Wednesday, October 20, 2010

being a tall person

ahahaha finally someone requested a topic rather relevant to myself ahaha. to begin the blorg posting. ALHAMDULILLAH to be able to grow to such height that has gave me an advantage to find people in the the departmental store like Isetan, since i stand higher than others, its easier to spot on SMALL PEOPLE ahahahaha.

this topic is HIGHLY suggested by the small shorty guy ahaha ( h
e must be freakin' mad ):


by the way he's 168cm ahaha or 171cm. basically i hav no idea who the hell is he other than to know that he's my hiskool junior's cousin and i got no waddaheck idea how i actually contacted him on facebook. recently he made a statement in facebook saying dat he is the tallest in the class. i was curious i did ask. how tall are u actually?? ahah. he's 10cm shorter than me ahaha sorry. for men perks on being tall: big and long penis ahaha

he requested: living in the fantasy of being a tall person

dear fayee, can i blorg this topic using myself as the subject?? ahaha i got no one to reflect on and since i gonna have to wake up early tomorrow i need to make it quick. few things that i need to stress out here for being tall:
  • u can easily be spotted my mafia/ahlong/criminal/chucky if ur standing in a crowd
  • eventually u'll suffered back ache. and back ache aint nice, i took pills when i was 14
  • like for me, i'm vertebrate tall/long backbone/long abdomen, its really hard to get a fine t shirt. trust me it will lead to frustration everytime ur in factory outlet/chiaokit/mydin
but the rest is just PERKS:
  • being tall can really boost up ur confidence to as high as KLCC, or even gunung kinabalu
  • if someone try to be a bitch towards u, u'll know that fella will never grow tall
  • for men tall men means long penis ahaha yeah its true
but the tak berape best part:
  • u'll be the one fixing the curtain every single raye every year
  • u have to replace the battery of the clock hanging on the wall
  • u have to clean up the sesawang on the ceiling
  • u have to rub the black board in skool ahahaha
but one thing i'm still furious till today...... is HER!!!!

ok guys watch ur erection ahahaa, i purposely put up this particular photo, very saucy very sultry very exposed huahua. what i never like about her, she's 5 cm taller than me


i was highly pissed off and furious knowing about her winning the miss universe 2003 title. first of all:

  1. i always believe that only venezuela deserves to win miss universe title since the world's most beautiful women are produce daily in a farm from that country ahaha
  2. she is taller than me. she is taller than me. i just cant accept the fact. arghh
  3. and she beat miss venezuela to 2nd place. super furious my face is lightning red like iklan mee mamee
i was practically praying and hoping to grow as tall and highly hoping to be way taller than her. and i didnt. i stopped at 181cm. alhamdulillah. but i lost to a girl??? what???

from this day onwards. my strategy for my kids:
  1. my kids will be forced to churn steak everyday for protein supply to grow taller than that miss universe
  2. take on protein drink
  3. they have to think tall and be tall. wear high heels to skool
  4. but i want to put them into gymnastics intially, that will stunt the growth. arghhh
  5. i want my children to jump everyday for one hour to lengthen the limbs
  6. before sleep i will pull their legs to even stretch it further
  7. they have to sleep with leg braces. that will make them tall
ok my kids will be tall insyaAllah. anyone interested to try???

4 pujaans:

FaYee said...

Wahahahha..!! It's so surreal that a man that I only knew around 4-5 months ago gave a credit for me just to recommended himself a lame but yet tremendous topic about been tall. ahaha! argh! anyway, I'm not 168cm --> 5'6' ! That's hella short for a guy like me ; I'm 5'9' which is around 175/176 cm and know what my mum just noticed that I'm started to have a hunch when I walk and that was uncool lo. haha. I think I want to be 5'10 or 5'11' eventhough I may got barrier on choosing those size. who the hell cares, hahaha.. Being tall and have lean body is my dream to achieve ! =)

Romie Pujaan said...

ahahaha feedback yg sgt lawak. never met a person soo ambitious about his body

FaYee said...

It's meant between life and dead.. I'm very have low self-esteem when it come to my body image and also my height. HUhuu.. How could you compare a short [ maybe fat...] to a tall skinny boy which for me appear to be very appealing with long legs.? HUhu

Faisal Admar said...

fuck u. im 180!