Saturday, January 3, 2009

Premenstrual Syndrome is freakin scary

ok enuff of the wet dreams. i didnt experienced any ok tat nite it was just a way of expressin me thoughts. instead i cried. not a wet dream. more of a wet nite. i will tell u why i cried, actually almost la but love to exagerate here in my blorg, the world's only livin democratic based blorg ahahhahahha. talkin of wet dream when i was 16, it was the latest time i pee durin sleep. damn bodo i was just like i dunno enjoyin my sleep and opened me eyes, Ya Allah, aku terkenciang!! dimana harusku sorokkan muke ku ini??? ahahhahahha heyy, request more topic la weyh, dun just read, i'm free to blorg u ur stuff ok. see out there how many people always blorg on wat they wear la wat they eat. me i just love to share issues and if u got any just puke it out and i pick it up. noo real puke is allowed to be involved in this act. ok i listen to Inul by da way ahahhahah

Talkin about PMS, dun u guys realised dat most of my blorg, the first perenggan will be wasted on unnecessary shit. ahahhahahah dats me i talk more shit than substance. ahahhahahahahah i shud be awarded, the most cakap kosong blorgger to be alive. did i tell u hw pretty klcc building at nite?

okk, BACK TO TOPIC LA. tension. today was my last day of trainin as a volunteer alhamdulillah went well n startin tomolo me wearin uniform!!! eeehah. dun hav to worry on wat to put on la kan. guys la, we are just like dat. why why we nid to fikir abt wat to wear soo much as long tutup aurat. by the way i dun dare to wear short pants outside the hse, even indoor i'll be wearin long pants, and boxers will neva gonna cut it coz noo protection jus incase erection ahahhahahahha

ok now we will go back to topic, PMS. it was the last day of training. ahahhahh repeat the same shit again ahahhaa. i was assigned to man this particular section of the exhibit. soo b4 the visitors barge in, we by da way got another lovely trainee were put to theory class to comprehend all the exhibit soo we can explain well to visitors. and out of nowhere, the girl got PMS. i was like, ok, wtv it is it happens on monthly basis kan, its not even period, its just well,, syndrome. i thought bitches out there meanin pompuan budget will just simply behave like they r soo moody, but this case is soo real. i saw it wit me pair of eyes. no blood. not yet.a ahhahahahhahah

at first it was just plain normal, coz none can be predicted, it sound as if i had pms b4 but i jus spill wat i heard. no tukar tukar anythin ekk. and suddenly, pms struck. to be gentleman enuff i said to her its ok u can just sit and i walk around facilitatin the area. by the way i'm cookin spaghetti for tomolo's lunch. alahahahahhahah. and the syndrome got worse, she cant even stand up, but she was strong i trully respected her. she tried to hold on, until she's about to puke. oohh my word. its soo serious its like u'r carryin ur ex hubby kid inside the tummy. i was stunned. first time ever happened in front of me eyes. i wish i can hel her by massagin ke. ahahhahahahha fcukery pervert. eventually she was given green lite to go home. it was mornin n if she is to stay, until 5 pm.

To men out there, be more attentive and emphatisin and caring to all ladies out there if there unfornately been attack by PMS. not attack. errr. its an attack wtf ahahhahahahha

and the ladies, wat more can i do to be more caring to urkind if urkind kene dat syndrome? like can the men like propose for S*X to divert the pain? ahhahahahhahahhahahahhah

- kesian dat girl, she brought me davinci's code n p/s i love u but tak sempat to pass me the novels. i heart novels!!! wongga wongga

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Faisal Admar said...

pms is just a lame excuse to idiots. nak marah orang sebab tak reti control mood then nak salahkan pms? pi mampos.

then if i cum last night, and i'm tired today i pun boleh moody la? mood swing macam haram la?

eh ter emo lak.

eleh, suruh orang pilih topic. tapi bila pilih taknak tulis lak. huhu.

what abot real medical cert vs fake one.

aku ceri beri hari ni. close account today. so?