Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Am i handsome??? no no I AM HANDSOME

wooohuuuu yeah dat felt gud rite???? ok. the reason behind why i really wanna blorg on dis PARTICULAR topic is dat....... lately i think i am more handsome day by day. ahahhahahahahha no offence to all those bitches out there. i guess its just dat, u kno i got issue with turnin 19 dis year rite?? not dat i'm ungrateful or wat, its just dat, i'm getting older and older every second of, my life.

chattin wit few people dis days on neu year really freaked me off the bones as i'm turnin 19, gettin older, may be old, but i decided, i'm takin control of the situation. its not gonna make me a neu person by just aging kan???? and, i see myself, in photography of past lifes, ahahahahah sounds like i'm awaken from the death, i see myself much much more gudlooking now!!! sooo i'm turning 19 dis year i felt handsome. Ya Allah does it mean dat as i turn 50 it will be like 50-19= 31 times handsomer???? wow!! if its like dat, i really wanna be aged. ahahahhahahahah support aging!!! Alhamdulillah. like what padma said, age gracefully.

thruout the years, lotsa things happened to me, really when i was 13, i lost 20 kg, alhamdulillah yeah and i really wanna say to all those people who said crash diet doesnt work?? ur ass la it works ok, see me. hope i can attach my photo of the old I.C. now, although the neu one its not dat nice the photo, quality wise ok not my face, i am much much more handsome. Alhamdulillah. not tryin to show off never never. to all readers, be aware dat i prefer hypocrites than show off bastards coz hypos usually r funny people, but hw nice or frenly a person is tp belagak n suke menunjuk nunjuk, u can come and kiss my fat ass!!!

and i really wanna get married at age 23, in .... 2023, lembab nk mengira hahahahahhaa. gosh, i only got 4 years left b4 marriage!!! i need to plan my kitchen layout and buy furniture for my dream home!!!!

3 pujaans:

ear_fun said...

aku 18
aku rs aku lg kacak tahun nie
awlnya ko nak kawen..
tanggungjawab berat weh

Anonymous said...

why do u wanna get married at 23 y.o.? ade significance ke... :p

Macham Iz Punye said...

kini aku ade ape yang kau ade. bukan kejantanan tetapi sudut blog.