Monday, January 19, 2009

I am a great random story teller

By referrin to dis photo:

i can tell a seribu satu tale behind it. it's one of my recent discovered talent, to randomly talk about.. things. unexpected ones. i kno i looked like a freak wearing dis baju melayu but the fabric was sooooo comfy must be expensive. coz i borrowed from emal. he got a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. im sooo grateful to be frens to him coz, i can easily fit his clothes though in real life he's chubbier ahahahhaha no la, macho. ahahhahaha rite emal. i always borrow his clothes, his shirts from sub zero to class which is to die for, not to die for la. to wear for. his collared t shirt for some freak bbq dinner which i took home a packet of serviette, 10 chicken wings, 2 boxes of kuih raya. ok la. my fren she took home a cup of kicap. ahahhahahahahhaha

the one nex to me in the photo is sooo not my scandal. i had enuff of it. with paparazis and reporters callin at 4 a.m askin for updates. i had enuff ahahahahhaa. her name is Nasha. dats it. ahahhahahah. she's my partner in crime, laughter, stupidity, moronity, everythin with the ity at the back she'll be there. ahahhahahah. we met each otha back in 1999, saw her and frens since 2000. skejap je coz she transfered to otha skool. To Nasri, dun get erection coz shes not Nasha Aziz. ahahhahahahha. pompuan nih gyler tau. at first i dun like her coz she didnt tegor me during first week of uni. truly despies her. noo la. then durin a weekend talk which interfere my plan of dat particular weekend, we just clicked. she's sick i tell u. ahahhahahahah together with saratambal and wan, oohh my we are one stupid makin gang. once we pecah masuk a bus at midnite ahahhahahahahha. bongek gyler. b4 dat we pecah masuk lori. we turned the lorri's radio volume to max soo byler dia on engine, mampos speaker meletop ahahhahaha.

this foto was taken on top of umpire seat at futsal court next to volleyball court near fudcourt. all also court court ahhahahahah. was taken by madame merah and yes dear its a gud move afta u bombarded my sleep and talk crap. gud u make it back nicely. i score!!! ok back to topic. it was taken after a dinner, softball international soo called tournament in uni. i was not involved with the sport. i dun even kno the scorin. i cant catch the ball nor run dat fast. if u nid me in the team, let me be the one who arrange ur food and refreshments. ahahhahahahahhaha. i was called on last minute basis since the original mc ditched out. thanx for the oppo hunny. and thanx sofia for lettin me be in the program. i host the dinner greatly, coz i only deliver one line of speech, since atia got freaked out and she conquered the event. hampeh. about the songkok, i was lended by jeff, my class representative. b4 return it back to him, i went to jusco bandar perde with cik susie and best fren wan. we go and meet up with cik susie at warem office and wait for her print of her thesis. then we moved to jusco by the ofis's nissan sunny. damn cun la the car comel sgt. sooo old yet sooo functional. ahahahhaha theres a hole of the floor of the car u can see the jalan! ahahhahaha. we went to fudcourt and and i transferred the chilli in the kicap to cik susie coz i only wan the kicap and shit, i accidentaly drop the kicap in front of this one family. maloo kot! when to the supermarket to buy carrots for emal to practice for kitchen practical. ooh yes i skipped it. ahahhahahahah. was searchin the whole store to find carrot, and wan saw a huge bulk in the half price corner. 1 kg carrots for 2 ringget!! wat a bargain. i bought 3 packets. one for emal, one for jeff and one for whoever. and i returned the songkok together with carrots inside. and jeff was sleeping as i arrived to his 'dungeon'. ohh my his room Ya Allah...

can u see how i wear the sampin?? i cant wear it nicely no matter how much i take gud care to wear it, it'll neva be hot. it looks hot on me ahahahah but soo hard to maintain the composure. it took me and emal slightly 30 minits to wear it and i became the most polite malay boy, since i cant run that well. like terkepit kepit for 300 meters. sycho ahahhahahaha. and nasha was even stupid. sorry for sayin dis. she was told to pungut sampah at time where she nids to be the one who nids to present the cenderamata to the team jemputan. i cant stop laughin if i talk about her. about the carrot kan, they nid to make like tonnes of cuttings which rather look the same using a Victrinox super fucker sharp knife. arrrghhh. i nearly injured myself, dozens. i nid to recite ayat Qursi b4 using it coz freakin sharp like hell. gud as u can trim just about anything tp arrrghh someone might get killed. b4 i quit uni, i gave my kitchen attire to wan, entirely except the knife. kesian him, nak kesian ape, he got free clothes, 2 pairs, but one of them was left unwashed for 3 weeks ahahahhahahah. sorry.

can u see how long my legs are? alhamdulillah loving it. being grateful. though i'm not that huge, i nid to wear like size xxL since i got long abdomen. or perut panjang ahahahhaha. if u stand next to me u can see my legs compared to urs will be of same length, but my abdomen panjang. oohhh now i get it. i will be great on bed!!!! ahahhahahahahhahahahaha

and the yellow bag, it was a gift from a fren's father. which i'm close to him though mmg jarang jumpe. he treat me the bag in prangin mall, penang island, his advised was in return to show him and my parents excellent results. he treat me and frens like his own kids, since he onli got my fren as his own daughter. and, he passed away durin raya. it was hard to stomach since, he treat me like his own kids. and i wear the bag to all places. even now.

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cik murni izar said...

baju cite. songkok cite. sampin cite. beg cite. kasut tanak cerita ka??

Suraya Nordin said...

seems like u neva ran out of idea,huh?
rili did a great job.
tulis lagi.
tulis lagi.
simply love to read them.

Suraya Nordin said...

approve me-friendster
not rili into myspace
lookin forward to noe u too =)

mike radcliffe said...

love this post sgt....
haah cite pasal kasut plak...
saiz brape??
bli kat mane...
akulah emal owner of the baju mlayu..
tetapi yg sedihnyer,,,
baju ni dah terbakar la..
kene seterika panas..
memg kain dier comfortable..
ala bli kat jakel jer....