Monday, January 12, 2009

When GF is older than the BF

When i first set up my mind, by the way i'm blorgin twice 2day, and this topic is requested by Anonymous 1. she's too shy to be named here. ahahahhaha u can even be scouted by recording company or any talent scout if i post ur name. ahahhahahaha. previously one of the requester was signed for a recording deal. just becoz i posted his name. ahahahhahahahahahhaha.

ok sambung balek cerita. when i first started 2 have the intention 2 get married, i set some requirement la for my jodoh. ahahhahahahahha and here's da list:

  1. for her to be not more than 155cm, meanin below my shoulder soo i can easily carry her to the bed and do things, untold things ahahhahahahhahaha
  2. for her to be not of my race, bodo gyler coz i insist on variation 2 my kids
  3. for her to be YOUNGER than me, not even a second older

like hello, is like why, why on earth u wanna get married to older women?? they are expiring b4 u. sooo dun. just dun. but ehermmmm my crush, alaaa the one that accepted me, she's older than me, by a year ahahhahahaha. not bein hypocritical but, i've changed.

some pieces of history, from my history, which belongs to me. ahahahhahahahah. my cousin. married alreadi. in 2006. but the case was, when she got married she's alreadi 35, and the man is 10 years younger. even i got freaked out. like ohh snap. they got married. there was chaos in the family. my nenek didnt agreed at first. even his mom like didnt really remember the weddin date, more like dun really bother abt the wedding. nak makan kejap

ok dah kenyang. pity her. but now, she's happie ahahhahah gud gud and her daughter is the cutest among all in the family. see. came from dis kind of old gf young bf relationship kan
i've been doin surveys on the ladies. 50% said yes and the otha half said no. coz only 2 people i surveyed. ahahahhahahaha.

my part of story. my crush, soon 2 be my wife, is a year older than me. it was never a love at first sight. i see her just as a fren at first never more than dat. and she turns out to be...... someone that people at same age or younger than me can ever be. she's more open minded, but the most important thing is she dunno how to be angry!! dats the best criteria coz i dun wanna be scolded by... u kno.... a wife. and yes i do support dis kind of relationship.

but pity the ladies la. like almost everythin dat they do, mesti kene kutuk balek. like in a porn video, the girl will be blamed to be soooo bitchy and slutty but in reality, the men shud be judge the same kan??? coz they the one who....... f**k. kesian kesian. like people who got tangkap basah, the girl will be solely blamed. sooo ladies, maintain ur virginity till the time came ok.


well its not wrong kan. Even Nabi Muhammad s.a.w married Khadijah which was older than Rasulullah s.a.w. it's not wrong. Rasulullah is our role model, so its never wrong to do soo.

tak ke lagi menggelikan like the boyfren is 45 and the girl is 18??? kan kan
hey hey who knows, i'll be in that situation one day. ahahhahahaahahah

men are machoer at 40's

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cik murni izar said...

org kate.
life of a man begin at 40.

anisawrus said...

"i've been doin surveys on the ladies. 50% said yes and the otha half said no. coz only 2 people i surveyed."

aha. ha. ha. ha.

nway, its a becoming a new trend at msia for younger guys to married older ladies lah. seriously.