Thursday, June 3, 2010

tolong baca saya nak berucap

i wanna start this post by posting this photo of millions of memories

on the edge of membelasah my french lecturer ahaha bodoh gila. which turned out to be one of my best friend. p/s: she's married wit 2 kids so please go away stalkers. and she's one big time queen control muahaha

To all the readers:

One fine day I'll make a post in this blorg. A post that will cause quite a havoc. No, i'm not trying to be a gigollo or a pole dancer. I hope you readers not gonna be shocked on it, or curse me for anything. ahahahaha wongga wongga

4 pujaans:

Farah Lavida said...

nk wat announcement sal bkal makwe ka?

murniizar said...

ho? mane announcement nye? ni nak announce perkare yang same yang kamu suruh saya tunggu dlm perbualan talipon itu ke? haha ;p

Paradoxide said...

kau mmg suka buat suspense kan?

ckinmeow said...

waalaikumsalam. hey, almost welcome!
yes, am now here in miat. are u still in langkawi?