Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before and After

after nearly a year and a half struggling, lack in rest ( liar ahaha ), wild partying ( no no ) and lack of holiday, which is really true. To all aspiring pilots out there, memang sikit gila babi kot cuti in this course. it's the part of sacrifice yg harus dilakukan demi masa depan yg cemerlang. wuhoo i can be a motivational talker one day, making more money, and honey, and money ahahahaha ok shut up now PLEASE tq.

i wanna show you guys : BEFORE

with encik hamzah, the duty officer. me trying to look smart ahaha

with super happening mamu, and me doing the usual sick pose ahahaa

safety first kids, wearing helmet for now specific reason wtf. kat belakang ade cerek utk masak maggi

and the AFTER!!!


THE TWIN BAR!! skang dah 2 calit dah, more responsibilities, more flying procedures, more saket jiwa, more fanatic to siti nurhaliza ahaha, and getting nearer to graduation!!!!

alhamdulillah i've passed the first test for twin engine flying, u can't imagine how mad i freaked out the night before. macam nak mati, i'm basically the worst in my batch and i really really slow in grasping new things in a very short period of time, just imagine baru bawak kapal baru for 6 hours, then u go for a test. and people, flying a plane and driving a car cant be compared together ok. alhamdulillah i just can't believe i pass. because i did like shiiiiiiiiit ahahahaha

another hot story: sila baca dgn teliti ok ahaha

i went to the hangar ( not hanger baju ok ) by bicycle and sepanjang jalan orang duk pandang slack je cam cibai ahaha, ape nak buat sebab xmampu nk sewa kereta buat masa ini hehe. soo as usual i will go and lepak in the airport, coz that's basically like my only social life available here in langkawi. soo as i was chatting blah blah blah with my frens kat info counter, then came 2 guys asking my frens to make a public announcement in the airport to inquire about a car. the following dialogues tell it all:

orang itu: kak, boleh tak buat announce kereta viva biru plate number WSE **** (i forgot the number oso ahaha)
romie pujaan: ( secara mencelah ) ehh tu kereta member saya, jap saya call, ape masalahnye ye?? silap tempat parking ke?? awak tak pulak mcm polis traffic ( haha )
orang itu: tak, kitorg ade shooting malam ni, so kitorang nak carik kereta utk dimasukkan dlm babak tersebut.
romie pujaan: HAH??? sape berlakon??
orang itu: maya karin ada, aaron aziz ada, lisa surihani ada....
romie pujaan: ( aku dgn penuh keterujaan called my friend to let her lend her car for the shooting)

but FAILED. my friend is kedekut ahahaha, no lah her parents tak kasi.

moral of the story:

mesti ade org nak mengutuk aku tergedik2 nak tengok pelakon malaysia shooting like apa barang kan. if we don't support our industry, who else will?? why malaysians always bring down our own product?? why why why ( sambil berjoget ). even during national anthem pun sumer org like no semangat, tension aku.

ok. my month will come next month. be nice to me. please. ahahaa

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Arina said...


Raihanna said...

rai baca gelak2 wokeh entry nie...
kamu nie kelakar sungguhla..
dah makin segak sekarang.
nanti kalau de ticket fligt free moscow-kul-moscow..
bagi la ek..

Ikr@m said...

bro..lepas grad jom lepak KL

cik.fatin said...


catz said...

hi..will graduate soon eh?
kang terserempak kat epot, ko jgn langgar aku plak time heret beg tuh (hahaa..i always find that pilot heret beg itu semat and segak and looks intelligent). hahhaha.

congrats young pilot.!

Faisal Admar said...

didn't know that you are this tall! hot! haha.

alamak! almost forgot that fasting month is just around the corner :)