentu pasal.
and now, we all grown up! dh phm y diorg cerai. dlu mcm bodo2 lg la.
this year my mum plak divorced dgn her husband. hmm. byk btul ya prob kan? my dad and my mum divorced twice! haih! aku yg jd anak pun bleh jd gila.

Suraya Nordin said...

im not sure where did i get urs. once enter cannot turn back.addicted mybe? hehe =)