Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm soo freakin bored

a) Tulis 23 perkara rawak (random) tentang diri anda (tak kisah ler benda tu fakta ke
angan-angan ker cita-cita ker imaginasi ker tentang 'body' ker awek, pakwe, makwe etc.)
(b) Tag lak benda ni kepada rakan blog anda (sekurangnya 5 orang)
(c) Kalau tak ikut peraturan, di mana keseronokan "TAG-TAGGED-TAGGING"

Translation for friends in Bangkok:
a) write 23 randoms things about myself
b) i myself dont understand what it means ahahah
c) argh I really Dont understand this line

  1. when i was in primary 1, i was too tall, taller than older kids but really grateful about it now ehehehe
  2. i was overdue as a baby, having umbilical cord strangled around my neck ahahaha.
  3. i was name RAMADHAN for a reason. Mama had her wish if i shall be conceived in ramadhan, ramadhan will it be and if it's syawal then the same case. back to reality, i stayed toooo long inside my mama and it was at the beginning of ramadhan 1410h. and all of my siblings' names starts with R. can u see it??? i'm more of a trend breaker since young muahaha
  4. Now i'm truly obssesed with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. like really. I dream of her everynite. Ok disregard that ahaha
  5. Mama is my closest friend ever. I go to mamak with her ( to bangkok friend, mamak is a typical eatery in malaysia). i even drag mama along to movies ( james bond's, madagascar and she slept throughout the movies ahahaha)
  6. my forever dream car is Mitsubishi Pajero. And now it's Pajero sport arrhhhh. seriously I'll work my ass to earn myself that car. If you want to give to me for free..... i'll reconsider ahahaha
  7. I'm suffering the worst case insomnia, i can't really sleep if i'm tooo sleepy, i can't sleep, if the bed too comfy, i can't sleep either. very weird
  8. and i snore, really really really loud
  9. talking about ambitions, wanted to become a singer when i was 3, flight attendant when i was 4, then chef when i was 5 and now i'm doing piloting ahahaha. alhamdulillah
  10. i eat really really alot. I've gained 10 kg since living in langkawi for almost a year and a half now. my friend said i'm growing breast now ahahaha
  11. now i dont have any idea to write anymore ahahaha
  12. i really really love to walk around by foot. especially in KL. most of my friends just cant tolerate this ahaha
  13. really wanted to go to thailand when i was 5. crazy sick i was then i guess ahahaha
  14. was really scared of height and even cried inside a flight when i was 16. and now i'm flying planes
  15. really longing to kahwin lari or elope. scared of traditional marriage ceremony. people with their eyes staring ahahaha
  16. when i was four, i was hospitalized because my ball sack or SCROTUM ahahah inflated like a balloon ahaha
  17. once fell off the swing and landed on my chin, it was torn open ahaha.
  18. really scared of eating dried fruits due to its wrinkly exterior, reminding me of old age ahahaha
  19. really like hypocrite people, most of them are funny. but I'll never tolerate snobbish show off-ish asses
  20. always wonder why women are so scared to wear tampon??
  21. worn condom. twice ahahaha. but still i'm a virgin ahaha
  22. just wrote a song. hope u guys will like it
  23. Always believe that one day I'll be a very successful person in life insyaAllah

ok enough. probably there will be a briefing tonight arrghhh and I need to submit flight plan to the tower. bye. salam

2 pujaans:

Farah Lavida said...

perlu ka benda2 yg plik 2? heh!

nain said...

ramadhan yg sentiasa senget.. jgn mkn byk sgt nti flight kau senget..