Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still a viiiiiiiiiiiiirgin

it's 10.30 am and another hour to get to work. haram jadah ngantuk sial selamat berlabuh diatas tilam tapi tak boleh takot stuck dlm jam nak nak kat jln sultan ismail ahahaha.

let's do some facial stretchings so that i could erase the drowsiness. no matter what i do, i am still sleepy. selamat x masuk keje kol 8 pagi. hancur musnah semuanya

the title of this blorg post is very provocative, just like me. ahahahahaha. i notice lately that my life sucks, not to that degree sampai rasa nak lari telanjang around KL ahaha. i just started a job, alhamdulillah. my office is just a neighbour to KL tower. best part is, i always receive goodies from those people doing roadshow at my office tower. to date i have obtained 6 sachetss of Head & Shoulders, 1 pot of plant, 3 packets of Ahmad Tea, and....... macam2 lagi la. and one day Fruit Tree drink is doing a sale of rm1 for a bottle. takde org nk beli sebab kena bayar ahaha. I AM A SELF CONFESSED CHEAPSKATE AHAHAH!!!! but i'm still not satisfied with hotel istana staffs that done a roadshow and didnt distribute the cookie to me. THAT'S NOT FAIR. the cookie is basically half size of my face. and i didnt get it. arghhh

Virgin? of coz i still am. i'm waiting for that special moment to arrive ahahhaa. what i'm referring now is I AM A CLUB VIRGIN. i did post up a status in FB saying who wanna come with me to a jazz club. and my eldest sister responded. "kau nak kena penggal kepala ke?" tak sedar kau pun dulu galak nasib baek masuk skola teknik ahahhaa terus jadi ustazah.

yesssssssss i do have the groove and desire to shake up the dancefloor. give me beyonce or britney, even Inul, i can do it all. di kocok kocok, di kocok kocok cam haram. i have develope few groovy moves to establish my arrival in a club. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

issit gonna be the gorilla groovy shake? this is soo vintage and i loving it. menarik perhatian ahaha

or the HANDS-IN-THE-AIR tapi ketiak x cukur. (masyaAllah panjangnya kaki)

i have a friend from work who does clubbing occasionally yet alcohol and tobacco free. my prayers has been answered. i'm planning for Alexis Bistro and No Black Tie. anyone following.

to the new readers of the blorg: alhamdulillah and THANX BESAR BESAR for spending some quality time with me. wongga wongga!

3 pujaans:

Cik FaraLavida said...

clubbing knon.. cet!

Romie Pujaan said...

suka aku ar ahahaha

azura.k said...

heyy have a great 2011. wishing u a great happiness and getting ur dream job!