Sunday, January 18, 2009

The dreams i'm forbid to

alaaa korang nih dh bace tuh comment2 la sket. sounds soo desperate i kno coz if u comment comment, i'll sumhow can settled down with some money from the advertisers. ahahahha sooo i reaaaaaaallyyyy hopin for comments. fucker desperate aahhahahahahha.

called Nasri Pilot and he said he laughed like hell reading my blorg. Alhamdulillah i find it bley la but PEOPLE LOVE IT!! yeeehah. ahahhahah and the ayam masak kicap dat i did alhamdulillah, i am GRATEFUL bukan nk menunjuk, it tasted GUUD. tp the texture more like the broth for sizzling yee mee. ahah!! i made my first ayam masak kicap which applicable for Sizzling Yee Mee!! Ya Allah Subhanallah ladies out there ramainye tergiler giler nk kawen dgn aku. ahahahhahahahahha

Alhamdulillah i'm on the right track to fullfil my studies in my dream course!!!. Alhamdulillah which be in commence in Feb 2009 yeeehah. since i have set up my mind dat it'll be my career to death insyaAllah, not to death la, sampai retired umor 65, hence i can add up more otha ambitions like as a chef for my wife and kids, as a singer in lounge and pub ahahahhahah but some things i just cant fullfil. and i think better dun. berdosa. it's an urge inside, but i learnt to oppose it. here is the list of forbidden dreams, x banyak pun:

  • To become a pornstar:
i just try to be unhypocrite as possible and to be confident in my own skin. since azab nanti dahsyat, actually xpernah nk jadi pun (ahahahhaha tipoo) i just find dis line of art.... interestin. it's not for pleasure of fuckin each and every one. it seems sooo taboo, i wanna be in. tp ewww std, hiv, and most of all, hated by Allah s.w.t. i'll not commit myself to dis industry. but i truly adore Sasha Grey, an over achieved pornstar, in porn and in academic!! she plans for double major degree and at the same time sapu the Female Entertainer Of The year Award. gylerr arr pompuan tuh.

  • To be a gigollo:
and again not for pleasure ahahahhahahahah. since the Host is sooo freakin rich kan, kan?? i cant use them!! to fullfil my hungry of... wat else, EATING!! yeehah. just imagine by being a gigollo, my meals will be fully sponsored, like authentic chinese experience for breakfast, nasik campor oohh my ikan bakar for lunch, vietnamese beef soup noodle for tea and wagyu steak for dinner!! wow my life time plan will be achievable, to taste all those sedaap sedaap food. yeeehah. in return i just nid to cook for the datin rite?? no no on the bed, thinggy kan??

  • To be a pole dancer:
wow best gyler if i can do dis tp berdosa sooo jgn. like to be on the stage and to pole dance, arrghh with alunan lagu gimme more by britney, it's like, wow wow wow. i can release my inner beast. although in reality i dun comb my hair, dressed up preppyly, yet my inner desire is unmatched to those nasty porn actors. u cant beat me darl. u cant

  • to perform alongside Britney, Madonna, Aguilera:
alaaa the one they performed the Kiss, alaa in VMA i dunno wat year. ooh my the whole world being targettin them for exhibitin the Taboo but for me, i wanna be on stage together with them!! yes mesti la who dun wanna, with BRITNEY weyh, shes my ex fiance by the way. ahahahha not just to get the kiss, but to u kno, to release my inner horniness aahahhahahah teruja gyler watching the video over and over and over again. yeeehah. i dunno la why am i soo into dis kinda benda yg tak senonoh. kuang ajar betul. ahahhahaha but i guess everyone got their own desire and guilty pleasures kan. sooo i got mine, and not afraid to share. i'm a virgin. ok

  • to join a naked parade:
i shud not do dis and my love to stay in Malaysia for long time will abstain me from doin it. definitely cant be available in here but damn cun u can strip and march all the way to Champs elysees. i'm comfy bein naked in public sooo. Astaghfirullahalazim berdosa. dun dun. plis ramadhan dun do it. u got a very holy name, live up to it. igt Allah, Igt mama papa

Damn pathetic la dis post. can be banned i guess. cant help it coz, i watch porn since i was 3. not since, i first encountered with it at that time, and not addicted. cheewaah.

tolong comment. aku nk duet. ahahhahahahahahha

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Suraya Nordin said...

my lecturer told me-"seks itu seni"
thank god he added this as well-"menurut persepsi barat"

Macham Iz Punye said...

gedik gile mimpi2 kau.