Friday, January 9, 2009

What did i noticed abt people durin work

ok i dun want meself to be caught by whoever so called authority if i illegaly used a company's name in dis blorg. ahhahahahahha ok i currently workin in klcc as volunteeR!! dats solves it all. maybe volunteer in a bakery?? hey cannot be la. this is the list of things or phenomenon dat i observe on people while workin. shud i explain? it's clearly stated in the title. malas arrr ok now staaaart!!

number 1: lotsa lotsa mat and minah sallehs

seriously in my life, i nver had a chance 2 encounter soooo many caucasian b4, and yeah i interacted with them all!!! surprisinly maybe nt soo surprise la, they are just sooo ever frenly!!! and as malaysian i expected them 2 be under fascinated with the exhibit in the exhibition. and they turned out to be oh sooo impressed!!!. wat?? there's an aussie couple taggin dat our science centre is way way way way way betta than theirs!!! maybe the fact dat theres soo many volunteer to faci around kot. not sure about dat. am i evil? almost everytime i encountered the mat salleh, i'll be like puttin my evil mask, sayin like, i'm soo sorry, the best advice dat i can giv to u is dat............... TO ENJOY EATIN!!! each and every time. xde keje betul.

number 2: mat and minah sallehs are nt dat attractive to the eyes
true sooo true i havent had a crush wit any of the visitors since , since 4 eva, coz the ladies r not sooo prettyy!! ahahahha even the men r just mediocre lookin. only the kids Ya Allah sooo cute and the pan asian kids definitely on top list of the cutest kids around

number 3: some minah salleh dun wear bra
true. and i nid to trim dis short. tooo vulgar. when they move around, can see the titties rotating. ahahhahahahhahahahah

number 4: fuckery alot of indonesian tourist!!!

yeah yeah sooo many and they'r just sooo rich. like its their first time makin it here, stayin in impiana klcc!! gyler arrr kaya, wearin louis vuitton, assumed its original, and the babes there's one super doooper hot. but shes 14. seriously she looks like singer from indon. the hot one la

number 5: caucasians wear clothes that we'r supposed to wear

like hello, we live in super hot country, not just like hot sexay2 tapi extreme weather tau. stop walkin around wit thick sweater Ya Allah. see and implement wat mat salleh wears. sooo simple. ur testicle can somehow be cooked in it. hope u got some family plannin, plannin. ahahhahaha

number 6: people just dun read
there's explanation for every single shit of the exhibit. and why people jus dun seems to care to read it??? not soo hard 2 understand. like sumtime i nid to explain every single thing, my pleasure la coz i love to chat but, make some innitiatives

number 7: girls took my phone number!!!
ahahahahah dis happened 2day in dinotrek. ahahhahahahha they insist on havin my phone number and email. sycho. alhamdulillah syukur. not 2 but 3 gals ok. stop envyin my ***********. wats is dat word??? not vulgar at all, just humble dun wanna show

number 8: colleague slowly turn out to be shit
like at first u were normal. if somehow u were conceived abnormally irritatin, just try 2 behave like one. plis, u can be bitchy shit on othas but plis not me, coz i just gonna say it out loud in blorg. i do observ dat, wait wait, my sis did say abt dis, people from dis negeri they are just tooo suke menunjuk2 like everytin also want to up up. eewww lethargicaly discusting. got no maruah issit? like were u really do wanna kno dat u got ugly gene inside ur head. pity them. and shuhada rabi, they r not utara ok. u guys save. turns out utara people are frenlier. ahahhahahahah

number 9: fuckin dun undastand english
what language do u propose to me 2 speak?? hello got dis i dunno russian or ukrainian la they can undastand a shit of english. ohh my, if u cannot speak well, at least try to have some sweet expression slapped on the face ok. and russian mothers r soo evil, they simply spanked the head of their kids. x sayang anak ke?? buat reti

number 10: PMS is scary

i saw sumone got pms infront of my eyes. seriously i really wanna carry her to the medical centre. it looked soo severe. isit always like dat every month??? how shud i calm my wife if dis shit strikes????

La fini, i'm not gonna blorg for quite sumtime after dis post

not until 2moro ahahahhahahahha

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Zamir Hady said...

no 3 sgt melucukan.
hg mmg seorg pemerhati yg hebat!

Anonymous said...

bestnye keje kat petrosains
i think that's the most suitable place for u
sbb aku rase ko mmg suka akan fizik
btol x?