Thursday, January 22, 2009

A story from a photo

i'm not supposed to do dis coz i'm sooo uncomfy of the idea of potrayin by beforelife, livin in a uni campus and studyin in... culinary ass. arrghhh neva interested and alhamdulillah got out of it and can't wait to start sumthin dat i really like!! next month!! as the title of this blorg used to be Blabberings of A Time Killer - killin time till february, guess... dis blorg will finally come to its end. ahahahhaahha no lah i will carry on blorgin its just dat im too occupied lately.

talkin about the photo, i nid to start the story from the place dat i work. it started off from my confrontation wit this filipino lady, not confront la, meeting. she's a visitor wat can i do. at first i guess he had a crush on my fren Idz coz dat cheek keeps on following him everywhere. and Idz more of like tourist guide cum sex duped victim. ahahahhaha soo i talk to dat cheek. hi what r u doin in KL?? and at first she said whether i'm gay coz i can sing with soft voice. bodoh punye pompuan. lahanat. why, wanna see my dick issit?? then she said she's a chef doin research on fud around sum countries coz she's been travellin alot, to japan and korea. at which i eventually gave my number to her since i did culinary b4. wtf. i dun mind receiving calls at night. if u wanna invite me to ur house to teach u malay cookings, i will drag along my bff just incase u wanna sex me. ahahhahahahahah

and ok. back to business. get the perculator perculated. this foto was taken from the entrance of uitm penang, which when i and the people supposed to snap foto and the photographeur ran away, without knowing dat we all actually existed!! fucker. stupid. soo we took dis photo. i dunno i dun remember who took dis one but i just snatched it from myspace. lantak kau. it was in myb fren's profile with tagline: we share da same dream. soory darling, not me honey, i got my own dreams. but not it. frankly i said to u'all, if u can find me in the photo later than 5 sec, u r sumhow slow. ahahhahaha obviously i wasnt there. really??? ahahhahahah cant u find me??? spot the crazy nasha. and again Nasry, dun get aroused, its nasha WAHID. not AZIZ.

i will elaborate to u'all my life there as a culinary student, unwillingly, yet sooo fcukin emotional to leave afta memorable time, though temporary. 4 bulan jerr. and yes, 60% of them in the photo i dun really kno them, especially from the B group. the moment i received the offer, checked at the net, whaddafuck??? culinary??? i really dun wanna be there coz, it's not my heart. i dun wanna doo it. ewww ewww ewww. and yet i went

the orientation sux to the max, though no ragging, but people actually noticed me during orientation, though i was freakin quite, i didnt performed, i didnt strip will the director gave the speech, guess bein myself attracted much media. ahahhahahahaha and though sumone ditched me out from being the mc for the performance day, i set my name high, ass. people dun even kno u. i got people starin at me from far coz they recognise me. Ya Allah, apsal aku takbur gyler??

alot of tears la, i really dun wanna be there, the biggest tear definitely the one to buy the kitchen attire and equipment which was fuckery 400 hengget!! plus 50 hengget. i said to my mama, it'll be headin to the waste, coz i kno i dun have the heart for it. i treat my chef like my toy ahahhahahaha make the fool of himself everytime durin kitchen class. soory never interested to be there. i was known to be extreme bold in terms of makin statement and i dun care if a break a heart or two, coz i said the real thing, i didnt say i am always rite, i always inform about the reality, which most people are blinded from. like competency in speakin english. not to say i'm a taiko but, entahlah i provided community service there to help them speak english, and banyak buat taik. lantak korang

actually there were joy and happiness during the uni life, yet temporary. next post

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ear_fun said...

now that i know that u're not into cullinary.

Shazana Shahirol said...

dude~~!!! you seriously should take htel mnagement instead of culinary if there's no choice left.. lolz.. btw.. i'm in my serving class this morning and you know what chef dayat (remember him) said to me?

"hmmmm...i would like to have cock with cocktail sauce.."