Saturday, June 26, 2010

The story about my chin. Not botak chin


pembuka bicara with lousy photos of me, as usual ahaha

sapa mamat ni?? rasa nak sekeh je. can??ahahaha

snapped a photo with super ganas junior ahahaha. she's a maneater ahaha. nampak mcm isteri kedua pulak ahaha. isn't isteri kedua supposed to be hornier and nicer??

back to main business

Thank You Allah swt alhamdulillah for increasing number of blorg followers. I dont even think that this blorg is interesting in anyway. More like syarikat pembuangan sampah cap Alam Flora in the form of blorg ahaha. ok ok ok focus ramadhan focus. again this blorg has been neglected for sometime, but not for long. I'll be talking about my chin.


yes my chin


suka ati aku lah

p/s: sorry about that split personality argument ahahaha

most of my friends keep saying this to me, " wey you so old got no janggut issit??"
I think this is the main reason. when i was young i listen to the radio..... silap. when i was young somewhere when i was 4, after my first encounter with pornography ahahaha, this incident happened.

pada satu petang yang hening, ( dont you feel that i took soo long time to get to the main story ahaha ok shutup) me and siblings went to the playground in USJ13. yes yes i love you subang jaya i really do but real estate over there is just tooooooooooooooooooooo expensive. terrace house cost around at least half a million?? gila.

ok back to the cerita. as usual my sisters just being kids. doing lotsa new tricks. on the swing. arrghh. they swing and swing by STANDING on the swing. imagine dat. then of course la due to good example of the elderly ahahaha i tried the stunt.

for the first time in my life i thought i was flying in the sky, thinking i was a superman baby fell on earth from a meteor. after split second........ SPLAT. I felt cantek punya on the ground. landed on my chin. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

for sure i cried la so young ok. cried and cried. and good timing mama just came back from work. i still remember mama bought for my sister sugar papers for her art projects ahahah. see i got good memory. about stupid events. then straightaway we dash to the clinic at usj2.

surprisingly i didnt cry during the stitching, just a little tickle masa doctor taking out sand and pebbles out from that torn chin. and got bandage. i looked like KFC colonal sanders. ahahaha the doctor stitched together the bandage to my chin. arrghhh. why???

then came back home. weird. papa brought home murtabak. halooooo its not even ramadhan's month. well, everyday is my month ahahaha. ahah another memory, i was taller than my bro at that time ahahaha

ok next post, how my ball sack a.k.a scrotum inflated like a baloon when i was four. anyone requesting for visual evidence of that?? ahahaha

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