Monday, June 14, 2010

I wonder if I didn't ...........

starting the post,

with a photo of me in full uniform, thanks to Kak Rozline who was soo desperate to see me in full pilot attire wtf ahaha

i looked like a retard i know tq

I wonder if I didn't do piloting thinggy right now. These might happen:
  • my family might think I actually don't really exist. They may disown me
  • no one wants to talk about my life
  • During family gathering even worse, I might be forced to sit at the end of the table, somewhere near the kitchen cabinet
  • or might be sell to the pimps to make me into a prostitute wtf

These happened after I joined the piloting course:
  • more and more relatives are taking interest in me
  • not forgetting the endless request of free flight tickets. Later I join cargo then u know ahaha
  • finally people are taking interest in what I'm doing
  • one of the uncle ask where the clutch of the aircraft, when u want to tukar gear. what???

Lesson of the day:

please accept everyone for who they are, no matter what background, education level and interest

p/s: I wonder if I still doing the culinary course. People might think I'm a maid or something

3 pujaans:

Olive said...

i follow u b4 u enter those pilot2 thingy. i think now ur blogging style r more mature+less crazy compared to ur green blorg.pls dun stop being crazy otherwise other followers might b upset. :p

Farah Lavida said...

i noe u b4 u do piloting..
plus, u're my cupid..
x sangka my cupid is a pilot..huhuhu~!
culinary??? sound's gewd..
luv it!!
bt then, i'll lose my shape..definately..huhu!

moonii.bee said...

u'll be a great chef with a huge smile though ur food taste so bad..aHAH