Friday, January 2, 2009

Music taste

ok i kno i get it. didnt u guys like noticed like lately most of the post in dis blorg are based on my experience on criticizing humans in simpler language mengutuk org. not mengutuk, its just dat i gave my review from the super honest ramadhan's side. dun blame me as a young man who was born with such taste. i dun talk behind peoples back, i just say straight to their nose, its hurts even deeper, padan muker. ahahhahahahhahahahah

when, oh snap, class, its music time!!

yeaahah, para penonton, bapak bapak ibu ibu semuanya ada disini, yes i love dangdut. inul only

predictable, most teenagers these days share the same brain wave, listen to indie band, indie rock i dunno hw to say dat shit. and not forgettin those expired hiphop tunes and genre, rock kapak which until forever i cant handle it. tooo awry to my auditory canal. eeww eeww eeww dun. plis. been stuck with roommates who listen to those kapak shitty songs, makes me wanna pray after accidentally listened to it. but i, but i but i but i, i dun catogarize myself as one ass dat really wanna set himself apart from othas by havin a distinctive taste in music, in shorter words, desperate for attention, i kno, i kno. i just love, Jazz soul blues and anythin prewar.

not soo prewar la coz got sum 60's beat dat i'm addicted to. i dun do chris brown. its Frank Sinatra sugar, no no rihanna go to hell, Dinah Washington claimed the throne ages ago. i dunno, even my mama dun listen to my kinda music. for me, music is sumthin personal, like what winehouse said, my ex fiance by the way, when people in club listenin to hip hop tunes, they tend to gather around for no fuckin solid reason, but once ur in a jazz club, u'll go n find ur corner, contemplatin the music, the emotion itself, is very moving. Ya Allah, downloadin whole album of robbie's swing it when ur winning.

but still, me not sooo unupdated ok. on top of my fav singers of all time no matter what gempa bumi or tsunami landed, Britney will forever top my list, continued by Siti at number1.1 and the rest follows, sinatra, darin, anka, washington, AMY WINEHOUSE!!, mariah. ehh? my list of fav singers is actually quite short la. i thought still got summore. errrrmm. nope, othas just occasionaly listen to, robbie william ok la on his swing music onli.

i just wanna kno, will my wife n kids suffer my taste of music. i kno not all can comprehend jazz even simple song like rehab. when i'm drivin around yeah i nid to put on back to black on the boombox. ooohhh sweeet.

pity la those asses yg dun hav their own style of music, once flo rida invaded, the whole clan will be ringin the same ring tone, i kissed a girl, though phenominal, but typically bitches out there will just bleach with this song. pastu bittersweet, all those indies arrghhh cant handle it, its not a soul piece from the heart, i cant feel the sincerity of their music. sooryy u guys just dun cut it.

dun trash inul. its the best thing yet to happen to indonesia. dikocok kocok!!

2 pujaans:

Faisal Admar said...

huhu. i like classic, instrumental and ear soothing pop or ballade. the rest, craps. lol.

mike radcliffe said...

weh aku minat amy winehouse....
pop culture gak..