Saturday, January 24, 2009

My life in WAREM

ladies and get, mesdames et messieurs, earlier semalam, i had the intention to shut down dis blorg since my commitment to this blorg may come to its end. tp kan actually i'm goin to further my studies nex month, alhamdulillah soo i really wanna devote myself to Allah s.w.t and to focus fully on my studies, coz it's the thing dat i really wanna do. tp kan, my fans ahahhahaha one of the follower of this blorg kan said i shud nt abandon dis artwork. ahahahah artwork. jap jap nk lap hingus. ok soooo let's carry on singing my song. and today.. class. it'll be history time!!! wongga2!!

by the way, WAREM is an acronym for Water Resource Management. and they are more on research based studies coz most of the students there are post grad brainies. and there's only 3 post grads. out of 3 actually. ahahhaha soo majority laaa kan. nice tau. it is recognised worldwide and i'm grateful for dis warem to be in uitm penang coz its the only one dat do research. like abang pian he just finished his master on ape tah and cik susie progressin in development of river bed coefficient in the rivers of malaysia. basiccaly it's the study of types of sendiments and rocks at the river bed and their relationship, not sex, with the ecology. kot. i oso forgot. and doin master is a hell job. seriously dah la they nid to commute penang - shah alam for the first sem, pastuh afta submittin dis and dat, got viva summore, viva is presentation wit feisty panels.

just imagine. i was in culinary ass, and it is a was, meaning its history baby. and how did i settled myself together wit those civil engineerin people?? actually its like dis. first paragraph. ahahhaha
pada suatu ari yg henin, eewah. i was on the way back from placin the order for my kitchen attire which is fuckery expensive and i dun wanna do and wan said its soo big he nid to alter it, soo i walk passed by warem. i did noticed warem office since orientation coz the assembly hall is rite under warem. one thing dat attracts me eyes its dat the notice board outside warem is sooo colourful, like my blorg, green. warem is not green la but they put fotos of their study trip to pedalaman sarawak and such. and they do research about river!! cun best i was to go wit them for sampling trip in mane tah but i alreadi quitted uitm sooo xdapat ikot.

actually the story is like dis. i walked pass by the warem. cik ritta and peeps were sticking the fotos outside the warem on the notice board. i was like 'adakah itu gambar2 kenangan dari negeri kecintaanku Sarawak??' not dat formal la ahhahaha. then she said yes haah haah. i kno since then we clicked. then i tambah 'saya amat mencintai laksa sarawak. daku mensatapnya hampir setiap ari disana. dan mereka berhenti utk pelintas jalan melintas'. ahahhahahahah after we talk talk then dr shanker, the head of warem came out. sah sah arr aku cuak kot mase tuh coz sumone with power came to talk to me. not super power. ahahhaha he said ' marilah mari, masuk ke sini, buatlah bakti pada negara'. and he's not singing. ahahhahahaha i said next time. then i ciao. afta ciao, for 3 menet, i go in. since then until 20th november i was there everyday in warem. ahahhahahahaha.

let me introduce u to the warems, from left. cik sharon, cik susie, cik ritta, kak dieba, abg ape tah lupe name tp he's close to kak dieba, kak eirma, abg pian yg baru abis master, kak sulha, madame ape tah name x igt, wearin white tudung kak dayah and partially photographed is kak su. sitted like a boss which he is a boss is dr Shanker. ahah, madame caroline marjan. and warem's biggest hobby, makan. makan. makan. ahahhahahaha. the photo was taken durin dr's bday and the first foto was the only photo i was in it, coz i came on time b4 the cutting the cake session. the office is like haven with all things i nid, computer to download songs, printer for assignment, binding machine, photostate machine, fridge to store food, laminater, aquariums, and alot of it, tong sampah. x de kaitan. the bday celebration was on the same day wit training day. sumpah banyak makanan aku pun x larat. the thing dat i like is dat it is soo small we are seated close to each other. at dat moment ade 10 org in one time. ramai gyler. now only 4. sedey kan another photo to prove their hobby of makan makan :

best tau got privilege summore coz they got a car. nissan sunny wit a hole on da floor where u can see the jalan and the sun visor can terjatuh any moment u'r driving. ahahahha and the boot of the car susah gyler nk tutup ahahahhahaha. tp we all love it soo much. best mcm mase nk balek raye kan, sumer budak junior terhegeh hegeh la nk menahan rapid penang or take prebet taxis to go to the terminal. i got my own transport. lagi cun. best. kesian korang. berlagak plak aku ahgahhahahahahahah. dis blorg is also a tribute to cik susie coz,

dis is cik susie @ Susie Nadya Anak David Asen. from tabuan laru kuching ahahhahaha. she's 25 turning 26 ahahhahahhahahah. she's in the progress of completing her master in river engineering. she loves to travel and she loves to eat. below proves her habit of makan makan.

eating at Seoul. penuh perasaan. sbb gaji baru masyuk

She ordered Bibimbap.

and a few days b4, cheese baked rice at Hongkie

and she did ordered teh. nih dgn cik ritta kot

by the way, she loves kueh raya and she like batang burok. plus she loves maruku. she got a kettle at her cubicle. ahahahhahahahah

dis foto was taken from her solo trip to Nepal for sum environmental conservation meeting, presented her findings. gyler arrr tabah and berani ini wanita. there, alone. even dr shanker wasnt there to accompany. dahsyat. she said Nepal is a great place especially for those seekin for nature's treasure, like me. and she said the shoppin malls there masyaAllah hancus. she makes new frens. sinraj and vinod. ahahhahaha

summing up about her:
  • she's lovingly lovely
  • soo cute and petite, standing below my shoulder ahahhahahah
  • very frenly one. tp suke try mcm2 makanan
  • still young, but sumhow ... expiring ahahahhahaha
  • very modest and living live to the mediocrity
  • dunno how to bergaduh wit people, meaning baek.
the reason why i talk about her dat much coz she's not dating anyone. kesian dia. i really wanna make sure she gets married rite afta her master graduation. sooo pliz tolong la sesiapa yg baik dan kaya pliz go and propose to her. the richness factor came in handy as she really wanna tour the europe. and ability to speak multiple languages, preferably latin based like french and german is a huge advantage. sooo anyone up for her, can leave ur details in the comment.

dear Cik Susie, i'm not jeopardising ur social status, i just wanna help u find ur jodoh. hahahahha

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Olive said...

I love batang buruk too
but didn't have any riches fella,malangnye.
where r u going to further ur study?
pls2 dun stop blogging.
agreed with that follower.

Faisal Admar said...

It has been a while since I visited here last.

Don't stop until your last breath. Ok?

So, choosing topic still available in here?