Saturday, December 18, 2010

mencapap itu perlu

have we ever gone out from the box to achieve something that we desire? something we want to acquire at that point of time itself or it has been a long life dream. cam haram je ayat. some always say that you need to sell yourself out there to get what you want. Sell? do i need to put up price tag on my neck? discount stickers will help to since malaysians are very thrifty wtf

dah dah back to the main idea people. have you ever play Guardian Angel before? or the other name will be Secret Santa. to whoever who ditch christmas, pity on you, i dont celebrate eitheir ahaha. it's just that american company always have some games to be played in the office.

how to play the game:

  1. draw a lot. pick a name that you need to be a guardian angel for
  2. you need to act as the acting secret santa. Offer anything. gifts, coffee bean, serunding wtf

the timespan for this game at my office is 11 days counted from last last friday. and as you know we have our own internal email that is used as the method of dissiminating info in the office. as yet again it's been used for the wrong purposes.

everytime any of my colleague received any goodies at their cubicle, email will be circulated to the whole department

  • to my guardian angel thanks for the starbucks frappucino wtf wtf wtf
  • to my secret santa thanks for the condoms you gave, it'll be put into good use haram jadah
  • blah blah blah and soo many other emails were in the air whenever they receive something

the best part is,,,,


i was sooo mad for having a very unconcern secret santa that is soo not commited to this game we are playing. will it be fair for the rest of the department got atleast something from their guardian and i got none?????????

these are the very emails that i circulated, targetted to all so that i can trigger something in the mind of that secret santa. my not so responding guardian. argghhhh

(first of all the mukadimah must be with a smiley photo ahahaha)

"Hi everyone,

this is ramadhan speaking.
since i'm a new hire i expect not to be left out from the hype of the 'secret santa'
to HE OR SHE whoever my guardian angel is,
please do not forget about my existence

p/s: only 3 days left counting from tomorrow : ) "


after few hours....

another email from me to all:


gazillions of gratitude from me to that SECRET SANTA!
finally i know he/she existed!!

this will be part of my prayers to you:

1- hope that u'll enjoy the best health throughout ur life
2- hope that you will receive a promotion soon ahaha
3- ur bonus will be triple for this year so that more nasik lemak for me!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Ramadhan


now you notice what will happen? go out there sell yourself like a hooker ahaha. you'll get what u wanted.

p/s: the secret santa will reveal him/herself next monday. jaga. aku tuntut balek hadiah mahal2 ahahhahahaa.

4 pujaans:

Ikr@m said...

keje pe bro ??

AnisZahra said...

HAHAHA- nak mencapap la lepas ni. yay

catz said...

wut is mencapap?
santa klos hantar nasik lemak?
wah..mcm best nyaaa tempat keje ko nih...

Dushie said...

please check and correct my english kat blog aku.