Monday, January 26, 2009

Prerequisite on bein my future wife


1. required beforehand: a prerequisite fund of knowledge.
2. something prerequisite: A visa is still a prerequisite for travel in many countries.

so no nid for me to explain the meaning. its like syarat2.

b4 we head down under with the topic, alhamdulillah da number of followers is increasing!!! Alhamdulillah seriously i never expected even a single ass to read my blorg ape tah lagi memfollow the blorg. BIG UPs to y'all. aku declare nk quit blorggin ramai lak dtg. ahahhahaha so everyday i wanna say i wanna quit la. ahahhaha ishh ishh, jadi doa lak pulak nanti.

on the previous post i promoted Cik Susie for FREE which is sumhow unrealistic coz in The World's Most Democratic Blorg the advertorial must be like sooo freakin expensive. tp takpe i luv her like my sistah and yes plis anyone who wanna marry her let me kno.

enuff of promoting her. dis is the prerequisite of being my future wife. coz like we kno, kiter berikhtiar, Allah s.w.t yg tentukan takdir. at least i tried to find sumone to partner my life and to labour 6 kids within first 4 years of marriage. ahahhahah sumpah x sabar.

coz i kno i am freakinly super duper mighty romantic than any men i've ever encounter during the living phase of my life, but i kno, i am super duper mighty strong tempered. i am the kinda person if u wanna argue about my doings and i kno i'm doin it fine, u'll be trashed, embarrased, disgraced, dishonour, and all the worst things. though i neva say i'm always rite, but i will tell straight to ur ass the reality of one's situation. soo meanin dun fight wit me. u'll neva win.

since i dun accept polygamy and divorce or anullment, sooo this is the prerequisite of my insyaAllah future wife. ladies, jot it down. ahahahhaha:

  1. nids to be super duper mighty nice person, a person dat dun own anger and will not like to argue, preferrably those who dunno how to argue at all.
  2. i dun discriminate about the physique
  3. no taller than me
  4. paleng penting kene baik gyler nk mampos, coz if she is very baek, i'll honour her till death
  5. competency in english is a MUST.

and what that i can offer to HER: ( caplocks dun represent fat wife, just an emphasis )

  1. I'll do the cooking, coz the kitchen is my place to be, afta master bedroom, where i do business.
  2. I'll do the domestic chores as it is my passion to clean clothes, vacuum, and kemas kemas. tp pompuan xleh mengelat.
  3. extensive family planning dat will secure continuous heir for another 6 generations ahahhaah
  4. I love to bake pie. especially shepard's pie.
  5. and my mama will be THE mama in law dat all menantu wish to have. really
  6. partner during shower???? ahahhahahahahahahah

see only five syarats only. anyone?? ok if not interested i dun give a fcukin merde, and can u atleast help me and find one?? laki ke pompuan bley tolong carik. yek. thank you

7 pujaans:

Zamir Hady said...

evrytime i read ur blog, i'm laughing my ass off!

anisawrus said...

hahahhaha. u noe wat? hopefully u'll get ur dream girl and be ur soulmate coz bgs la u nih. means dat if u da love sumone tuh, u'll try to protect n cherish da relationship (n da gal of coz) til da end kn? ehem.. gerbang perkahwinan lah. huhu.

nway, just letting u noe. arguing n fighting is healthy in a rship. rship without them is so cacat. seriously. u will noe. =)

p/s: partner during shower jer ker? partner tdo takleh? ;P

Anonymous said...

if u're doing the chores & cooking, then what will ur future wife do? raising the kids je ek? :p ko nih cm nk jd house husband je. LOL!

Olive said...

type of hubby dat i rili want to
hope u'll find the right one =)

cik murni izar said...

pegi blaja dulu..
huhu~600% concentrate!

fira leena said...

hehehe... ada2 jer ko Ramadan.. ;p
tp ak rse r kan ko xpyh risau prpn tue lg tgi dr ko.. smmgnyer ssh nk cr since ko semmgnyer tgi... hehehe.. ;p
xpe.. ko byk cri2 yg prpn nk cari insyaallah esp part memasak n keje umah tue... hehehe.. ;p
kak maza pun smmgnyer mcari laki yg pandai msk n wat keje umah... le kak maza apply? ahakss... ;p
p.s- hanya gurauan semata2.. ;p

arlina said...

dude, u are what i wanted in a husband, sadly i cant be your wife because i love to argue. im a debater too. haha