Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My room. in langkawi

guess what??? my mama is now a regular reader of my blorg!!! wow it came into realisation when mama said she read stuff that i wrote on the internet. i was like...... wongga?? arrghh my mama is an ardent fan of my own blorg!!! how much happier can i be ahahhahahaha. and by evidence of the last post, i'm slacking off as a blorgger and i now try to make it back by posting some updates on my life here, in langkawi. the comma makes it all sarcastic. i love being here ok. i love langkawi. i'm truly grateful with the opportunity from the Almighty Ya Allah alhamdulillah. ok now to the story board. class, switch off the lights and turn on the projector. by the way, i'm gaining traffic from indonesia, my readers are now much more eclectic. eat ur heart out...... errr whoever wants their heart to be eaten ahahahahaha.

tada.......... basically i started to fall in love wit my own room after i cleared up this spot, my office la konon kan. i dare to make a disclaimer that my room got more personality than any other rooms since i personally rearrange the stuff in my room. everyone also do dat. i'm a very tak nak kalah i kno. ahahhaha. i got that rotating stationary stack from senior who recently graduated. its a formality for those graduating to lease out anythin unwanted and hand down to juniors. i got tonnes. as i was one of the first to grab the sampah they left which are soo valuable. can u see the small small notes i posted on the shelf?? cool rite ahahahah love to praise myself. everytime i'm in a good mood i will write soome stuff ( i wanna say shit but now mama readin it). can u see that petronas file? it will be handed down to junior once i graduated. i'm the third generation yeehaha.

and food drives me hard. i nid those. can u see all the stuff? the mug mama bought 4 me durin her trip here. together with the tupperware beli kat oski matsirat. can you see the mangkuks. inside got another mangkok ahahhaha, i think i'm the only one using 3 mangkuks to eat maggie. one mangkok for me to put the maggie, since i dun have any plate, the other mangkuk acts as the lid, and the other mangkuk is for me to put the mangkuk i use to put my maggie. does it sound realistic? the plastic tupperware from graduated seniors together with the biscuit pingpong. not forgettin chopsticks and spoon courtesy of lovely hijaz. the one who lost 30 kg ahahhahaha.
p/s: food exhibited gone without notice after 30 minutes of photo takin session. ahahhaha

basically, i used the word again, that's where i sleep and i again, i'm very provocrative, sleep on the floor. not really on it la, but the mattress on the floor. the katil not panjang enuff for me. my legs always jots out the bedframe, and i decided the floor it is. if ppl do spotcheck my reason is the katil is too near the aircond ahhahaha. now i got 3 pillows. u kno i cant sleep without bantal peluk kan, at first my bantal peluk is the blanket that i rolled up into a pohpiah to sleep. now i got 3 pillows courtesy of again, graduated batch 19 seniors. and the triangular red pillow is .. ... again from batch 19 senior. i sleep next to the sliding door. everynite i open the curtain to count the
mangoes b4 sleep. yeah right.

i did made good use of the leftover bedframe ok. i turned it into my zen area. lined with the mat bought by mama at a shop in chenang, the shopkeeper is from my kampong u kno. nice rite?? i put all my magazines on it and everytime i wanna feel calm, i stared at the bedframe. sounds soo freaky. and now it became the resting place for my roommate's keropok bantal tupperware and his boxers.

i also hang my clothes indoor. it took me like 2 days for all those pile to be completely dried, compared to be indoorly dried by aircond, 4 hours will do the trick. and having the room soo filled up with things makes me feel soo secured. ahahhahaha coz i just love to sleep in a stuffy place.

camwhore time..............

now with editing of the evil stare...............

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i just recently changed the blanket and now i got the dark purple one!!! soo hot weyhh at first i dun wanna sleep coz its soo strikingly sexay. just love to use that word.
p/s: all photos were taken using laptop camera, just imagine how much pain i've inflicted on myself to snap those shots. anyone, donate me a good digital cam pliz!!!!!!!

one stessful sunday, coz all the shops nearby closed arrghh, i got sooo stressed up since i got nothing to eat, and when i eat, i will be eating like a pig ahahahahah. soo i have decided to head down to pasar malam or by translation night market (for foreign readers ahahahahha). and i settled down with:

nasik lemak ayam goreng + nasik dagang + big apam balek + 2 burgers + sugar cane drink

============== happy belly = happie me!!!!

there were koreans near the nasik lemak stall. i did promote nasik lemak to them. at least i'm contributed some kind of exposure to the outside world. and i deserves some credit. preferably in the form of food. ahahhahahahah. the tv dinner table is courtesy of graduated batch 19, again. its ikea. and i got no idea how it landed up in langkawi. guess someone from the mainland doesnt want it, it came to me!!!! i treasure free stuff ok. i love gettin free stuff. i'm cheapskate. and i like it.

last photo since i' tired of blorrging

graduating in 15 months time insyaAllah. what shoud i blorg nex?? any idea people?

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mike radcliffe said...

tu melantak ker mencekik????
abdomen panjang so perot pon luas!!!
wei aku mcm nampak baju ijau belang2!!!!
baju aku kan????
aku sebahagian idop ko!!!!!!!!

cik murni izar said...

wah3. sangat bahagia ye incek~
haha, best2. teros je la blogging~ ngee~ kim salam mama

IEQAZM said...

bapak kemas bilik kaaauuu , kalah aku do ;p

Yati Salem said...

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Wahidah said...

kaki tk muat yea...tu la tinggi sgt..hehehe..ape kata lepas ne blog pesal what u job u want to do after grad?

Brian Kinney said...

fuck. in 15 months!
me in another 4 or 5 years!
blame fucking usm! lol.